Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoodoo is More than the Product..

As more information spreads on the Internet about Hoodoo more and more people are taking on the role of workers.

In many ways this could be a great thing because one worker cannot help everybody however as more people take on the role as hoodoo doctor especially after finishing your studies online there are some things to be remembered:

(1) Hoodoo is more than a bunch of spiritual products you learn about online.

Yes the products are very important and have their place in this work if they are made right and prayed right. I'm not dogging spiritual products. I make and sell my own spiritual products but what I am saying is that there's a lot more to Conjure work than oils and formulas. People focus too much on the right formula or oil recipe that it takes away from the true spirit of Conjure work.

(2) Hoodoo aint a bunch of mojos and gree grees that you throw together.

This is another big problem in Conjure. Some folks think that if they know how to put together a mojo hand or a gree gree then they can open shop as a hoodoo worker. Well I'm sorry folks but just because you put together a few hands that work really well doesn't make you a conjure worker. That's all people know which is mojo hands. I've seen folks online recommend mojo hands for any and all situations. Well some situations require more than a conjure hand. There are always other steps to take.

(3) A Hoodoo worker knows more than burning candles.

In some ways I think candles are pushed too much in online hoodoo. Don't get me wrong. I love burning candles especially vigil lights but I have seen amazing results in my work without burning a single candle. All you need sometimes is an heartfelt prayer to God and an open mind. So what if you know how to prepare a few lights? There's more to the work than lighting it up.

(4) Honey jars, Honey jars, and more Honey jars. Oh lord give me a break!

Oh yes every worker online knows how to use a honey jar but the problem is there are a bunch of other works you can do using sugar, syrups, and everything else. There's more real hoodoo to be found in the everyday world than through a honey jar. Besides you can't sweeten everybody with honey. Some folks needs their ass whipped and manhandled in something stronger than just throwing a small piece of namepaper in a jar of honey.

(5) Spiritual Baths for cleansing.

Baths are overstated in conjure work. Yes they are good but sometimes you don't have time to take a bath or just can't for whatever reason. I prefer a quick sweep over myself with a conjure broom than taking a spiritual bath. Regardless of how I cleanse I always pray and call on God. A thorough cleansing can be done with only a few prayers and some Scripture. Don't limit yourself to just baths. They're only icing on the cake.

These are just some of the things people need to pay attention. Let me ask you something. If you didn't have any formulas, honey jars, candles, and none of the famous "tools of the trade" can you still do conjure work? It's still possible! I'm not discounting the use of these tools but if you are doing hoodoo then realize there's more to the work than the "toys."

Hoodoo is more than the product. If you get stuck in the implements of the trade then you're just about as good as the products. Drlovebug

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  1. Thanks for this putting this post out Drlovebug. I hope more people realize this, I did early on in my learning.