Friday, April 20, 2012

Conjure Water

Last night when I was taking my cleansing bath I got to thinking about the water while I watched it run downward. When I was a young at least once a year the church would go down to the creek. Everyone would stand in the water’s edge and of course there were baptisms, then the preacher would bless everyone in the water. I think that sometimes we don’t think about how powerful water really is.

When were parched it soothes us, after a hard day’s work it refreshes us, when our feet hurt a good soak with some salts makes us feel like heaven. This year when I go to Santa Cruz for theConjure Con I’ll be doing a cleansing at the water. Although it’s not a creek the effect will be the same. There’s nothing like standing in nice cool water and just letting it flow over your feet and ankles.

Foot Soak

For tired ache feet you can get a pan of warm water and add about {3} caps of Dr. Tichenor's and some Epson salts to it. This makes a cool soothing foot soak.

Dr. Tichenor’s is also good for any type of fungus; like athlete’s feet. Just don’t be heavy handed with it cause it will burn.

Momma Starr

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