Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old Style Conjure on Etsy!!!

Old Style Conjure Etsy Shop

I'm writing this blog in order to promote the Old Style Conjure shop on Etsy. Starr didn't ask me to do this. I'm doing it on my will because Starr's products really work. Another reason is because Starr is the oldest REAL conjure worker on the Internet that I know of who's traditional and old-timey in her work, principles, and her unique outlook on life. I'm not bragging about Starr. I'm only stating a FACT that can be proven!!! As Momma Starr always says "Anything I say or do, I can back it up!"

At the Old Style Conjure Etsy shop you'll find unique products that you won't find anywhere else. Each product is unique and handcrafted to bring you POWER and TOTAL SUCCESS. All products Starr makes are prayed over as they're being made from start to finish. 

Here at Etsy you'll find all kinds of products whether you're looking for a mojo bag, need a conjure dollie, in search of Starr's conjure books, or a specially made candle vigil handcrafted and prayed over to work just for YOU!!! There's something for everybody at Old Style Conjure Etsy. So come on by and visit Momma Starr's conjure shop. You'll come back for more.

If there's a product you need that you can't find at Starr's shop contact her. She'll hook you up with whatever you need. Speaking from my personal experience I have to admit that Starr's products are STRONG and hard hitters of total success. If you're looking for those ole-timey spiritual supplies that grab the bull of your troubles by the horns visit Starr's Etsy store. All the prayer Starr makes over her supplies from start to finish can help you HIT THE TARGET.

I look forward to the SUCCESS you'll achieve in working with Momma Starr's products just as I and many of her clients and acquaintances have throughout the years. Drlovebug


  1. Yay! I love Etsy, and I've only found one shop that carries hoodoo products that in my experience really "gets it." I'm excited to add OSC to that list.

    1. Thank you. I have had that little shop for 2 years and never really did anything with it until now. I will be adding more products daily. Momma Starr

  2. Thank you Honey for the time you took to do the write ups for my shop and thank you for the support and the faith you have in me. Momma Starr

  3. It is an honor Momma Starr. Thank you for sharing Conjure work with me. Marc