Monday, April 30, 2012

Angelic Protection Prayer

3.1 Angelic Protection Prayer

Heavenly Father I come before You now in the Name of my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father I ask You to forgive me of any of my sins, my transgresses, my iniquities, and my trespasses, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Heavenly Father I ask You to forgive me of any un-forgiveness I have in my heart at this time toward anyone. Now Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ I ask to encamp Your Mighty Warring and guarding angels around me, , , and to guard us and protect us, and to shield us, and to
destroy any evil spirit, demonic spirit, and strongmen, messenger of satan,
witchcraft prayer curse that would try to come against me, , , and
our houses, cars, offices, properties, dogs, trucks, cats, buildings, lands, anything inside of us Father, we ask You to loose Your angels around us to guard us and protect us from all these things in the Name of Jesus Christ of

Nazareth. Heavenly Father we ask You to loose Your angels around us to guard us and protect us and to destroy any curses, hexes, vexes, incantations, chains, fetters, snares, or traps, curses, lies, witchcraft prayers, charismatic witchcraft prayers, ungodly soul-ish prayers, spells, demonic spells of any kind, destroy these things that try to come against us in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, amen.

Taken from Christian Word Ministries§ion=1

Prayer for Mind Cleansing & Clarity

Prayer for Mind Cleansing & Clarity Heavenly Father, I (we) come to You now in the Name of my (our) Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Lord Jesus Christ we ask You according to John 14: 13 - 14, to wash over our minds with the Blood of Jesus and cleanse out all darkness and all thoughts that are contrary to Your will and destiny for our lives. I (we) ask You Lord Jesus to shut any doors that need to be shut whether spiritual or natural, and to open any doors that need to be opened whether spiritual or natural in my (our) life (lives). Heavenly Father, I (we) ask you to give me (us) and each person I (we) have prayed for today clarity of vision, clarity of sight, clarity of thought, clarity of mind, clarity of knowing, and hearing Your Voice according to John 16:23. Amen!

Taken from Christian Word Ministries§ion=1

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conjure Spiritual Pots

Conjure pots hold a lot of power because of the work that goes into it. Before I delve into this topic I'll tell you what a conjure pot is.

A conjure pot is a pot that has been 'built' with work inside to give it power. It's an altar in a pot where you call Spirit down. Conjure pots are so powerful because they hold the power of your prayers.

Whatever prayers you say or work you do in the pot will be contained. Conjure pots hold Spirit and can be considered a work in itself. Some spirits are petitioned for work inside a pot like Black Hawk and la Madama for example.

There are special works you can do in a conjure pot that you can't do on an altar. You can put together a pot for specific petitions and do all your work out of that pot.

A money pot is a good example. On my San Simon altar I keep a small money pot full of all the things that remind me of prosperity. Once a week I light a vigil to San Simon (whom I call "Grandfather") in the pot and I thank him for giving my family a helping hand.

This is very simple but it works wonderfully for us. Inside my money pot each item has a special purpose that helps with my petition. You can work with a conjure pot for many things.

You don't hear a lot about conjure pots if there's any information on the Internet. The only information I've seen online is about pots being used in Palo, Santeria, and other ATRs but these pots are worked different from conjure pots which mean they aren't the same nor worked the same.

All you need is the power of prayer, a candle, and your special ingredients to put together a strong conjure pot. Drlovebug

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OSC Radio Show: Saturday, April 28th

OldStyleConjure Radio

Date: Saturday 04/28/2012
Time: 9pm Central

Tune into the OldStyleConjure Radio show where Momma Starr and her cohost Drlovebug discuss down home conjure work.

Work will be given to help ease some of the troubles of your world.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prosperity Work

Deuteronomy 28:11-12
King James Version (KJV)

11"And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee.

12The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow."

Write your money petition on this bible verse and burn it to ash. Add the ash to a blue vigil with a pinch of sugar and five finger grass.

Hold the blue vigil to your mouth and state your petition. Light the candle.

Everyday as that vigil burns state your petition. Do the work when the hands of the clock are rising. Drlovebug

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Psalm 91

This is one of my most favorite Psalms. It's good for protection, peace in the home, and general blessings.

Say this prayer three times over a white handkerchief.

Psalm 91

"1He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

3Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

4He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

5Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

8Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

9Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

13Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

14Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

16With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation."

Touch Me Not's

I was thinking about ole remedies last night to share. I don’t know what made me think of the “Touch Me Not’s”.  For those who don’t know “Touch Me Not’s” are flowers. My Grandma kept them on each side of the front door stoop in ole foot tubs. I was one of those children that wanted to know why? My Grandma didn’t answer question; it was always because “I said so”. Any way I loved those little buds and I got my butt spanked for messing with them. If you touched the bud the flower would open; like magic. But then you would lose the seeds. My Mama and my Grandma would tie up some of the flowers in little pieces of handkerchief and pin them in our under shirts. Last night it came to me “Touch Me Not’s”; those little packets were to protect us. Just thought I’d share that and if you can find them they are wonderful plants to have. Momma Starr

Friday, April 20, 2012

Conjure Water

Last night when I was taking my cleansing bath I got to thinking about the water while I watched it run downward. When I was a young at least once a year the church would go down to the creek. Everyone would stand in the water’s edge and of course there were baptisms, then the preacher would bless everyone in the water. I think that sometimes we don’t think about how powerful water really is.

When were parched it soothes us, after a hard day’s work it refreshes us, when our feet hurt a good soak with some salts makes us feel like heaven. This year when I go to Santa Cruz for theConjure Con I’ll be doing a cleansing at the water. Although it’s not a creek the effect will be the same. There’s nothing like standing in nice cool water and just letting it flow over your feet and ankles.

Foot Soak

For tired ache feet you can get a pan of warm water and add about {3} caps of Dr. Tichenor's and some Epson salts to it. This makes a cool soothing foot soak.

Dr. Tichenor’s is also good for any type of fungus; like athlete’s feet. Just don’t be heavy handed with it cause it will burn.

Momma Starr

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Healing Tips

I’m not as good at this as my Mama was; she knew what to do for whatever ailed you. Here are a few tips that can help.

Sweet oil applied to a painful area then covered with a warm cloth will help ease the pain.

Witch Hazel is the best acne solution you can use. My Mama always made us use it if we had a break out.

Sweet oil rubbed on the bottom of a babies feet helps relieve colic. I don’t know how this works but it does.

A loadstone held on any area where there is pain will pull the pain off. It is also good for removing cross conditions by pulling them off.

A red cotton string rub over the head when you have a head ache then tied in {9} knots will help relieve the headache. Bury it under the eve of the house on the back side.

Momma Starr

Hoodoo/ Conjure Is It Worth It?

I put that little website up in I think 2008, sometimes I think that was the biggest mistake I have ever made; trying to teach folks the right way to work within a Tradition that can help them live happy, prosperous lives. Earlier I said I wasn’t gonna hold back and I’m not. I have been asked at least a thousand times WHY I’m on AIRR. I have been attacked by folks who don’t even know me because of my association with Cat and AIRR; but I have stuck it out and stood by my decision to join AIRR. The concept of AIRR is a wonderful thing; but I’m getting side tracked.

To get to that I have to go back to 2008; sometime in 2008 I was teaching some classes at a local shop. The shop wasn’t doing real well and I told one of the girls who could do web work that we should put up a website. I have been making my own products for years. We would use my recipes for oils and such for the website. Sound really good right? WRONG! I think that she thought because I was so giving I’d just turn my recipes over to her. I realized this much later. I didn’t know how to set up a website and she didn’t know how to make Conjure products. So she was to put up the website and I would make the products for us to sell we would be equal partners.

Months went by and nothing happened. By this time I liked the idea of having a website somewhat. I couldn’t make up my mind. I was on the fence about it, but my children, Dr. LB and some of my other students kept hounding me about it until I decided to put it up. Why the hell did I do that; all hell broke loose. This ole girl went nuts. She tried to turn Cat against me by telling her I wanted to look in her course book to steal her information. We all know how Cat is about her work and such. I had a little website selling designer bags {which Cat knew about much to my surprise} so I just closed it and opened Old Style Conjure.

I was raised by a Mama who didn’t believe in running from a problem; you faced it head on. So I called Cat and talked to her about the situation. The best way to remedy the lies was for Cat to get to know me. Really get to know me. I took her course which I didn’t need but it is a requirement to join AIRR. I went to the Lucky Mojo the following May. I took Cats Jack Ball class which was great and I gave a class. There is a side of Cat that really touched my heart and I would never do anything to hurt her. I felt her spirit and I understand her. Will I bow down to her absolutely not; I walk my own road solo. I always have and I always will. I try to mind my own business until someone gets in my face. If you push me I will push back. So that’s how I got involved with Cat. I hope that answers everyone question on that front. Weather folks like it are not Cat holds the power to make or break most workers; because she MADE them. She didn’t make me; I don’t hide behind her or anyone else.

Now back to that little website that bothers so many people. I have had hell since I put that site up. That site has cost me more than it has made me but I want give up EVER. Knock me down but I’ll pull myself back up. That little site has been hacked so much I’m surprised it hasn't crashed for good. I have been through about {5} or {6} pc’s since I put up that site because I keep getting Trojans and viruses. The worst was {2} years ago I was working on the site and all this code just dropped down out of nowhere going crazy. After that the pc died. The next pc I bought got a Trojan on it that can’t be killed lol, it just keeps coming back. Not to long ago I couldn't go into a certian website. I could go all over the internet but I was unable to log in to a certian website I was locked out. I had to end up calling HP who in turn called my server who fixed the problem. “Wonder who that Hacker was?”

That’s not counting the death work that got sent to me because a young worker didn't know what to do with it after it was put together. The soldier’s spirit that was used kicked their ass. It did a job wreaking havoc over here too. I had to go to Mr. Robert for help to finally drive it away and clean up the mess it caused in my family. I didn't call this worker out or point fingers. I just cleaned up the mess and went on. I kept my mouth shut. Well that ain't happening no more.
That brings us to today; I had to call yahoo because my site was really messed up. They had to delete the whole site and put it back up. Someone called to check on me and they heard a lot of what was being said. {Cleaned up; sorry for the temper} Momma Starr

Walking On Eggshells

I am personally TIRED of walking on eggshells around the internet. I have always been mindful of what I say and how I treat folks. It has become more so since I joined AIRR. I have watched, seen many things, listened and tried to mind my own business. But in light of Eddies attack on my knowledge and my books aka self- published booklets; this will go on no longer. I refuse to sit back and have my elders and or myself insulted; I’m too much of a Southerner for that!

{ Once again sorry for the fit of temper}
I have not competed with others or shoved my knowledge in people’s faces. I have actually hurt myself business wise; but money ain’t everything! I pay for a website that does very little business because I don’t have a competitive spirit. I don’t CARE what Jack, Joe and Jill are doing but I want be insulted either. Mostly I’ve set on the back burner out of respect for Cat Yronwode. I don’t need or want to be top dog cause someone will always stab you in the back to get where you are.

{This was removed due to the advise of someone who has a cooler head than mine.}

 EDDIE! You attacked me without just cause so now you will have to deal with it. I don’t like you; I never have but I tried to show you respect because we both belong to AIRR; apparently that meant nothing to you. You just threw that shit right out the door. So my days of sitting on the back burner are over.

{Again I must say I'm sorry I lost my temper.}

Momma Starr

OSC Radio Show

The radio show for April 21st is canceled. We will do the show on the 28th of April. Sorry for the change of date but I think it is the wise thing to do. Momma Starr

Join us Saturday April 21 for the OSC radio show. Momma Starr

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graveyard Work

Graveyard work has become a little too popular with online hoodoo for the wrong reasons. Many folks are working with graveyard spirits they don't know.

What's even more problematic is that internet workers are teaching unjustified crossing work to everybody. Just look at the blogs, forums, and some of the websites out there. You'll see all kinds of information about how to call a dead spirit to confuse, hot foot, or mess somebody's life up.

These workers are quick to tell you how to goofer somebody but what if you goofer yourself? How do you remove a haunt that you called to ride someone that is now riding you? None of these workers talk about removing a haunt that you conjured but they are quick to pass information that could put you in a mess.

A lot of online workers will say take a bath and read psalm 51 but that's a bunch of crap. You have called a spirit into your life to work on someone. How do you know if that dead spirit will do the job? How do you know if that haunt won't cross you up?

Truth is you don't know the spirit or what it can do. If that spirit turns on you then you're screwed...I can tell you right now that a jacked up bath with psalm 51 ain't gonna pull a mad as hell spirit that you sent off you.

Now don't get me wrong. I do not have a problem with doing work in the graveyard. Working with your ancestors at their graves is some strong work. You know your ancestors and they know you. You have history with them.

I just think some parts of graveyard work are too stressed. People are making this work too spooky and exotic when really there is nothing spooky about spending time with your dead.

I am surprised that some folks would rather call up any spirit they don't know from jump street then talk to God and work with what they already have. Drlovebug

Healing Lamp

Healing Lamp©starr

Lamp oil
Personal Items

Rose Mary

Angelica Root
Master of the Woods

small cross
Add all your items, and pray into the lamp base;  then add the oil. Light the wick and turn it down, so it want smoke. Then say your prayer for what you need. I do this for nine days, then once a week after that.


I'm going through old writings to share and I came across some prayers  that have been shared with me. Times are hard so I thought this would be a good one to share. Momma Starr


Oh Mysterious Spirit that directs all the courses in my life, Descend unto my humble home, illuminate me through the confused secrets of the lottery, the prize that my heart will receive, observe my intentions that are pure and good hearted and are directed in a manner to do good and help me and all
human beings in general.

   I am not ambitious for riches, so that I can be egotistical and a show off, I only want the money to buy the peace of my heart, help the ones I love and to better the stock in myself.
Oh, Powerful Spirit, if you think that I should still pass many days on this earth suffering the inconveniences that destiny sets forth to me, Do what you will.: I resign myself to your wishes , but remember the good purposes I have in mind at his moment, and consider the necessity in which I find myself, and if it is written in the book of my destiny that my prayer will be heard, the vows which I have made sincerely will be satisfactorily attended to. Amen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I Teach

I didn’t want to fill Doc’s blog with this so I am posting it here. I teach the Traditional  way. If you are going to do Traditional Conjure you MUST include the Bible and the Trinity {God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit}. There is a lot of talk about Pagans and Witches stealing the information and turning it into something else. I personally haven’t seen that. Orion Foxwood and I did a Bible workshop last November at the Folk Magic Festival in NOLA.

The place was packed with Pagans and Witches who I think was just as nervous as I was about the workshop but wanted to see what it was all about. I think we all learned something. These folks were there to learn the right way to do Traditional work. I think everyone walked away from that workshop blessed and also with a new understanding of how powerful Gods word really is.

I call these folks my friends and my students. That is the whole point of the festival is to teach hands on work. I don’t think that Pagan folks have been turned off by God; they have been turned off by the close mindedness of the Churches and the folks in them. The folks that took that workshop were there to learn and they did.  The church is not God! God should be the church but it isn’t always like that. THE BIBLE IS GODS WORD! That is what should be worked with in Traditional Conjure.

There is someone on the blog who spent almost {5} hours here learning from me yesterday; maybe they will speak up.

Momma Starr

Beans: Make your Conjure sprout...

Beans are really good for prosperity work. They draw money and blessings. You can add them to a money bowl with a few items.

Momma Starr gives a special work in her candleburning book with beans. It's a money bowl with a special setup, prayers, and powerful curios for the job. For more information go to

Beans are also good for drawing out warts. Rub them on the affected area then throw them at a crossroads with some change.

They work like rice. They swell up and absorb. If you work with beans then your money will swell up.

I've seen folks online mention only Mojo beans for luck and success but truth is all beans bring good luck.

My favorites are Mojo beans (fava) and red beans. Black eyed peas are good too. There's a lot of work you can do with beans besides eating them. Drlovebug

Rice: Can I get some hoodoo with that?

Rice is good for protection and prosperity work. If you want to draw money into your home add a little rice to your mop water with some brown sugar, Dirt dauber nest, and a magnet.

You can also use rice in a spiritual bath for prosperity and success.

To protect your home from tricks sprinkle rice outside around your house. It will swell up. Whatever is being thrown at you will be soaked by the rice. Drlovebug

Words hold power!

There is no power like the spoken word. Even the Bible says God created the world and everything by his Word.

When God said "Let there be light, there was light." He created the heavens and stars by his Word.

You must be careful of the words you speak. You can either bless yourself or cross your own behind up by your words and thoughts. Whatever you speak will bring forth life or death.

What this means is that we can build up or tear down. Our words carry weight for the better or worse. What you say and do has an effect on you and others.

Traditional conjure workers know this which is why they are very selective of what they say. Old workers never go around spouting off with the mouth.

Instead they sit there and listen to everything you say. They can read you because your words come from the heart which is tied to your Spirit.

Words can be strongholds so when you have let people knock you down with words cleanse yourself and move on.

If you tear your own self down say something constructive. You must not limit yourself. Drlovebug

Roots in Conjure

The root is the most powerful part of Conjure. The root is where you find Spirit.

When you put your roots into a work you are not throwing a bunch of ingredients together.

Each root, item, or ingredient will add power to your job so that it is successful. Talk to your roots, herbs, and ingredients when doing your work.

Hold them to your mouth and state your petition. If you hold the roots in your hand and pray long enough you'll feel the power in those items. Drlovebug

Give Thanks for your Days

Every day when I get up I always give my day to God.

If you give your days to God then they'll be easier to handle. All you have to do is pray from your heart.

I start my prayer like this: "Father God I thank you for the new lease on life you've given me. I give this day with all my troubles to you. Give me the means to prosper today and all my days on Earth. Amen."

See that was simple. Prayer is the most powerful offering you can make to Spirit. You'll notice a difference when you let Spirit handle your days. Drlovebug

Caring for Spirit

If you are going to work with Spirit then you need to take of Spirit.

I was taught to always care for your Spirits even when you don't make petitions. I learned that my elders were right. I always honor my spirits and feed them even when I don't need anything. This strengthens my bond with them.

It also makes your work stronger. When you provide for your spirits they'll work harder when you need their help. It also means less work you have to do. When my spirits are tended to I've noticed that everything runs smoother but if I forget or slip up then things start to get out of line.

Nobody's perfect. Sometimes you get busy or things come up but make Spirit your top priority. If you forget to light a candle to your ancestors and give them their cup of coffee then get up and do it. Please make sure you apologize.

When you make a commitment to Spirit honor it and stick to that commitment. I always make sure to honor all my Spirits once a week. I give them their offerings and thank them for my blessings.

This is how conjure workers build up their power. Some workers only give to Spirit when they want something. Others might say don't spoil your spirits or they'll get lazy.

I can't say if these workers are right or wrong because all our experiences are different. I can only speak for me. In my experience I've seen doors open in my life and blessings unfold because Spirit takes care of me.

By caring for Spirit you are investing in your spirit...Drlovebug

OldStyleConjure Radio

Date: Saturday 04/21/2012
Time: 9pm Central

Tune into the OldStyleConjure Radio show where Momma Starr and her cohost Drlovebug discuss down home conjure work.

Work will be given to help ease some of the troubles of your world.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reversible and Double Action Candles

Today I'm making reversible candles. These candles are easy to make. Double Action candles and Reversible candles basically work the same way. They are used to reverse a crossed condition or to change your bad luck to good. If someone has crossed you up, it will remove the cross condition and return it to the sender.

Reversible candles are one color inside and usually BLACK on the outside.  They are made by dipping a white, blue, red, green, or purple candle into BLACK wax until its coated well; here’s an example, if you are having money problems. You dip a green candle into black wax. While you are dipping the candle you need to pray that the crossed condition will be reversed. Also that if someone has jinxed you, the bad luck is returned to them.

Double Action Candles are also burned to send back crossed conditions to the one who sent it to you or to reverse your bad luck. These candles are black on one end and the color pertaining to the job on the other end.

Here’s an example, if you are having problems with your love life and if you feel someone has crossed, you need a red/black double action candle. Before you burn the candle you need to wipe yourself off with the candle, while praying that the crossed condition be reversed. Don’t feed this type of candle with any type of spiritual oil. Let what is being pulled off of you feed the candle.

Conjure Waters

There are many different waters worked with in Conjure Work

 Holy Water from a church

 Spring Water

 River Water

Storm Water

Lightening Water

Creek Water

 Rain Water

 Ocean Water

Cologne (Hoyt's Cologne)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Working With Eggs

Working With Eggs ©Starr
There are many ways you can use eggs. They can be used to cleanse or to jinx, cross and hex with. it all depends on the work you are doing. I am going to give a few examples on how to use them. As always this is just a guide; you find what works for you.
[ This was in 2003 I met an elderly spanish lady last week when I went to her shop, we got to talking about the type of work we each do. The egg cleansing came up. She told me that when she treats people in a cleansing that she writes thier name on the egg, dresses it with oil and rolls it either in soda or salt. Then she passes it over the whole body while praying. She didn't tell me what prayer she says. This makes sense to me. I'm going to try it the next time I do a cleansing. She also told me that if someone is gossiping about you; you can write thier name on the egg, draw a mouth on it put an X over the mouth to shut it, dress it with oil and roll it in red pepper. Everytime they say your name thier mouth will burn and they will stop talking about you.]
Now you can place an egg in your bath water to cleanse yourself. I use this when I feel edgy and out of sorts. It really works by the time you finish the bath you feel a lot better.
An egg left in a glass of water for 9 days under your bed will remove any negative energies you may have attached to you.
If there is a lot of arguing going on in the house place an egg in the corner of the bed room it will stop.
Momma Starr

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Nine Tuesdays of Saint Martha

Saint Martha is one of my favorite saints. She can be called upon for any real need you have; but today we will see her as Saint Martha the Dominator. She can and will help in any situation where you are trying to control something or someone.Then every Tuesday you will light a candle for her for nine Tuesday saying your petition. Now to the Prayer. Momma Starr

The Nine Tuesdays of Saint Martha

Holy Martha, I surrender to your guidance and protection,

honoring your wishes.

To provide my act of contrition and actions of grace I shall

offer this light in your honor every Tuesday. (Now light the candle)

 Console me in my sorrows. Bring happiness to my home in the name

of our Holy Savior, Jesus Christ. Provide me and all my family with our daily needs.

 I implore you with your infinite mercy to grant the great favor I ask. (make petition)

 Today I ask you, as you dominated the Dragon at your feet, defeat all my enemies. Amen


Conjure Protection Packet ©Starr

Conjure Protection Packet ©Starr
Here is a recipe for a "Packet" that will protect you from being conjured.

 Saltpeter - 1 pinch

Angelica - 1 pinch

Master of the Woods - 3 pinches

Salt - 1 pinch

Sugar - 1 pinch

The heads of 3 wooden matches

{As you add a pinch of each say}

"In the name of God the Father, Name of God the Son, Name of God the Holy Ghost"

Conjure Collecting Dirt

Gathering dirt from different locations to use in your Conjure work is “Traditional Conjure”. Now a days all you hear folks talk about is “graveyard dirt” but many other types of dirt are used in Old Style Conjure. I work a lot with dirt in my work I love it, you can mix it with powders and it changes the power of the powder. Below are some examples so you can get an idea of where to gather the dirt and how to use it. Momma Starr

Dirt or dust from a

Bank= Money

Court House, Jail, Police Station = law stay away; draw the law; justice work, Court Case work.

Railroad Tracks, Bus Station, Airport= send away or bring them back

A church= Blessings

A Hospital= Healings

A Rich man’s house= Prosperity, Success

{4} Coners of the Crossroads= any type of work

Friday, April 13, 2012


For years and years I have been preaching to folks about the effects of using Hotfoot powder. Folks just don’t listen; this stuff is dangerous and especially mine! My powder is NOT just colored powder. I have had in house clients Hotfoot themselves then I got an e-mail yesterday about the powder I sold someone. I ask to be able to share it here on the blog because it is important folks understand that Conjure work may seem simple but it is dangerous. Luckily his situation turned out for the best but that doesn’t always happen.

This is the first e-mail I got from him

“Hello Mama Starr,

I hope you are doing well! A few years ago I bought the 3 books you had up, the domination controlling and commanding, your money book. and your dollie book. I go to your page all the time, and always suggest people buy stuff from you and tell them you are the real deal. I want you to know you changed my life, and I am happy for it. I bought hotfoot powder from you as well hexed myself as well as my target, we were both gone out of the home in under a week (it all was all for the best my life is amazing now and I’m happy).

My family has always practiced magic but my grandpa doesn’t like to teach, he always said its dangerous to learn from people cause they might not teach you all the way assuming you already know, and you should learn from the spirits instead. Now my grandpa and mom have taught me things now and then, but mostly I learned on my own from success and mistakes and spirits. But I want you to know that I have learned so much from you, just from those books I have, I use them all the time and my life is better off for it. I would love it if I lived close and could get hands on training but I live in Virginia, I hope to take the phone classes you have at some time!
My grandpa is getting on in age and won’t be around to much longer I was worried that because he won’t teach the tradition would be forgotten. I just want to thank you for keeping real magic alive in the world. I’m sorry for rambling so much this email was just to ask you about the book but I just wanted to thank you and just kept going! Have a good weekend Mamma Starr! J’

Then when he gave me permission to post this he explained the situation. As you can see he was lucky most folks aren’t that lucky. Hotfoot is not to be played around with.

“Good morning Mamma Starr!

Yes  it would be fine to post my email! I feel it is very important for people understand that you can curse yourself. I have talked with many people online about this who couldn’t possibly know less, and tell people that it will only affect the person who you intend it to affect, and who get very upset with me for telling someone to cleanse and protect immediately before and after you do any kind of work, especially harsh work! They have accused me publicly of just being an amateur and not knowing what I was talking about despite having been raised in magic. I tried to explain I learned this from my own mistakes, and how you even teach that the first thing you do before any work is cleanse. I suggest a cleansing and a prayer or something for protection before the work and then a stronger cleanse and protection after. They say I am just paranoid and it is from a lack of experience.

Well let me tell you about this hotfooting myself. My ex’s sister moved in with us, she was only going to stay for 2 weeks until she found a new place. She ended up staying for 4 years and destroyed our relationship. Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore. I get the hotfoot from you, I got it and used it how the spirit led me, I used it as a sprinkle and threw it everywhere, anything that it could go on it did, and I walked through it even! I also used it as a wash on her walls. I was furious and wasn’t thinking clear to do things how they should have been done. I didn’t cleanse or protect before or after. After a few days I did do something for protection but it was too late, and to be honest I thought I was too much of a bad ass (excuse me for cussing), to be affected by it. Boy was I ever wrong! After I did it everything in the house went pretty quiet. No one was fighting like normal, everyone was just kind of silent. Well a few days went by and my ex told me out of the blue to pick to leave my best friend of 15 years who was more like a brother to me or stay. I left that night nothing of mine was even left in the house. We were together for over 7 years.  My ex’s sister disappeared the very next day, I found out she moved to another state with a friend. All of this happened in under 7 days’ time. My life is amazing now though, I am happy, in the best relationship I have ever been in, and we are coming up on a year together next month. I truly want to thank you for the wonderful places your teachings have helped me take my life to! I want to attest to the power and seriousness of this all, don’t take it lightly, It can make your life amazing or throw you into a mess of chaos.

I don’t want people to end up messing up someone’s life they don’t intend to (or their own!).
I have plenty of experiences from your books, I have helped many people (including myself!) with the knowledge I have gotten from them. Once again I cannot thank you enough I hope you continue, and I wish you all the best! I have just recently learned about your blog and I am going through it over and over!
Feel free to post this too just don’t post my email address or phone number please :P

Thank you Mamma Starr for everything you have done for my life through your writings!  I am much happier because of your teachings. I hope you are enjoying your day, J”
If you need to hotfoot someone then get help from someone who knows what they are doing. Momma Starr


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Learn Conjure for Free

Learn Conjure for Free

I woke up this morning at 3:33 exactly {I know because I looked at the clock the minute I opened my eyes} thinking about a post Doc made on his blog.
TheHoodoo Truth: Cutting Back On Hoodoo Blog Entries

Two things about that post bothered me when I read it; one was Doc said he wasn’t gonna post anymore or for a while; the second was about charging for teaching. That’s what woke me up out of a dead sleep {charging for teaching}. It bothered me to think that I was charging for something that I had gotten freely. So I started thinking about some of the folks in my life who have influenced me where this work is concerned.

So I started with my cousin’s aunt who taught the both of us to read cards one summer, who influenced my own card reading kit with her teachings all those many years ago. We didn’t pay her in cash for teaching us she was paid in {free labor} we striped wall paper and helped her repaper and paint every room in her house that summer. No freebie there!

My son’s Godfather who first taught me about cleansings; he had what use to be called a “chuck wagon” he brought hot meals to all the plants and sold them. I helped cook, chop, dice and deliver many of times and helped with all the clean-up at least 3 or 4 times a week. No freebies there!

Honey God bless her soul. Trips to Georgia once a year. That I paid for helping her with the garden, cleaning, painting, buying groceries before I left to come home. No freebies there!

MiMi God bless her soul had a small ceramic shop. I worked my ass off pouring molds and cleaning greenware and such. There was defiantly no freebies there.

Ms. Gracie all it has cost me is some groceries once in a while and a phone call once a week.

Mr. Robert my company and hot chicken from the chicken place.

The list can go on but the point I had to make to MYSELF was “I didn’t pay with cash but hard labor = cash as far as I am concerned”. It’s not like it was back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80,s when you could trust folks; times have really changed and that is sad. I thank you Doc for writing that blog; it made me think of the good times I had with MiMi who would work your behind off, but I loved her dearly and Honey who was tough but just as sweet. Momma Starr

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Ok folks for as long as I have been linked with AIRR folks have assumed I work for Lucky Mojo or I am a part of Cat’s business. To be truthful it’s getting a little old. I DO NOT work for Cat or the Lucky Mojo (not that I wouldn’t mind if I lived closer). The word “Independent” in Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers means “you work on your own”. You are an independent “self-employed” worker. AIRR is a group of workers who belong to the same Association. This does NOT mean I KNOW everyone who is on AIRR or have any control over what they do or don’t do.

Each associate on AIRR runs their OWN INDEPENDENT business. They are responsible for their actions! You can’t throw everyone on AIRR in the mix if you have an issue with one of the workers. If this happens then contact Ms. Bri. I hope everyone who reads this understands; my only link to the Lucky Mojo is that I belong to an association that is governed by MISC MISSIONARY INDEPENDENT SPIRITUAL CHURCH. The MISC church board is over AIRR. I hope this clears up some of the misunderstanding.

{I have something else I want to add.} I have always been a lone wolf so to say. I follow my own road. I have and will always be blunt, out spoken and I am my OWN boss! No one dictates to me, I decide what I will and will not do. I have never followed anyone in my life nor will I start now. I try to mind my own business and keep my nose out of others unless they pull me in it. I am here to do a job and that is to help the folks that come to me for help. I don't give a damn what Jack, Jill, or Jo Bob has or don't have. I just want to do my own thing; which is teach and help the folks who come to me for help.

Momma Starr

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoodoo is More than the Product..

As more information spreads on the Internet about Hoodoo more and more people are taking on the role of workers.

In many ways this could be a great thing because one worker cannot help everybody however as more people take on the role as hoodoo doctor especially after finishing your studies online there are some things to be remembered:

(1) Hoodoo is more than a bunch of spiritual products you learn about online.

Yes the products are very important and have their place in this work if they are made right and prayed right. I'm not dogging spiritual products. I make and sell my own spiritual products but what I am saying is that there's a lot more to Conjure work than oils and formulas. People focus too much on the right formula or oil recipe that it takes away from the true spirit of Conjure work.

(2) Hoodoo aint a bunch of mojos and gree grees that you throw together.

This is another big problem in Conjure. Some folks think that if they know how to put together a mojo hand or a gree gree then they can open shop as a hoodoo worker. Well I'm sorry folks but just because you put together a few hands that work really well doesn't make you a conjure worker. That's all people know which is mojo hands. I've seen folks online recommend mojo hands for any and all situations. Well some situations require more than a conjure hand. There are always other steps to take.

(3) A Hoodoo worker knows more than burning candles.

In some ways I think candles are pushed too much in online hoodoo. Don't get me wrong. I love burning candles especially vigil lights but I have seen amazing results in my work without burning a single candle. All you need sometimes is an heartfelt prayer to God and an open mind. So what if you know how to prepare a few lights? There's more to the work than lighting it up.

(4) Honey jars, Honey jars, and more Honey jars. Oh lord give me a break!

Oh yes every worker online knows how to use a honey jar but the problem is there are a bunch of other works you can do using sugar, syrups, and everything else. There's more real hoodoo to be found in the everyday world than through a honey jar. Besides you can't sweeten everybody with honey. Some folks needs their ass whipped and manhandled in something stronger than just throwing a small piece of namepaper in a jar of honey.

(5) Spiritual Baths for cleansing.

Baths are overstated in conjure work. Yes they are good but sometimes you don't have time to take a bath or just can't for whatever reason. I prefer a quick sweep over myself with a conjure broom than taking a spiritual bath. Regardless of how I cleanse I always pray and call on God. A thorough cleansing can be done with only a few prayers and some Scripture. Don't limit yourself to just baths. They're only icing on the cake.

These are just some of the things people need to pay attention. Let me ask you something. If you didn't have any formulas, honey jars, candles, and none of the famous "tools of the trade" can you still do conjure work? It's still possible! I'm not discounting the use of these tools but if you are doing hoodoo then realize there's more to the work than the "toys."

Hoodoo is more than the product. If you get stuck in the implements of the trade then you're just about as good as the products. Drlovebug

Monday, April 9, 2012

Demons (WTF!!!)

A dangerous trend I have noticed lately is that more and more workers online are talking about working with demons. These spirits have become as popular as the Intranquil Spirit it seems.

Most of these hoodoo workers practice ceremonial magick so they're in effect combining the two. This is due to some confusion about magical seals. There's a story being told online that as conjure workers ordered their products through the mail they bought books with magical seals and ceremonial work from these same "marketeers." That is the proposed origin of these infernal and demonic spirits in conjure.

Well I'll tell you that story is true but only partially. Yes the magical seals are used in some conjure practices BUT they are not worked the same as in ceremonial magic. Most down-home conjure workers don't go around summoning demons. There are a lot easier and more effective ways to get a job done without conjuring some demonic spirit you don't know that you read out of an old book. True conjure workers don't go around casting circles and calling up you don't know what. It ain't hoodoo.

Demons and those kind of spirits are very dangerous to work with. This is not something that people should just grab and run with because you might cross yourself up with no way out.

That kind of stuff is from Crowley, ceremonial, and high magick which has no place in hoodoo or conjure work. I don't care what the online sources are saying. Some people might disagree with me on this. They'll use the story I mentioned above as proof but where does the story come from? ONLINE. Where did they learn this? On the Internet! Need I say more?

I'm pretty sure there are probably a few real workers out there in the world that has done this kind of stuff with demons and whatnot but we'll NEVER KNOW because they would never talk about it...ever! It would never come up in a conversation. However when you look on the Internet at what folks are saying about these spirits it's a whole different story. A far cry from reality don't you think. Drlovebug

Conjure Craft

There is no such thing as Conjure Craft. Hoodoo works with God, the Bible, Ancestors, and the saints. That's it!

There are no demons, gods, goddesses, deities, or anything similar in Conjure work.

Some practitioners are blending hoodoo with wicca and other pagan practices but what they are doing is not Hoodoo. It's a mish mash.

I first saw the term Conjure Craft at the website of a well known pagan publisher where someone used the word. I could be wrong but I think she coined the term. Whoever started it doesn't matter but it is important to remember that paganism has nothing to do with Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork.

I'm not against Pagans or their practices. I'm not here to judge pagans and what they do but we have to be honest with ourselves and each other about what is what.

There's Conjure work and then there's paganism. Keep the two separate. Just like Hoodoo isn't another form of Santeria or ATR; it is not American paganism or pagan magick of any sort either. Drlovebug

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Conjure Con

Greetings Friends of Conjure Crossroads!

 If you haven't already heard Conjure Crossroads has created an event similar to our Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans. It is called Conjure Con and is taking place at Serpent's Kiss Magic shop in the beautiful beach community of Santa Cruz California.
The space, although way cool and full of character, is smaller than our New Orleans one so we expect to book up rather quickly.

 We are offering goodie bags with hand crafted items from the Conjure Crossroads presenters to the first 15 people to register for both days before the end of the month (If you already registered for both days you will be receiving one)
The workshops are a bit more interactive (for instance, Starr will be doing a Cleansing workshop at the Ocean) and we have a special guest speaker, Cat Yronwode of Lucky Mojo notoriety, who will be teaching us how to read the bones.

Please check out the website for a full list of all of the workshops.

 Soon, Wulfie will be posting some local photos of Santa Cruz, so you can get a feel for our beautiful community. There are fabulous places to eat, drink, and play. There is a boardwalk with full amusement park that features one of the oldest wooden roller coasters, there is a wharf complete with barking sea lions & restaurants, and of course plenty of beach, big redwood trees, and fabulous shopping!!

The event is peak season for Santa Cruz, so if you are planning to stay at a hotel, book early. We have several suggestions on the website.
Please join us, we really look forward to playing with you all again!

-Conjure Crossroads

Hope to see you there! Momma Starr

Hoodoo Fixing A Gator Claw

The best use for an Alligator Claw is in a Money Drawing packet. You need to soak the claw in a whiskey herbal mix so it will become soft. Once it is soft bottle up your whiskey and use the whiskey to feed your packet with. You can add, bayberry (for Money), 5 finger grass(to grab the money), Solomon Seal root(to have the wisdom to deal with money the right way), Master of the woods(to draw and to make you your own master over your money) and a large magnet (to pull it in). It can take a while for the claw to soften but its ok because you have already got the work started.

Place a Mercury dime in the center of the claw and close the fingers around the dime. Use red cotton thread to hold the fingers down; once this is done you can start wrapping the hand with red thread. Tie the packet off with three knots. You can burn tea lights right on top of the packet. Pray and petition over your packet at least once a week. Ask the spirit of the gator to help grab your money and to hold it. You can carry it, hang it beside your front door, or place it in your business to draw money. Just remember to feed it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


If you think you have been Hoodood then you can dress the crown of your head, hands and the bottom of your feet with Blessed Olive oil. Then you pray the Lord’s Prayer. Then pray James 4 V 1-5 and James 5 V 1-6. Do this when the hands are going downward on the clock. This will return the conjure back on the person who placed it on you.


Some of the ole folks say that if you feel like you are Hoodooed you can read the scriptures while going over water and the water will soak up the condition. Here are some of the scriptures that can be prayed. Psalm 15, Isaiah 43, and John 5.  

Healing Doll©Starr

Things Needed:

Clay doll



Blessed Olive Oil

White cloth

2 white candles

Zodiac candle (in the color of the person being healed).

Personal Items

Herbs, Rue, Master of the woods, calamus(a pinch of each)

Construct your doll; remember to add your personal items and herbs. Once you have the doll finished, get your zodiac candle and write the person to be healed name on it; then dress it with blessed olive oil then roll it in the herbs. Next get your pen and paper and write the persons name on it and what the problem is. Dress the paper with the blessed oil and add a bit of herbs on the paper and fold the paper in half. Now take the 2 white candles and write the word healing on them; then dress them with the blessed oil. While you are doing all this make sure you are praying. Once you have everything put together go back and pray over it and pray your petition. Once this is done place your things on your altar (like this). One white candle on either side of the zodiac candle; place your name paper under the zodiac candle. Place your doll in front of the zodiac candle on the white cloth. Now put a little blessed oil on your palms and rub your palms together. Then hold your palms over the doll and pray for the person to be healed. Don’t rush this, take your time. Let the candles burn themselves out. Repeat the candles for three, or nine days. Then wrap the doll in the white cloth and put it in a safe place. Once the person is well bury the doll and name paper under a tree, so the earth can soak up the illness.

Tying Knots© Starr

You would be surprised as to what a small piece of thread, ribbon or shoe lace can do. This is pure Hoodoo. This is truly old Conjure. Knots can be used for many different reasons. You can tie two people together, tie someone's money up, tie up a man's nature as they say in Hoodoo; Tie up a person who is causing you trouble, the list goes on. This was taught to me by my son's Godfather, I guess I was around 20 or 21 at the time. He taught me how to tie up a person who was giving me a lot of trouble and trying to work witchcraft on me. I have experimented using knots since then and have used what worked over and over. We will talk about this first. 

To stop someone who is bothering you; you need some type of thread or ribbon.  Cut it long enough so you can tie nine knots in it;  If you can get some personal item of theirs that would be great; hair, sperm, or a use piece of cloth from the crouch of their under wear work best. If not don't fret, you can still work on them. Write their name 9 times on a piece of brown paper bag( tear the paper NEVER cut it, scissors cut magic). Then make a big black X across each name, stating that they are now unable to cause you problem's or bother you any more. Be forceful with your statement. Fold the paper AWAY from you, until you have it in a small packet. Put a few drops of confusion oil on the paper stating that you want them to leave you alone. Now place your paper in the center of your thread, Call their name three times, and tie the first knot, pull it tight and make your statement. It is important that you use a FORCEFUL voice while doing this. Do this on every knot. Once you have it done either place it between 2 small mirrors or put it in a dark place and leave it there.

Ok now if you have a spouse who is out of control here's one you can use. I have only had women use this so far. I don't know if it will work the same if a man tried to use it on women. You need sperm for this one (I'll leave how you gather it up to you). Just make sure it is not mixed with your body fluids. Now you have your sperm soak a piece of red ribbon in it. Let it dry. Call the person name three times and tie the knot praying your petition. Be forceful. Make nine knots. Put this in a safe place, when you need to use it take it out and call their name and tell them what you want them to do. This is one I can promise you will work. It has never failed yet, I have given it to many clients to use. It even works on men who drink a lot; it just takes a bit more working.

To Win A Court Case©Starr

Things Needed:

White Altar Cloth


Blue (to win the court case)

Orange (for success)

Zodiac candle (this candle will be in the color of your birth sign)

Paper and pen

Saint Expedite Novena

Psalms 93

Photo of person you are up against (if you have one)

Papers concerning the case

Glass of water (Change the water once a week)

Sweet smelling incense (burn daily while praying)

3 pennies and a piece of candy

Before you start this say the Lords prayer three times and ask the Lord for his help.

Lucky Hand Packet

Piece of red flannel (or red material)


Master of the Woods



Personal items

Cut a small piece of material and add the herbs, make a name paper with the person you are against name written 9 times and your name over theirs 9 times. Then add it to the herbs; you can also add some of your hair and nail clippings. Once everything is added sew it up into a little packet you can carry on you. KEEP IT ON YOU AT ALL TIMES!

Set up your altar. Place the blue candle, then your zodiac candle, last the Orange candle. Under the blue candle place the papers concerning the court hearing. Under your candle place your name paper and what you want to happen written on it.

Take the photo and place it upside down; facing the wall.

Now light your candles; and call on saint Expedite using his novena. At the end of the novena give the 3 pennies and the candy to saint Expedite as an offering. Tell him they are your offering to him for his speedy help with this problem.

Say the psalms 93; three times a day at 12 pm (noon), 3 pm and 9 pm until the case is over. Continue to burn your candles.