Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoodoo is not an ATR!!!

Let's be real folks. Hoodoo is not an African Diasporic religion. Sure it comes from slavery and our Ancestors passed this knowledge that they brought from Africa but this does not make conjure work a religion.

Some people are trying to make hoodoo into a religion like Santeria, Palo, or Voodoo because of its African roots. The same folks who do this mish mash hoodoo with the ATRs. They use the African origin of conjure work as an excuse but this doesnt make it right.

Another argument some folks make for mish mashing Hoodoo with the ATRs are some of the similarities in the work. Yes some of the works are really similar. This makes sense because of hoodoo's roots in Africa but there are huge differences. Palo, Santeria, and Vodou folks work at the crossroads, burn lamps, and do some of the same stuff as traditional conjure workers but the way and how it's done is different. The ingredients are COMPLETELY different in and off themselves so this tells you how different the works are between Hoodoo and the ATRs.

Then there's the issue of "cross working" Hoodoo and the ATRs. Over the years I have noticed a serious trend where folks either (1) start out in hoodoo then 'step up' to the ATRs because they need something stronger or (2) they've already been initiated and now claim their supposed right as conjure workers.

Let's break these folks down into detail. First of all Hoodoo work ain't no toy. If you feel like your Hoodoo work aint strong enough that you need to be initiated then you need to look at yourself in the mirror. The power is already there in you with your ancestors.

You dont need to buy initiations to gain more power in doing conjure work. I mean no disrespect against the ATRs but the nonsense has got to stop. Going into an ATR will not make you a stronger conjure worker. In most cases it shows a weak worker because of a lack of training in either practice.

Then there are those folks who try to be the jack of all trades. Just because you got initiated in an ATR doesn't mean you are a conjure worker too. Your ceremonies dont give you rights to anything in Hoodoo. You have to earn that just like every other true worker.

I can show more examples but you get the idea. Hoodoo is not an ATR so folks need to stop trying to make one out of it. I dont mean to ruffle feathers but the truth must be spoken. Drlovebug


  1. Thank you, Dr. Lovebug! When I was younger and lived up North I was involved with Santeria & Vodou; but they weren't my culture. When I moved back to my little hometown in NC-- right back on the old family farm-- my ancestral spirits told me in no uncertain terms that they wanted me to work in their way. They did not want me messing with Ocha, or Vodou, or Wicca, or anything else but old-fashioned conjure as they worked it. Now I understand and value these traditions. I am very proud of my heritage and want to keep these ways alive. My ancestors keep me on the path.

    1. Lee the same thing happen to me. I actually went all the way with Santeria; Dr. LB know's both of my G.P. but I couldn't hang. I had to go back to what is in my blood Conjure! Momma Starr

    2. @ Momma Starr,

      I almost got initiated into IFA. I had my head read and the plans just started to be formatted. People across the country were supposed to attend. However, I decided that the language barrier and the animal sacrifice was something I just couldn't handle so I bowed out. One person even threatened me saying that Oshun would make me sick until I submitted to initiation.

    3. Well my Madrina packed up all my stuff for me and we put it away with honor. You can't ride the fence with a religion and I couldn't change something that I had been doing for 30+ years. My Madrina gave me a choice and I made the right one for me. Momma Starr

  2. My Madrina is not on the internet, I don't think she even knows how to use a computer and I can tell you from experience that what she was teaching me in Santeria had absolutly NOTHING to do with Conjure. That was the problem I had to try and learn a whole new way of doing things and I couldn't do it. She didn't allow any mish matching it was all or non. Conjure is just to ingrained in me I couldn't change. Momma Starr

  3. I understand, Mama Starr. I love Cuban music, and food, and people! But it's not my culture or way. The old Southern rootwork way is deep in my blood. I was born with it and it is my destiny. I think Santeria and Vodou and Palo are interesting; but these conjure ways are the ways of my people.