Friday, April 6, 2012

What Is And What Isn’t Traditional Conjure

There are many things now a days that are being brought into Conjure that come from Santeria, Palo and other religions. This is how you can tell who is the real deal and who isn’t. Why is there a need to mix and match when Conjure already has things to work with?  Use your common sense folks. Here’s a short list.

Chalk Verses Cascarilla

Cascarilla is not used in Traditional Conjure, to mark things ole Conjurer’s use chalk. Cascarilla is worked with in the ATR’s for marking things; it is also an ingredient that is used in some works.

Syrup Verses Honey

Syrup runs faster than honey and is cheaper. In the old days folks didn’t have extra money for Honey. Honey is an offering given to the Goddess Oshun. I didn’t really hear about honey being used until I got on the internet.


Waters are basically used the same no matter what you practice.

Red Brick Dust

Lord this was made famous in a movie. For protection any ole Conjure will tell you to get dirt from a holy place and sprinkle it around. Not many poor folks could get their hands on red bricks that was for the rich man who built their homes with brick. The only way a poor man could get this dust is if he made bricks or knew someone.

Florida Water Verses Other waters

Old workers use blessed water’s; I never even heard of Florida water until I became involved with Santeria. I see a lot of miss matching going on.


  1. I don't use my Florida Water really for cleansing, I'd rather wear it or use it to cool off in the summer time by putting some in an cooler full of ice water!! Although I have used it a few times in with my mopping water.

    1. I burn it to feed my ancestors. I can't stand the smell of it. I like the old kind they sell that has a more fruity smell to it.

  2. @ L.M. Tea,

    I still have one bottle of it. However, I made up my mind some time back not to purcahse anymore of it because it's getting ridiculous. I use to be able to get it for like $3 or less and now it's being sold in stores for like $7 and in occult shops it's like $15, which is totally absurd for some cheap toilette water. I know that some people can still get it at their dollar stores but in my area they pulled them all after the owners found out they were being used for "Voodoo". LOL

    Oh, and people will say to make your own but the homemade versions smell nothing like the real thing. Just use some holy water or blessed water. You don't need Florida water. In fact, if you MUST use an alcohol of some sorts then just use rubbing alcohol. You can use it to just about anything Florida Water can do, save for as an offering to spirits. In that case just substitute with liquor.

    @ Momma Starr,

    Red Brick Dust is traditional but it's really only found in New Orleans and Louisiana where they often used the red clay bricks for pavement and in porches or sidewalk. Basically these brick deteoriate and ideally you get some by breaking off a chunk off of one in your yard or whatnot. But today certain online shops are just using ground up terra cotta pots and selling it as "red brick dust". That's false advertising. Some will sell it labeled as "reddening", which is a bit trickier because they aren't claiming it's actual bricks.

    1. I know Doc. I have some ole red bricks that I use in my work because they are powerful, one of them has a star on it one of my ole clients Mr. Johnny gave it to me. I just was never taught to use the dust. I was taught to get dust from Holy places. Momma Starr

  3. @ Momma Starr,

    I'm with you. None of my teachers used it. Honestly, I was never taught to put down powders like with red brick dust. I mean, to put powders in the corners but not to lay a big whopping line of highly noticable powders like in that movie Skeleton Key. That always cracked me up. The work is supposed to be sneaky, not so blatantly obvious. LOL I'de use a broom before using red brick dust. So I'm guessing you are saying to use Church dirt or graveyard dirt from family members, right. :)

    1. Me either Doc. If I lay powders down for a target they want be able to tell them from the natural dirt. I was taught to be a tricky worker and to always watch and listen. A lot of new workers miss out on those teachings. Momma Starr

  4. @ Momma Starr,

    That's why I love you. :P

    Man, if I were in your area I would love to be your student. I always have room for more conjure knowledge and I just know you got all kinds of tricks up your sleeves. LOL

    1. Wish you were too Doc. We can never learn to much. Momma Starr

  5. Is "blessed water" as you mentioned just ordinary water, but recited with a invocation of God's blessing into it right? And is "Red Brick Dust" an actual item to be used in hoodoo conjure work? It seem like you stated the "Red brick dust" in a very ambiguous position, meaning that it's somewhat confusing for me.

    Thanks for clarifying for me.
    A sincere apologies if I have offended you in any way unintentionally. :P