Monday, April 2, 2012

Devil Candles

I just did a post on Run Devil Run that you'll find here...This is a continuation of Run Devil Run work but with a little icing on the cake. There's always more than one way to do a trick.

Did you know that Devil candles are really good for protection work? You can work with a Devil figure candle to undo someone's attempt to harm you and send that mess right on back. Devil candles work double duty because they destroy any work or efforts to pin you down and if done right you can cross your enemies up with their own work. This not only applies to work thrown at you but anyone in general who is trying to stop you from doing something.

You can either buy these candles if you know where to find them or make them yourself. I'll be honest. I've never bought a Devil candle before but I have definitely made my own. They don't have to be pretty or fancy. What's important is the prayer that goes into the work and what you actually do with it.

Once you have your Devil candle write "All my enemies known & unknown" and cleanse yourself from head to toe with the candle. Light the candle on the altar and let Spirit handle the rest.

There are different colors for the Devil candle. Each one is used for specific situations but I won't go into that. White is good for cleansing and justice in general and black works well for reversal and to undo what's already been done. Drlovebug

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