Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Family Tradition

I started this tradition 35 years ago as a way for my family to be a part of who I am. When we first started doing the family altar we had a candle, flowers, money, and one of the Saints on the altar. Over the last 35 years the altar has grown. Everything you see on the altar was placed there by someone in my family. The altar is for success and prosperity in the new year to come. Right before Christmas we set the altar up, the offerings are changed as needed. The prayers and petitions are under La Madama. The family keeps the altar up until after New Years.

The idea behind the altar came from an old worker, as you remove the offerings and place new ones over the weeks between Christmas and New Years you are removing the old and bringing in the new. As I said this altar is for "Crown of Success" for the new year. The offerings vary from year to year, but there is always fresh flowers and fruit. This year we have some herbs my daughter added and I placed my mama's old honey pot on the altar. You can't see it but inside the pot is a large magnet wrapped in my petition and a 2$ bill covered in brown sugar. Then I stuck the cinnamon sticks in. 

This is a good way to start the New Year out as a family. Remember the ole saying "A Family that Prays together Stays together"? Start your own tradition and make it a family affair.

Happy Holidays

Momma Starr(c)2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleansing And Protection Brooms

Cleansing And Protection Brooms
I have used the broom for cleansings and protection for many years.  The broom is one of my favorite tools to work with for a quick cleansing.  The use of the broom in conjure work is being lost due to the fact that these so called teachers that are out there don’t know how you work with the broom. They can’t explain how to use it in cleansings so they just mention it but not how to work with it. The broom is used for sweeping so therefore it can literally sweep a crossed condition off of you. The broom can not only be used for uncrossing but it can also be used for protection.  I’m going to give you a few different works that can be used by working with the broom. This is old work that is being lost and needs to be remembered.

         Now days you can find many different sizes of brooms; for this type of work you need a medium to a small broom. When you use a broom in cleansing work it is called either sweeping or brushing. I have a few different brooms that I use in my cleansings. I think my favorite is the old timey whisk broom I use. It’s the kind folks use to use to sweep their cars out with before we had vacuum cleaners. I’m telling my age now. You can still find them at some of the old auto parts houses. I like this type of broom because it is small and they are put together well. You can use whatever you have; but the broom should only be used for this type of work.

              Once you find the broom you will work with you need to cleanse it before you use it. I have a wash I use to spray my brooms down with, don’t soak it just mist it lightly with a spray. Let the broom air dry; once it is dry sprinkle a little kosher salt on it. Let the salt sit on the broom until you are ready to use your broom. To use the broom for cleansing you start at the crown of your head and sweep downward while praying that whatever is there is swept away. You sweep the bottom of your feet also from heel to toe. Make sure you sweep your whole body and you really need to focus on your head. When someone crosses you up that is main part of the body they hit. When you are finished brushing yourself down then lightly spray the broom down with a cleansing wash and let it dry. The next time you want to use it, the broom will be dry.

Vigil Cleansing

Vigil Cleansing(c) Starr
        I learned how to cleanse with a vigil when I was in my teens. This is one of my favorite ways to do a spiritual cleansing. I do this type of cleansing for all reversal, healing, cleansing and uncrossing work. It is my opinion that the vigil cleansing works stronger than a spiritual bath. You don’t have to take my word for it just try; this type of cleansing for yourself. Wax draws and holds what is prayed into it. It will also pull off whatever is on you and burn it away as the vigil burns. You can always tell a new worker from an old one because the old worker knows about this work and the new ones don’t have a clue about it. I have talked about a lot of old works in this book because I don’t want them to be lost.
           The first thing you need to do is pray your prayer into the wax. Don’t dress or feed this type of vigil. Let what the vigil removes off of you feed it. To cleanse yourself with a vigil; turn the vigil long ways then start at the crown of your head and you wipe yourself going downward, remember to get those feet from heel to toe. The best way to do this is without clothes on. Make sure you focus really well on your head and the back of your shoulder blades. Once you are through cleansing yourself with the vigil pray your prayer into the vigil again. Light the vigil and let it burn out.
         Any kind of vigil will work for this work, but I like to use reversals and run devil run vigil or just a plain black or white vigil. If you are having trouble in love you can use a red and black vigil to reverse the situation. Write their name five times on the vigil then turn the vigil and write your name nine times over theirs. By writing their name five times you are setting them inside the cross. Take the vigil crossways and wipe yourself off from head to toe. This will reverse the problems you are having. It will remove any blocks that are in the way of your relationship, you will be reversing the situation. If you don’t have a red and black vigil then just use a white one in the same way. When I do this kind of vigil I don’t dress the vigil, or feed it as I call it. I let whatever is removed feed the vigil. Once you cleanse yourself off with the vigil then speak your prayer into the wax and light the vigil.
         If I am doing a black and green reversal to reverse my money situation or a black and white one for uncrossing I work the vigil a little differently. Again I don’t feed or dress this type of vigil; I want the vigil to feed on what is blocking me. I don’t do anything other than pray my prayer into the vigil. I ask God to remove all blocks out of my way and to reverse my situation. Then I cleanse myself with the vigil from head to toe.  I make at least three or four passes over my body. Once this is done I pray my prayer into the vigil again then I light the vigil. Most of the times within a day or two you start seeing a difference in your situation. If you can’t find the colored vigils then just use a plain white vigil. White vigils hold a power within themselves.

Graveyard Work

Graveyard Work
Folks who have come into Conjure or Hoodoo as most folks on the internet call it are under the misconception that graveyard work is all about digging up some graveyard dirt to cross someone up. I call these folks internet Hoodoo's; they don't know any better and are just doing what they have read. There's a lot more to graveyard work than paying for some dirt. This business I see all over the internet about gather dirt from unknown folk’s grave is very dangerous. This topic is for another blog.
I was raised in a family who respect thier dead. I was taught from a very young age to clean the graves of my ancestors or those who have passed on, to decorate them on holidays and special occasions; I was also taught how to gather the dirt for help from my ancestors. It is very disrespectful to wake the dead to put them to work for you when you have done nothing for them. Eventually it will catch up with you and you may bite off more than you can chew.
The two photo's you see are of my ancestor altar and of my Nephew/Godsons grave. Yesterday June 20th was his birthday. I brought him ballons, a cake, candles, flowers and some smoke. I shared a piece of cake with him then lit his candles. I stayed and talked to him for a long time, just chatter. I walked away feeling his spirit all around me. He was born at 9 pm on the 20th, so last night the rest of my family went to visit him. I went alone because I wanted to spend the time with just me and him.
Just because someone has passed doesn't mean they are gone. Their spirit is very much alive. They walk with us in our daily lives. I'm not saying you shouldn't do graveyard work, I'm saying you need to first KNOW what you are doing. You also need to honor the dead you call on for help. Show them the respect they deserve. Orion Foxwood will be giving a workshop in November on the 13th at the Folk Magic Festival in N.O.L.A. on working in the graveyard. If you can make it come and join us.
If you want to work in the graveyard then please learn the right way to approach the dead. It is a lot more to it than paying at the gate and buying some dirt. Find someone to guide you through the work; remember to always be respectful of spirit. Peace Starr


Bank Conjure

Bank Conjure(c) Starr
     This work has two steps to it. You need to do is go to the bank and get two one dollar bills; you also need a new red ink pen, a uncrossing candle and a money drawing candle.  When you get home take one of the dollar bills and the uncrossing candle into the bathroom. Get undressed; take the dollar and wipe yourself off with it. Starting from head to toe. Make sure you wipe the bottom of your feet. Do the same thing with the uncrossing candle. While you are doing this pray the 23 Psalm. Take the uncrossing candle and set it on top of the dollar, light the candle and repeat the 23 Psalm three times over it. Take you a nice cleansing bath. Let the candle burn out. Once the candle has burned out take the dollar and put it in a safe place. You can use the dollar again when you want to repeat the work.
Take your red pen and write your birth name eight times going long ways down the other dollar; On the fifth line of your name write your birth date in number form across your name. Take this dollar and your money-drawing candle into the bathroom. Undress and starting at your feet going up wipe yourself off with the dollar and the candle. Make sure you do your feet, starting at your toes wipe backwards toward your heal. Take a good money bath, and then take the dollar and your candle to your money altar. Place the candle over the dollar. Light the candle and say your prayers.  When the candle burns out, dress your dollar and keep the dollar in your wallet. Don’t ever spend the dollar. When it needs to be recharge follow the same steps as before using the same dollars.