Friday, April 13, 2012


For years and years I have been preaching to folks about the effects of using Hotfoot powder. Folks just don’t listen; this stuff is dangerous and especially mine! My powder is NOT just colored powder. I have had in house clients Hotfoot themselves then I got an e-mail yesterday about the powder I sold someone. I ask to be able to share it here on the blog because it is important folks understand that Conjure work may seem simple but it is dangerous. Luckily his situation turned out for the best but that doesn’t always happen.

This is the first e-mail I got from him

“Hello Mama Starr,

I hope you are doing well! A few years ago I bought the 3 books you had up, the domination controlling and commanding, your money book. and your dollie book. I go to your page all the time, and always suggest people buy stuff from you and tell them you are the real deal. I want you to know you changed my life, and I am happy for it. I bought hotfoot powder from you as well hexed myself as well as my target, we were both gone out of the home in under a week (it all was all for the best my life is amazing now and I’m happy).

My family has always practiced magic but my grandpa doesn’t like to teach, he always said its dangerous to learn from people cause they might not teach you all the way assuming you already know, and you should learn from the spirits instead. Now my grandpa and mom have taught me things now and then, but mostly I learned on my own from success and mistakes and spirits. But I want you to know that I have learned so much from you, just from those books I have, I use them all the time and my life is better off for it. I would love it if I lived close and could get hands on training but I live in Virginia, I hope to take the phone classes you have at some time!
My grandpa is getting on in age and won’t be around to much longer I was worried that because he won’t teach the tradition would be forgotten. I just want to thank you for keeping real magic alive in the world. I’m sorry for rambling so much this email was just to ask you about the book but I just wanted to thank you and just kept going! Have a good weekend Mamma Starr! J’

Then when he gave me permission to post this he explained the situation. As you can see he was lucky most folks aren’t that lucky. Hotfoot is not to be played around with.

“Good morning Mamma Starr!

Yes  it would be fine to post my email! I feel it is very important for people understand that you can curse yourself. I have talked with many people online about this who couldn’t possibly know less, and tell people that it will only affect the person who you intend it to affect, and who get very upset with me for telling someone to cleanse and protect immediately before and after you do any kind of work, especially harsh work! They have accused me publicly of just being an amateur and not knowing what I was talking about despite having been raised in magic. I tried to explain I learned this from my own mistakes, and how you even teach that the first thing you do before any work is cleanse. I suggest a cleansing and a prayer or something for protection before the work and then a stronger cleanse and protection after. They say I am just paranoid and it is from a lack of experience.

Well let me tell you about this hotfooting myself. My ex’s sister moved in with us, she was only going to stay for 2 weeks until she found a new place. She ended up staying for 4 years and destroyed our relationship. Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore. I get the hotfoot from you, I got it and used it how the spirit led me, I used it as a sprinkle and threw it everywhere, anything that it could go on it did, and I walked through it even! I also used it as a wash on her walls. I was furious and wasn’t thinking clear to do things how they should have been done. I didn’t cleanse or protect before or after. After a few days I did do something for protection but it was too late, and to be honest I thought I was too much of a bad ass (excuse me for cussing), to be affected by it. Boy was I ever wrong! After I did it everything in the house went pretty quiet. No one was fighting like normal, everyone was just kind of silent. Well a few days went by and my ex told me out of the blue to pick to leave my best friend of 15 years who was more like a brother to me or stay. I left that night nothing of mine was even left in the house. We were together for over 7 years.  My ex’s sister disappeared the very next day, I found out she moved to another state with a friend. All of this happened in under 7 days’ time. My life is amazing now though, I am happy, in the best relationship I have ever been in, and we are coming up on a year together next month. I truly want to thank you for the wonderful places your teachings have helped me take my life to! I want to attest to the power and seriousness of this all, don’t take it lightly, It can make your life amazing or throw you into a mess of chaos.

I don’t want people to end up messing up someone’s life they don’t intend to (or their own!).
I have plenty of experiences from your books, I have helped many people (including myself!) with the knowledge I have gotten from them. Once again I cannot thank you enough I hope you continue, and I wish you all the best! I have just recently learned about your blog and I am going through it over and over!
Feel free to post this too just don’t post my email address or phone number please :P

Thank you Mamma Starr for everything you have done for my life through your writings!  I am much happier because of your teachings. I hope you are enjoying your day, J”
If you need to hotfoot someone then get help from someone who knows what they are doing. Momma Starr



  1. I'm glad you posted this, I from listening to myself*spirit may be better wording really* not to take hotfooting or any other throws of that nature lightly. I'm so glad it worked out well for the writer of this converstation, but instinct tells me it could turn out very badly if not very careful!!! :)

  2. should probably put a warning label on it....
    "WARNING!: The Powder Packs A Punch! You Can Accidently Hot Foot Yourself!"

    Is that "dominating, controlling, and commanding" book you Old Style Conjure book?

    1. I don't just sell it to any body even though it is on the website. I have to know you "know" how to use it. Yes that is the "Old Style Conjure" book.

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  4. I can personally testify to Momma Starr's Hot Foot Powder. I think it should be called "Get the Red Ass and Run the Hell Out of Dodge" Conjure powder!!! LOLOL

    I used it one time for some hardcore justice work. It ran everybody out of town!

    WARNING: Use surgical gloves and a spoon with Starr's stuff. It can mess you up.

  5. Who and where can your foot powder be obtained/purchased?