Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vigil Cleansing

Vigil Cleansing(c) Starr
        I learned how to cleanse with a vigil when I was in my teens. This is one of my favorite ways to do a spiritual cleansing. I do this type of cleansing for all reversal, healing, cleansing and uncrossing work. It is my opinion that the vigil cleansing works stronger than a spiritual bath. You don’t have to take my word for it just try; this type of cleansing for yourself. Wax draws and holds what is prayed into it. It will also pull off whatever is on you and burn it away as the vigil burns. You can always tell a new worker from an old one because the old worker knows about this work and the new ones don’t have a clue about it. I have talked about a lot of old works in this book because I don’t want them to be lost.
           The first thing you need to do is pray your prayer into the wax. Don’t dress or feed this type of vigil. Let what the vigil removes off of you feed it. To cleanse yourself with a vigil; turn the vigil long ways then start at the crown of your head and you wipe yourself going downward, remember to get those feet from heel to toe. The best way to do this is without clothes on. Make sure you focus really well on your head and the back of your shoulder blades. Once you are through cleansing yourself with the vigil pray your prayer into the vigil again. Light the vigil and let it burn out.
         Any kind of vigil will work for this work, but I like to use reversals and run devil run vigil or just a plain black or white vigil. If you are having trouble in love you can use a red and black vigil to reverse the situation. Write their name five times on the vigil then turn the vigil and write your name nine times over theirs. By writing their name five times you are setting them inside the cross. Take the vigil crossways and wipe yourself off from head to toe. This will reverse the problems you are having. It will remove any blocks that are in the way of your relationship, you will be reversing the situation. If you don’t have a red and black vigil then just use a white one in the same way. When I do this kind of vigil I don’t dress the vigil, or feed it as I call it. I let whatever is removed feed the vigil. Once you cleanse yourself off with the vigil then speak your prayer into the wax and light the vigil.
         If I am doing a black and green reversal to reverse my money situation or a black and white one for uncrossing I work the vigil a little differently. Again I don’t feed or dress this type of vigil; I want the vigil to feed on what is blocking me. I don’t do anything other than pray my prayer into the vigil. I ask God to remove all blocks out of my way and to reverse my situation. Then I cleanse myself with the vigil from head to toe.  I make at least three or four passes over my body. Once this is done I pray my prayer into the vigil again then I light the vigil. Most of the times within a day or two you start seeing a difference in your situation. If you can’t find the colored vigils then just use a plain white vigil. White vigils hold a power within themselves.


  1. Don't mean to sound dumb, but what size is a vigil? Is it a 7-day candle, or one of the smaller ones?

    1. No question is dumb, thats how we learn by asking. It can be either one of the 7 day vigils or on of the smaller ones that burn about a day and a half. Just use what ever you have. This work can also be done with a stick candle, the only hold back on them is that you have to watch them really close. Momma Starr