Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caring for Spirit

If you are going to work with Spirit then you need to take of Spirit.

I was taught to always care for your Spirits even when you don't make petitions. I learned that my elders were right. I always honor my spirits and feed them even when I don't need anything. This strengthens my bond with them.

It also makes your work stronger. When you provide for your spirits they'll work harder when you need their help. It also means less work you have to do. When my spirits are tended to I've noticed that everything runs smoother but if I forget or slip up then things start to get out of line.

Nobody's perfect. Sometimes you get busy or things come up but make Spirit your top priority. If you forget to light a candle to your ancestors and give them their cup of coffee then get up and do it. Please make sure you apologize.

When you make a commitment to Spirit honor it and stick to that commitment. I always make sure to honor all my Spirits once a week. I give them their offerings and thank them for my blessings.

This is how conjure workers build up their power. Some workers only give to Spirit when they want something. Others might say don't spoil your spirits or they'll get lazy.

I can't say if these workers are right or wrong because all our experiences are different. I can only speak for me. In my experience I've seen doors open in my life and blessings unfold because Spirit takes care of me.

By caring for Spirit you are investing in your spirit...Drlovebug

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