Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bank Conjure

Bank Conjure(c) Starr
     This work has two steps to it. You need to do is go to the bank and get two one dollar bills; you also need a new red ink pen, a uncrossing candle and a money drawing candle.  When you get home take one of the dollar bills and the uncrossing candle into the bathroom. Get undressed; take the dollar and wipe yourself off with it. Starting from head to toe. Make sure you wipe the bottom of your feet. Do the same thing with the uncrossing candle. While you are doing this pray the 23 Psalm. Take the uncrossing candle and set it on top of the dollar, light the candle and repeat the 23 Psalm three times over it. Take you a nice cleansing bath. Let the candle burn out. Once the candle has burned out take the dollar and put it in a safe place. You can use the dollar again when you want to repeat the work.
Take your red pen and write your birth name eight times going long ways down the other dollar; On the fifth line of your name write your birth date in number form across your name. Take this dollar and your money-drawing candle into the bathroom. Undress and starting at your feet going up wipe yourself off with the dollar and the candle. Make sure you do your feet, starting at your toes wipe backwards toward your heal. Take a good money bath, and then take the dollar and your candle to your money altar. Place the candle over the dollar. Light the candle and say your prayers.  When the candle burns out, dress your dollar and keep the dollar in your wallet. Don’t ever spend the dollar. When it needs to be recharge follow the same steps as before using the same dollars.

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