Saturday, April 7, 2012

To Win A Court Case©Starr

Things Needed:

White Altar Cloth


Blue (to win the court case)

Orange (for success)

Zodiac candle (this candle will be in the color of your birth sign)

Paper and pen

Saint Expedite Novena

Psalms 93

Photo of person you are up against (if you have one)

Papers concerning the case

Glass of water (Change the water once a week)

Sweet smelling incense (burn daily while praying)

3 pennies and a piece of candy

Before you start this say the Lords prayer three times and ask the Lord for his help.

Lucky Hand Packet

Piece of red flannel (or red material)


Master of the Woods



Personal items

Cut a small piece of material and add the herbs, make a name paper with the person you are against name written 9 times and your name over theirs 9 times. Then add it to the herbs; you can also add some of your hair and nail clippings. Once everything is added sew it up into a little packet you can carry on you. KEEP IT ON YOU AT ALL TIMES!

Set up your altar. Place the blue candle, then your zodiac candle, last the Orange candle. Under the blue candle place the papers concerning the court hearing. Under your candle place your name paper and what you want to happen written on it.

Take the photo and place it upside down; facing the wall.

Now light your candles; and call on saint Expedite using his novena. At the end of the novena give the 3 pennies and the candy to saint Expedite as an offering. Tell him they are your offering to him for his speedy help with this problem.

Say the psalms 93; three times a day at 12 pm (noon), 3 pm and 9 pm until the case is over. Continue to burn your candles.

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