Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moth Balls

Moth balls are an old trick that will protect you from being thrown. They keep away snakes whether animals or hidden enemies trying to knock you down.

All you have to do is pray over them then lay the mothballs inside your home and around the property. Ask God to place protection around you and your loved ones.

They work because moth balls eat any work thrown at you. If someone is working hard against you the works will lose their touch.

A powerful trick to send devils running is to place a *bloodline* around your property while sprinkling the moth balls. I've seen this work against demons and muertos sent to cause trouble. With the bloodline added these nasty spirits canNOT cross your threshold.

I'll talk more about the bloodline in the next post...



  1. Dang it, Dr. Lovebug! You read my mind. I was fixing to write a blog on this. LOL

    You can also use mothballs to repel folks you don't want around.

  2. That is if smelling like an old persons closet doesn't first lol, I hate the smell of moth balls!!

  3. @DocConjure: Maybe that's why moth balls has been on my mind so much...LOL. I dont see why you can't blog about how to use moth balls to get rid of folks. I'm sure lots of folks want to hear about it.

    @LM Tea: I think moth balls have a nice smell but that's not meant for the inside of your house! Lol

    1. :) for real though thanks for this tip!! Ugh my husbands grandma used them in her storage room upstairs...yikes is what I said after coughing lol!!