Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drawing the Bloodline of Jesus

In an earlier post I talked about pleading the Blood of Jesus for protection, strength, and deliverance. I am a big believer in covering oneself with the Blood of Christ. It heals, strengthens, and uplifts. Covering yourself does so many things. There are many prayers and different ways you can apply the Holy Blood in your conjure work.

One of the ways you can apply the Blood of Jesus is by drawing his bloodline around what's yours. A bloodline is a prayer where you put the Blood of Jesus around what's yours. This can be your home, property, possessions, and the people closest to you. When you draw a bloodline around something the Devil nor your enemies can cross it. They can't touch the Blood. I like this prayer because you are actively applying the Blood in your life.

When you draw a bloodline you apply the Blood of Jesus physically where "the line must be drawn." Once that line is drawn nothing evil can cross. It works just like Fiery Wall of Protection and Justice work. The bloodline will nullify whatever is against you while Fiery Wall destroys it and Justice consumes your enemies with their own works.

Now to draw a bloodline call on the Holy Trinity and say your opening prayers. I say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be then I speak from my heart. What's most important is that you pour your heart out to God. I like to start my work with certain prayers because I've used them since birth and they get me in the right frame of mind for the work.

Walk clockwise around whatever it is you want to protect and say "I draw the bloodline of Jesus Christ over such and such so that the Evil One nor any principalities may approach. With the bloodline of Jesus over such and such anything that is unholy and unwanted is broken. Amen"

This is one way to draw the bloodline. There are many ways you can do this work. To draw the bloodline around your house first walk inside every room and state your prayers in the name of the Father. Then go outside and walk around the home in the name of the Son. Finally draw the bloodline around the edges of your property in the name of the Holy Spirit.

What you are doing is sealing your premises with the bloodline. At the same time you are placing your home under the Holy Trinity. Maybe you have a different way of doing it which is fine. You have to go with your Spirit. I'm only telling y'all what works for me.

I hope this information helps. It has made a difference in my prayers. Drlovebug

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  1. Thank you Dr. Lovebug

    This information is proven to be useful, can I make up the procedures in any ways that I want to draw the blood of Jesus? Thanks for clarifying me Dr. Lovebug

    May God blessed you and Mama Starr for putting up "Old Style Conjure" in Blog Radio, to tell us the secrets of the Bible and how to put it into action.