Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleansing And Protection Brooms

Cleansing And Protection Brooms
I have used the broom for cleansings and protection for many years.  The broom is one of my favorite tools to work with for a quick cleansing.  The use of the broom in conjure work is being lost due to the fact that these so called teachers that are out there don’t know how you work with the broom. They can’t explain how to use it in cleansings so they just mention it but not how to work with it. The broom is used for sweeping so therefore it can literally sweep a crossed condition off of you. The broom can not only be used for uncrossing but it can also be used for protection.  I’m going to give you a few different works that can be used by working with the broom. This is old work that is being lost and needs to be remembered.

         Now days you can find many different sizes of brooms; for this type of work you need a medium to a small broom. When you use a broom in cleansing work it is called either sweeping or brushing. I have a few different brooms that I use in my cleansings. I think my favorite is the old timey whisk broom I use. It’s the kind folks use to use to sweep their cars out with before we had vacuum cleaners. I’m telling my age now. You can still find them at some of the old auto parts houses. I like this type of broom because it is small and they are put together well. You can use whatever you have; but the broom should only be used for this type of work.

              Once you find the broom you will work with you need to cleanse it before you use it. I have a wash I use to spray my brooms down with, don’t soak it just mist it lightly with a spray. Let the broom air dry; once it is dry sprinkle a little kosher salt on it. Let the salt sit on the broom until you are ready to use your broom. To use the broom for cleansing you start at the crown of your head and sweep downward while praying that whatever is there is swept away. You sweep the bottom of your feet also from heel to toe. Make sure you sweep your whole body and you really need to focus on your head. When someone crosses you up that is main part of the body they hit. When you are finished brushing yourself down then lightly spray the broom down with a cleansing wash and let it dry. The next time you want to use it, the broom will be dry.

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