Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Trinity Power Candle

This is a special kind of candle because you are directly addressing God Almighty in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost regardless of your spiritual beliefs. No matter what religion you profess we're all God's children and deserving of his/her Grace. This power candle will light the way in the storms of darkness and confusion surrounding your life.

Do you feel crossed up or blocked? Does your spirit feel like it has been pinned under a rock? Are you facing insurmountable odds that have knocked your spirit down where you can't get back up? If that is the case then Momma Starr's Holy Trinity candle along with your faith in God will help you tear those walls down.

This special candle is hand painted and prayed over by Momma Starr. It comes with a bottle of Starr's blessing oil so you can dress yourself while praying with the power candle to claim God's blessings promised to all of us. What makes it so strong is that it's prayed over with the power of God from start to finish. It also works double duty as a conjure jar that can be loaded with your special prayers and ingredients after the candle burns out. You can reuse the candle jar by loading it with a pull out candle if you wish to keep the work ongoing.

Remember there are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves. With Momma Starr's Holy Trinity candle your spirit will soar to new heights in God's POWER & GLORY...Drlovebug

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