Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Healer Dollie

The healer doll was handcrafted and prayed over by Momma Starr from start to finish. She holds the conjure broom in one hand to sweep all blocks from you and the Bible in the other hand to uncross and uplift your Spirit through God's Word. Momma Starr called the spirit of Healing into this powerful dollie. She wears the symbol of the crossroads on her chest where all healing takes place. It's at the crossroads where you can truly feel your power and claim TOTAL SUCCESS! Healing is God's most powerful gift to us. Let the healer conjure doll pull you out of the bind and set you free.

Each conjure dollie comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special blessing oil so you can dress yourself after you say your prayers for cleansing, healing, and a new beginning at the crossroads of your life...Heal yourself and your loved ones today through God's healing power that Momma Starr prayed over the healer conjure doll.

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