Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tying Knots© Starr

You would be surprised as to what a small piece of thread, ribbon or shoe lace can do. This is pure Hoodoo. This is truly old Conjure. Knots can be used for many different reasons. You can tie two people together, tie someone's money up, tie up a man's nature as they say in Hoodoo; Tie up a person who is causing you trouble, the list goes on. This was taught to me by my son's Godfather, I guess I was around 20 or 21 at the time. He taught me how to tie up a person who was giving me a lot of trouble and trying to work witchcraft on me. I have experimented using knots since then and have used what worked over and over. We will talk about this first. 

To stop someone who is bothering you; you need some type of thread or ribbon.  Cut it long enough so you can tie nine knots in it;  If you can get some personal item of theirs that would be great; hair, sperm, or a use piece of cloth from the crouch of their under wear work best. If not don't fret, you can still work on them. Write their name 9 times on a piece of brown paper bag( tear the paper NEVER cut it, scissors cut magic). Then make a big black X across each name, stating that they are now unable to cause you problem's or bother you any more. Be forceful with your statement. Fold the paper AWAY from you, until you have it in a small packet. Put a few drops of confusion oil on the paper stating that you want them to leave you alone. Now place your paper in the center of your thread, Call their name three times, and tie the first knot, pull it tight and make your statement. It is important that you use a FORCEFUL voice while doing this. Do this on every knot. Once you have it done either place it between 2 small mirrors or put it in a dark place and leave it there.

Ok now if you have a spouse who is out of control here's one you can use. I have only had women use this so far. I don't know if it will work the same if a man tried to use it on women. You need sperm for this one (I'll leave how you gather it up to you). Just make sure it is not mixed with your body fluids. Now you have your sperm soak a piece of red ribbon in it. Let it dry. Call the person name three times and tie the knot praying your petition. Be forceful. Make nine knots. Put this in a safe place, when you need to use it take it out and call their name and tell them what you want them to do. This is one I can promise you will work. It has never failed yet, I have given it to many clients to use. It even works on men who drink a lot; it just takes a bit more working.

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  1. Hello i did the tying up my man, an put it in my mojo bag only thing i didnt tie nine times about 5/6 an he seems to be resisting is that ok?