Sunday, August 19, 2012

La Madama Conjure Doll

This specially made conjure dollie is made with an iron spike for the spine. You can't see it but it's there to give you some back bone and power because that is what you need to move forward in life. What's special about this conjure dollie is that you can use it to work with La Madama to bring you power where you need it whether that means cleansing yourself, clearing a bad situation, giving you insight so you can see clearly, or dominating situations so you have the upper hand.

La Madama is holding a mirror. She uses it to draw what you need and remove all blocks holding you back from achieving TOTAL SUCCESS. She watches your back with the mirror by using it to look at your enemies KNOWN & UNKNOWN and give them a taste of their own medicine. This special conjure dollie comes with a bottle of Momma Starr's special oil that you can use when petitioning La Madama.

If you are ready to take your conjure work, spiritual consultations, magical practices, and spiritual endeavors to the next level then La Madama is the spirit you need to petition through her conjure dollie. She'll push you beyond the limit in Conjure to help you achieve success foreseen and unforeseen. Drlovebug


  1. How can I get one, she is beautiful.

    1. The dollie can be found in my Estay shop. No two are made the same. Here's the link.