Sunday, August 19, 2012

La Madama Healing Jar

La Madama is a two headed conjure worker. This means she works with both hands. She'll sweep crossed conditions off you with one hand while filling you with her power and protection with the other hand.

Momma Starr's conjure jars are special because each jar is prayed over as they're made. If you are in need of healing this is the conjure jar for you. Starr's La Madama jar comes with a bottle of specially blended conjure oil that you can apply to yourself and the work at hand.

You'll also receive an anointed prayer cloth that will lend a powerful helping hand to your healing prayers and spiritual work for cleansing, uncrossing, and renewal. What I like about the jar is that la Madama is petitioned to doctor you where healing is needed whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It doesn't matter. The jar is ready to work. All you need to do is load your petition and personal items into the jar.

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