Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walking On Eggshells

I am personally TIRED of walking on eggshells around the internet. I have always been mindful of what I say and how I treat folks. It has become more so since I joined AIRR. I have watched, seen many things, listened and tried to mind my own business. But in light of Eddies attack on my knowledge and my books aka self- published booklets; this will go on no longer. I refuse to sit back and have my elders and or myself insulted; I’m too much of a Southerner for that!

{ Once again sorry for the fit of temper}
I have not competed with others or shoved my knowledge in people’s faces. I have actually hurt myself business wise; but money ain’t everything! I pay for a website that does very little business because I don’t have a competitive spirit. I don’t CARE what Jack, Joe and Jill are doing but I want be insulted either. Mostly I’ve set on the back burner out of respect for Cat Yronwode. I don’t need or want to be top dog cause someone will always stab you in the back to get where you are.

{This was removed due to the advise of someone who has a cooler head than mine.}

 EDDIE! You attacked me without just cause so now you will have to deal with it. I don’t like you; I never have but I tried to show you respect because we both belong to AIRR; apparently that meant nothing to you. You just threw that shit right out the door. So my days of sitting on the back burner are over.

{Again I must say I'm sorry I lost my temper.}

Momma Starr

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