Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Momma Starr's Conjure Tid bits

To cleanse yourself with an egg say the Lords prayer, while starting at the top of your head making small crosses; follow the same path as explained with the oil. Make sure to do the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Break the egg in a glass of water, take a piece of straw out of your broom and place a cross in the glass. {This will lock down anything removed} Leave the egg in the water for 24 hours then throw it either to the West or in the Crossroads.

You can also draw fever out this way. But remember DON”T go up and down. Work in a downward movement.

Anytime you want to remove something from you it is very important that you remember to work away from your body.

You can also use a Wisk broom (the kind you sweep with) add a couple of drops of Holy water to the broom and in a downward motion wisk your troubles away.

Oak leaves, salt, and bay leaves in a small container behind all doors entering the house will kept the nasties out of the house. You need to change it once a month. You only need to put one tsp salt and one leave each. I use small lids as containers.

Lemon halves can also be use to soak up negative energies and they smell good too. If I use lemons I change them every 3 days.

Red pepper sprinkled under the door mats also keeps unwanted energies out of your house. If someone comes to your house and you don’t want them to come back throw red pepper behind them and tell them not to return and they want come back. My mama use dirt from around the oak tree, black pepper and ashes for this. She would write the persons name on a paper and then burn the paper to ashes; and use it as a sprinkle. The Oak is a very strong tree and makes strong conjure. I personally like red pepper; no fuss no muss, just gone lol.

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