Friday, August 31, 2012

Working Conjure Jars with Sugars...

Most folks on the Internet know about honey jars in Conjure work. Honey is strong but it can work slow. I was taught that if you want to speed up any work you're doing then add powdered sugar. I have found this to be true through personal experience.

Sugar works fast in Conjure work. Powdered sugar works even FASTER because of the texture. What folks need to remember is that the texture of your sweeteners can and do affect your work. Some online workers will tell you otherwise but conjure work is all about common sense as far as I'm concerned. For example molasses is sweet but it runs slow. If you put something in molasses it will SLOW it down! This is why molasses is used in Conjure to slow something down or bring a situation to a complete HALT!

If you want to do the opposite then use sugar or syrup in your conjure jars. Sugar and syrup works so strong because as you shake the jar it will move just as fast as you work the conjure jars. This is why honey can bring slow results at times because it runs slow. I'm not saying honey isn't good for work but I am stating that as good as it is honey can make your work a little slow. If you're looking for an extra push then you're better off working with sugar or syrups like karo or maple syrup for example. When you put together your sweetening jar don't forget to shake it up while stating your petition. This is how you work a conjure jar. Some online hoodoo rootworkers do not work this way and might tell you different but this is the way I was taught to get the job done and it works plain and simple. Just try it and see what happens. I think you'll notice a difference in your work. As they say "Different strokes for different folks."

One way I was taught by Momma Starr to work a powerful conjure jar or any work for that matter is to build up your work in layers. If you are putting together a sweetening jar first you add a layer of powdered sugar at the bottom of the jar while stating your prayers to God. Tear out the bible verse or chapter from Scripture and write out your petition on the bible verse. Add your power roots, herbs, and ingredients to the petition and fold the petition TOWARDS you around the roots and herbs into a little packet. As you fold the packet towards you state your petition. Now you got a strong conjure packet that you can work in the sweetening jar.

Place your conjure packet in the jar or medicine bottle on top of the powdered sugar. Take some of the leftover roots and herbs and sprinkle them over the packet while stating your petition in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost. Cover the packet with powdered sugar until you can't see it. You can use this trick for any conjure jar you make with sweeteners. I've worked my jars this way with sugar, honey, and different syrups. For more information check where you can find good jar recipes, take the conjure jar mini course or purchase Momma Starr's books.

There are other sweeteners in Conjure work such as condensed milk but just like molasses you have to be careful because even though condensed milk is sweet and sugary it will eventually go sour and when it does it will sour up your work. This goes back to what I was saying earlier about using your common sense. I know REAL workers out there who for that very reason use milk to sour shit up however there are ways around this. If you are drawing someone or something using milk and honey like the Bible says you can do the work in a bowl.

Place your work in the bowl and pour milk and honey (or condensed milk) around it. State your petitions over the work every day when the hands of the clock rise. Before the milk goes sour, pour it in your yard facing East. By working this way you are asking God to work on your behalf and prosper you in the land of milk and honey just like he did with his people. I hope this information helps...Drlovebug

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Myth Or Truth

My whole life I heard my mama say “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”; at this age in my life I believe this to be true. We all know Hyatt traveled the South looking for information for his books. We also know that he had a guide who took him around and introduced him to folks. There’s no argument there. Folks talked to him because someone they knew had brought him there. Folks are under the misconception that you can go into the Deep South and old folks are going to just start spewing all this information out because you asked. First off country folks and city folks are two very different breeds. Here’s an example of how someone knowing your family can change their whole attitude in what they will tell you and what they want tell you.

About three months ago my uncle who lives in Rock Castle County {Kentucky} was on my mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. In the past I could call the post office and the old post master who knew my family would give me information on my uncle. You can still get “general delivery mail” there. I call the post office and I get the new post master; she didn’t know my uncle and wouldn’t tell me a damn thing. She gave me the number to the sheriff’s office, I know she called ahead of me because the deputy didn’t ask me one question he just took my number for the sheriff and said he would call me back. Within 20 minutes the phone rang and it was the sheriff himself on the other end. I told him my uncle’s name and ask him if he knew where he was. Well that went over like the wind blowing. Within 60 seconds I knew he wasn’t gonna tell me nothing I was a stranger. Then I threw out the fact that I was born there but know live in Texas. Things got a little warmer.

When I told him who my Grandma was, my Daddy and my aunts I was in. He told me how sorry he was to hear about my Grandma and my Daddy’s passing. It was like he knew me my whole life and I promise you the man has never laid eyes on me. I gave him the last address I had for my uncle and he promised to check it out and get back to me. He said it was out in the county but he would drive out there. I thank him but I thought “yea right”. Within 2 hours the phone was ringing it was him. My uncle wasn’t there and the way it looked hadn’t been for a good while. He promised to keep an eye out for him and if he found him he would call me. I believe he will. This is no different than trying to find information about conjure work, unless they know you they are not gonna tell you anything. It’s not a “conspiracy theory” it’s a fact! Country folk don’t like strangers nor will they sit down and tell you their family business just because you ask; and conjure is their family business because it is part of their daily lives. Now if you can find someone in the city who was raised in it but thinks its backwards and a bunch of hocus pocus they may talk to you it depends on how deep their roots run. Folks who come from these families know what I am talking about even if they want speak up about it. Momma Starr

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Honey Sweet Money Doll

Are you tired of money running from one hand out the other? Are you ready to watch the fruits of your labor reap into an abundant harvest? Sweet Honey Sweet Money conjure doll is what you need to take your money and prosperity a few notches up the ladder to the level of TOTAL SUCCESS.

This hardworking conjure doll is handcrafted by Momma Starr with railroad spike to NAIL DOWN success and prayed over from start to finish to draw you the money and prosperity you seek to reach your mountain peak. If you are ready for your finances to turn over a new leaf the Sweet Honey Sweet Money doll is the remedy for your monetary ails! It works fast to draw cash…
Each conjure doll comes with a bottle of Momma Starr’s special blessing oil that you dress yourself to make money blessings rise like morning sunshine.

God hears prayer all hours of the day but as they say “God works on his time” so if you want your prayers heard then make your petition with the conjure dollie on his/her time when the hands of the clock are rising. Light a blue candle with your prayer next to the money doll and state your petition for GROWTH in all areas of your life.

Sweet Honey Sweet Money conjure doll is dressed with a gold crown in her best to DRAW wealth and good fortune. She holds money in one hand to keep blessings from running dry and St Peter’s Key in the other hand to keep your doors open. If you are ready to UNLOCK all God has in store for you then Momma Starr’s Sweet Honey Sweet Money conjure dollie is the remedy to your financial solution.

The Healer Dollie

The healer doll was handcrafted and prayed over by Momma Starr from start to finish. She holds the conjure broom in one hand to sweep all blocks from you and the Bible in the other hand to uncross and uplift your Spirit through God's Word. Momma Starr called the spirit of Healing into this powerful dollie. She wears the symbol of the crossroads on her chest where all healing takes place. It's at the crossroads where you can truly feel your power and claim TOTAL SUCCESS! Healing is God's most powerful gift to us. Let the healer conjure doll pull you out of the bind and set you free.

Each conjure dollie comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special blessing oil so you can dress yourself after you say your prayers for cleansing, healing, and a new beginning at the crossroads of your life...Heal yourself and your loved ones today through God's healing power that Momma Starr prayed over the healer conjure doll.

Miss Rule Your Roost Power Dollie

Are you tired of being walked all over like a doormat? Are you ready to take control of your life and be the Ruler of your castle? Momma Starr’s Rule Your Roost conjure dollie is just what you need to take control of the uncontrollable and claim your power with an iron fist!

Like Momma Starr’s conjure dolls the Rule Your Roost power doll is handcrafted with railroad spike to give you an iron will and prayed over from start to finish giving you the upper hand. She’s a true conjure woman and diva who’ll lend you a strong hand to bring POWER under your command…For every push from the school of HARD KNOCKS you need conjure power to shove those BLOCKS. Miss Rule Your Roost is the perfect dollie for the job. The royal purple and crown of glory she wears alone speaks volumes about the power that has been prayed into her to help you step forward unchallenged.

She’s equipped with the Key of St Peter to unlock the doors of TOTAL SUCCESS so they stay open. She holds a nail to hammer down your enemies and those cock blockers talking trash with no class. To top it off Miss Rule Your Roost wears a conjure hand to bring victory where you feel defeated. If you’re ready to ‘man up’ then Rule Your Roost will do the trick. Her purple crown symbolizes the Crown of Success.

Each conjure doll comes with a bottle of Momma Starr’s special blessing oil to dress yourself and the work at hand. It doesn’t matter what color candle you burn for Miss Rule Your Roost because she’s already a WINNER of her game. When you’re ready to race past the finish line and wear your personal crown of SUCCESS, Miss Rule Your Roost has the power you need to draw total success and the recognition you deserve.

Folk Magic Festival NOLA

Hi Everybody!
Our NOLA event is just around the corner. We are getting a special rate (significantly lower than their usual rate for this time of year) at the hotel for early reservations. The number of rooms at this rate is limited. And, once filled, this rate will no longer be available. Also there is a Saints game that weekend so hotels will be booking up. If you haven't already made your reservation, you may want to do it soon.

See you in New Orleans! Momma Starr

Working with Saint Peter

Saint Peter is a very powerful saint who's special to me. He's a door opener who'll open your roads for total prosperity and success or close doors that need to be shut. He has many symbols but the one most folks know him by are keys since he's always pictured holding keys in his hand. He's also symbolized by the rooster which as I was taught brings power. If you walk into Momma Starr's house you'll find rooster decorations all over the place. This is why when I think of Saint Peter and roosters I think of Starr because the rooster is her power symbol and I have to say at least from my experience that she lives up to it in every way!
Saint Peter can open or close doors with his keys which makes him a two headed worker. As a powerful two head conjure doctor Saint Peter knows how to "work with both hands" but you have to be very careful how you work with his keys. Anytime you are drawing something you have to work with his keys pointing UP. This is very important to remember otherwise you can cross yourself up! If you need to shut the door then Saint Peter is always petitioned with his keys pointing DOWN. In other words UP means GO and DOWN means NO! That's as simple as it gets. There's more you can do but this should give you an idea of how powerful St Peter really is...
Momma Starr & I have discussed working with St Peter and his keys numerous times on the radio show which you'll find at blogtalk. She also wrote a chapter on Saint Peter in her "Old Style Conjure: Candle Burning" book that she talks in detail about St. Peter and the different works you can do with him from justice and road opening to success which are his strongest areas. All in all I have to admit that Saint Peter has no limits in what he can or can't do.
As far back as I can remember Momma Starr was the ONLY conjure worker who petitioned St Peter before he got popular on the internet! Most folks were scared of him because of what they read in the Hyatt books and on the Hyatt forum which they had good reason. I can say the same thing about Black Hawk but I'll save that for another discussion. Before Starr started talking more about this powerful saint and his works I recall most workers saying they'd rather work with St Anthony. The thing about St Peter is that you have nothing to fear as long as you RESPECT him and the work he'll do. St Peter will stand by your side as long as you give God and him their credit.
Another thing to remember is that St Peter has no limits but this doesn't mean you can go willy nilly with your prayers and petitions. If you ask St Peter to close doors that aren't supposed to be closed or do your dirty work when you need to clean up your own mess he will turn on you! I'm so serious folks. This ain't no joke and it needs to be put out there. The Spirits are not puppets that you can pull by the string. If you work that way you'll end up hanging yourself by the rope. I've seen it happen.
This applies to any Spirit whether you're talking about BlackHawk, St Martha, et cetera, but this is especially important to remember in your dealings with St. Peter. If you don't act RIGHT with St Peter he'll turn your luck LEFT...Just my two cents. Drlovebug

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Mama Conjure Cleansing Stick

This Conjure stick is hand made and prayed over by Momma Starr to give you power and success where you need it. Starr hand crafted this conjure item with Big Mama's special colors to draw her spirit and special wood found on the California beach to give it stronger pull in removing any blocks or negative spiritual condition holding you down.

The conjure stick is used to remove all crossed or blocked conditions by sweeping yourself from head to foot while praying. Each conjure stick comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special oil that you can use to dress yourself after cleansing your spirit. No two Conjure Sticks will be the same. Momma Starr is one of the few Traditional conjure workers on the net today. If you are ready to work with Big Mama or cleanse your spirit then Starr's Big Mama stick is exactly what you need to lift up your spirit and CLAIM SUCCESS!!! Drlovebug

La Madama Conjure Stick

La Madama is a powerful spirit who'll lend you a helping hand where it is needed. Momma Starr's Madama conjure fans are prayed over for la madama so she will fill you with power and success. These prayer fans can be worked for any situation where you need a helping hand whether cleansing, removing crossed conditions, or doing road opener and success work.

Whatever work you do with these powerful spirit-filled works of art is up to you. With these conjure fans you can cover yourself and your work with La Madama's spirit. If you're feeling stuck or like you can't move forward then these prayer fans are just what you need to sweep away your troubles.

Each prayer fan comes with a bottle of Starr's special blessing oil.

Rainbow Conjure Stick

This specially made conjure stick is handcrafted from animal bone that Momma Starr found on the beach in California. The bone has been cleansed and prayed over for the animal's spirit so it will bring power to you. You can work with these conjure sticks to aid in your prayers, cleansing, and uncrossing work.

Colors hold a special power of their own. Momma Starr's Rainbow sticks empower you to tap into the spirit of Conjure work whether petitioning the Spirits for yourself or your loved ones. The feathers each bring their own power to the work. This conjure stick is special because it will help you find the power and confidence you need.

Male Ancestor Doll

This doll is prayed over and handcrafted by Momma Starr from start to finish to help you connect and work with your ancestors. Many clients have approached her over the years about ancestor work because they don't have photos or relics of their dead. These specially made ancestor dolls were the answer.

Your ancestors can be petitioned for power, cleansing, uncrossing work, protection, and total success. All you need to do light a small candle before Momma Starr's Ancestor Doll and call on your dead. Remember we stand on the shoulders of those that came before us. You can't move forward until you know where you've been and where you come from.

Each ancestor doll comes with a bottle of Starr's special blessing oil to dress yourself and your work.

Female Ancestor Doll

This doll is prayed over and handcrafted by Momma Starr from start to finish to help you connect and work with your ancestors. Many clients have approached her over the years about ancestor work because they don't have photos or relics of their dead. These specially made ancestor dolls were the answer.

Your ancestors can be petitioned for power, cleansing, uncrossing work, protection, and total success. All you need to do light a small candle before Momma Starr's Ancestor Doll and call on your dead. Remember we stand on the shoulders of those that came before us. You can't move forward until you know where you've been and where you come from.
Each ancestor doll comes with a bottle of Starr's special blessing oil to dress yourself and your work.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Money Drawing Candle

Momma Starr's Money Drawing candles are made with REAL money to draw prosperity and abundance. After all "like begets like." If you are ready to put the green light on your finances so you can prosper then Starr's Money Drawing candle is just what you need.

You'll receive a bottle of Starr's blessing oil so you can CROWN yourself with TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

The Money Drawing candle is two works in one because it heats up your work as the candle burns and works as a conjure jar. State your petition over the flame then load it with your special prayers and concerns after the candle goes out.

The money drawing candle like other products Momma Starr handcrafts are uniquely powerful and prayed over to draw total success in all your endeavors. Drlovebug

Money Drawing Prosperity Jar

Momma Starr's Money Drawing jar is a one of a kind work that has been prayed over from start to finish to help you MASTER your finances and the power of MONEY! This special conjure jar like others prepared by Momma Starr will help you gain the upper hand so you can reach a financial breakthrough.

Are you tired of being in a rut? Are you ready to see your blessings take root? Some say money doesn't grow on trees but according to the Bible "prosperity floweth like a desert tree planted by the river never fearing drought." Starr's Money jar is prayed over to help you withstand your financial lows and sustain the highs so you can reap God's dividends of MONEY, PROSPERITY, & TOTAL SUCCESS. The good thing about God's dividends is that they never run out! They just keep on coming and coming like the river that never runs dry...

Each Money Drawing jar comes with a bottle of specially prepared blessing oil. Dress yourself with Starr's conjure oil so you can bless yourself! All you got to do is add your personal prayers, petitions, and personal concerns to the jar. Starr's Money Drawing jar truly is a work-on-the-go!

If you're tired of monetary lows and want to increase your financial highs purchase Starr's Money Drawing Prosperity jar. Your finances will thank you for it...Drlovebug

La Madama Healing Jar

La Madama is a two headed conjure worker. This means she works with both hands. She'll sweep crossed conditions off you with one hand while filling you with her power and protection with the other hand.

Momma Starr's conjure jars are special because each jar is prayed over as they're made. If you are in need of healing this is the conjure jar for you. Starr's La Madama jar comes with a bottle of specially blended conjure oil that you can apply to yourself and the work at hand.

You'll also receive an anointed prayer cloth that will lend a powerful helping hand to your healing prayers and spiritual work for cleansing, uncrossing, and renewal. What I like about the jar is that la Madama is petitioned to doctor you where healing is needed whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It doesn't matter. The jar is ready to work. All you need to do is load your petition and personal items into the jar.

Holy Trinity Power Candle

This is a special kind of candle because you are directly addressing God Almighty in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost regardless of your spiritual beliefs. No matter what religion you profess we're all God's children and deserving of his/her Grace. This power candle will light the way in the storms of darkness and confusion surrounding your life.

Do you feel crossed up or blocked? Does your spirit feel like it has been pinned under a rock? Are you facing insurmountable odds that have knocked your spirit down where you can't get back up? If that is the case then Momma Starr's Holy Trinity candle along with your faith in God will help you tear those walls down.

This special candle is hand painted and prayed over by Momma Starr. It comes with a bottle of Starr's blessing oil so you can dress yourself while praying with the power candle to claim God's blessings promised to all of us. What makes it so strong is that it's prayed over with the power of God from start to finish. It also works double duty as a conjure jar that can be loaded with your special prayers and ingredients after the candle burns out. You can reuse the candle jar by loading it with a pull out candle if you wish to keep the work ongoing.

Remember there are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves. With Momma Starr's Holy Trinity candle your spirit will soar to new heights in God's POWER & GLORY...Drlovebug

Miss Lucky Conjure Dollie

I want to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Her name is Miss Lucky and lucky she is indeed! Like Miss Lovey the other conjure doll I told y'all about Miss Lucky is not to be played with. She's a hard hitter who'll draw TOTAL SUCCESS, LUCK, MONEY, & PROSPERITY where it is needed.

If you want to hit those lucky numbers at the slot machines, increase your winnings at the lottery scratch-offs, or just WIN ahead in life Miss Lucky can charm you and others with her magickal repertoire and help defeat the odds stacked against you. She comes with a bottle of special blessing oil and the power of God prayed over her by Momma Starr from start to finish to PACK A PUNCH in your magickal rituals and conjure workings.

 All you need to do is apply a little of Momma Starr's special conjure oil, call on God, and work your petitions with Miss Lucky to turn your luck around for the better. She's made with a railroad spike like Starr's other conjure dollies to strike heavy blows for SUCCESS in your life. If you want to win hard you have to play hard and like the railroad spike Miss Lucky will help you nail your luck down with an iron fist! 

Are you tired of the grass of prosperity being greener on the other side? Are you ready for your money blessings to take root and hold? Do you feel like sowing the seeds of MONEY, WINNINGS, & TOTAL $$¢¢$$ to reap a good harvest? Miss Lucky is the friend you need to help you succeed!!! She is your new friend for money that'll draw all your blessings like flies to honey...Drlovebug

Miss Lovey Doll Baby

Miss Lovey is a one of a kind conjure doll baby. She's a diva extraordinaire who draws POWER, LOVE, & TOTAL SUCCESS. All you need to do is petition God, dress yourself with Momma Starr's special oil that comes with the dollie, and let Miss Lovey dominate your spouse and your troubles so you can RULE YOUR ROOST.

This special conjure dollie like others Momma Starr offers in her Etsy shop is made with a railroad spike to give you a will of iron that is unbendable, STRONG, and POWERFUL. If you need help standing on your own Miss Lovey can offer a strong helping hand. She's a conjure woman extraordinaire with a spirit working on your behalf like a double edged sword: with the power Momma Starr has prayed over this special dollie from start to finish Miss Lovey enchants situations in your favor and has the power to bewitch any circumstance where you need to be at the mountain's peak instead of hanging low on the slopes.

Are you ready to be on TOP of your game? Do you need a strong diva who'll bend and break the rules? Are you tired of being played by the game and instead want to be a game changer? Miss Lovey is the answer and with her charms you'll weave the magick of TOTAL VICTORY  & SUCCESS...Drlovebug

La Madama Conjure Doll

This specially made conjure dollie is made with an iron spike for the spine. You can't see it but it's there to give you some back bone and power because that is what you need to move forward in life. What's special about this conjure dollie is that you can use it to work with La Madama to bring you power where you need it whether that means cleansing yourself, clearing a bad situation, giving you insight so you can see clearly, or dominating situations so you have the upper hand.

La Madama is holding a mirror. She uses it to draw what you need and remove all blocks holding you back from achieving TOTAL SUCCESS. She watches your back with the mirror by using it to look at your enemies KNOWN & UNKNOWN and give them a taste of their own medicine. This special conjure dollie comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special oil that you can use when petitioning La Madama.

If you are ready to take your conjure work, spiritual consultations, magical practices, and spiritual endeavors to the next level then La Madama is the spirit you need to petition through her conjure dollie. She'll push you beyond the limit in Conjure to help you achieve success foreseen and unforeseen. Drlovebug

Saturday, August 18, 2012

La Madama Conjure Broom

I love this broom! Momma Starr called the spirit of Big Mama into this special conjure dollie to give it life. This is a special item because you can work with Big Mama using this broom to sweep up the messes in your life and help your luck turn around for the better.

Big Mama is a no nonsense spirit who'll tell it like it is to your face whether you like it or not. She'll also fight your battles until you come out victorious. She carries a heavy hand who'll knock your enemies down and lift you up when your spirits are feeling really down. If you are feeling stuck or need a good push in the right direction that means you need to do a strong cleansing. That is Big Mama's area of expertise because she'll fill you with power as she works on you with her broom.

Big Mama can help you with stripping away your troubles and give you a new outlook on life so you can claim TOTAL SUCCESS and VICTORY in the here and now!!! Each conjure broom comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special conjure oil to dress yourself with after you sweep the devils of confusion and misfortune out of your life.

Order your Big Mama conjure broom and tell your devils"to hit the road Jack in the name of God and come back no more..." Drlovebug

Old Style Conjure on Etsy!!!

Old Style Conjure Etsy Shop

I'm writing this blog in order to promote the Old Style Conjure shop on Etsy. Starr didn't ask me to do this. I'm doing it on my will because Starr's products really work. Another reason is because Starr is the oldest REAL conjure worker on the Internet that I know of who's traditional and old-timey in her work, principles, and her unique outlook on life. I'm not bragging about Starr. I'm only stating a FACT that can be proven!!! As Momma Starr always says "Anything I say or do, I can back it up!"

At the Old Style Conjure Etsy shop you'll find unique products that you won't find anywhere else. Each product is unique and handcrafted to bring you POWER and TOTAL SUCCESS. All products Starr makes are prayed over as they're being made from start to finish. 

Here at Etsy you'll find all kinds of products whether you're looking for a mojo bag, need a conjure dollie, in search of Starr's conjure books, or a specially made candle vigil handcrafted and prayed over to work just for YOU!!! There's something for everybody at Old Style Conjure Etsy. So come on by and visit Momma Starr's conjure shop. You'll come back for more.

If there's a product you need that you can't find at Starr's shop contact her. She'll hook you up with whatever you need. Speaking from my personal experience I have to admit that Starr's products are STRONG and hard hitters of total success. If you're looking for those ole-timey spiritual supplies that grab the bull of your troubles by the horns visit Starr's Etsy store. All the prayer Starr makes over her supplies from start to finish can help you HIT THE TARGET.

I look forward to the SUCCESS you'll achieve in working with Momma Starr's products just as I and many of her clients and acquaintances have throughout the years. Drlovebug

Folk Magic Festival In NOLA

Conjure Crossroads presents the Folk Magic Festival in NOLA for 2012. This is our 3rd year! We are gonna have a wonderful time. Workshops are filling up fast so if you plan on coming to meet us in NOLA for the festival you need to register. We are going to have a nice line up of workshops this year. We are also going to have a very special guest Ms. Jacki Smith will be doing a workshop on Working with candles. If you can come join myself, Orion Foxwood, Susan Diamond, Auntie Sindy Todo and our go to guy Wulf of Simmering Wolf Studios. Momma Starr

Thursday, August 9, 2012

OSC Radio: Sweet Jars & Candle work

Hey guys,

Starr & I (especially me) are excited about this upcoming radio show. We will discuss sweetening jars in Conjure and working with candles.

Date: Saturday August 11th
Time: 9pm Central
Call-In #: (347) 237-4264

Tune in and be prepared to take notes...Drlovebug