Monday, April 2, 2012

Run Devil Run Conjure

Before I delve into this type of work I need to explain what Run Devil Run really is. Run Devil Run is simply put kick ass conjure work used to run your enemies out of your life. It does exactly what the name says which is run all the devils out. Run Devil Run is one of the strongest reversals you can do in hoodoo rootwork.

I decided to post on Run Devil Run because this information is needed in the community. Nobody is talking about doing this type of work. The only information you see online are for Run Devil Run products. Well I'm here to tell you folks Run Devil Run is not just the product. There are special works that you can do to reverse whatever is being sent to you.

I'm not knocking anyone who sells Run Devil Run. I have to state this so noone gets the wrong idea. Momma Starr sells her special formula to run the devils away and it really works. All I'm saying is that there's more to it than a bottle of oil and powder and so far Starr is the only one I know who actually gives you this work in her books and on her website.

Anyways back to the work. Anytime you are doing Run Devil Run you have to tell the devil to get the hell out. You have to state your petition firmly that anything done against you and your family is destroyed in God's (or your higher power) name. There are many ways to do a Run Devil Run but I'll tell you one that's simple and does a WONDERFUL job.

All you need for this work is a black candle. Do not cleanse or pray over this candle. Leave it as it is. Write "All my enemies known and unknown on the candle then scratch an X over it. This will lock your enemies down. Hold the candle to your mouth and call on God to remove anything from you and your loved ones that is holding you down. Starting at the crown of your head cleanse yourself with the black candle going down all the way to your feet then from heel to toe. Remember to always go down from head to toe since you are removing gunk from your spirit.

Light the black candle on a round mirror that you've cleansed. Make sure your reflection nor anyone else has not been caught in the mirror. If you work with the saints or ancestors then it is best if you give this work to them. I was originally taught to do this work with San Simon. He is very powerful for protection and bringing justice but I've found that doing this type of work before the ancestors is even stronger.

If this is your first time doing this work or you're being hit hard I suggest you repeat the work for 9 days straight. This Run Devil Run work is simple but it's very powerful for several reasons: (1) your petition to God, (2) the black candle works like a sponge to soak up work, & (3) the mirror will reverse whatever hits have been thrown at you.

The first and most important part of this work is your petition to God. You have to ask God to run the devils out of your life. Don't worry about who's messing with you. Just state "All my enemies KNOWN & UNKNOWN." You don't have to call anyone's name unless you actually know someone without a doubt who's causing trouble in your family. Other than that it's best to just leave your petition open so everyone's who's messing with you will get their asses bit.

Like I said before the black candle is like a sponge. It will pull anything off that is messing with your luck. Black is especially good for those hard cases where you are getting heavy hits but be careful. Black is good but the pull is really STRONG so you might want to use a little caution because if you go overboard it can pull away your good luck right along with the bad luck. As always go with your Spirit.

The mirror works double duty because as the black candle is pulling whatever is on you off the mirror will reverse it right back to the sapsucker who decided to try and knock your ass down. Excuse me if I sound pissed off but I'm not...I'm just fed up with bullshit workers who always try to steal your joy and ruin your happiness because you are doing your own thing.

Remember when doing Run Devil Run you tell them devils to get it stepping quick and to leave you and yours alone. Your enemies might not get the message the first time but eventually they'll have more than their share of problems to continue bothering you.

Good luck sending the Devil packing and I suggest anyone who has been hit unfairly to do this work and watch what happens...Drlovebug


  1. When used to remove evil spirits who accidentally attached to a person, what good is the mirror? I mean, what is reversed?

  2. Sorry I did not explain myself clearly. I understand that the Run Devil Run is used to drive out both corporeal and incorporeal enemies, and understand the use of the black candle in this work, but not how it works the mirror in the case you want rid of an evil spirit accidentally has attached. What is reversed?