Sunday, August 19, 2012

Money Drawing Candle

Momma Starr's Money Drawing candles are made with REAL money to draw prosperity and abundance. After all "like begets like." If you are ready to put the green light on your finances so you can prosper then Starr's Money Drawing candle is just what you need.

You'll receive a bottle of Starr's blessing oil so you can CROWN yourself with TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

The Money Drawing candle is two works in one because it heats up your work as the candle burns and works as a conjure jar. State your petition over the flame then load it with your special prayers and concerns after the candle goes out.

The money drawing candle like other products Momma Starr handcrafts are uniquely powerful and prayed over to draw total success in all your endeavors. Drlovebug

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