Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Nine Tuesdays of Saint Martha

Saint Martha is one of my favorite saints. She can be called upon for any real need you have; but today we will see her as Saint Martha the Dominator. She can and will help in any situation where you are trying to control something or someone.Then every Tuesday you will light a candle for her for nine Tuesday saying your petition. Now to the Prayer. Momma Starr

The Nine Tuesdays of Saint Martha

Holy Martha, I surrender to your guidance and protection,

honoring your wishes.

To provide my act of contrition and actions of grace I shall

offer this light in your honor every Tuesday. (Now light the candle)

 Console me in my sorrows. Bring happiness to my home in the name

of our Holy Savior, Jesus Christ. Provide me and all my family with our daily needs.

 I implore you with your infinite mercy to grant the great favor I ask. (make petition)

 Today I ask you, as you dominated the Dragon at your feet, defeat all my enemies. Amen


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  1. Please people I just want to remind folks not to disrespect Saint Martha or any spirit for that matter.

    St. Martha is really tough and will kick ass. If she feels abused or taken advantage of she will wipe you out. This is really important to remember.

    She is one of the best saints to work with in my humble opinion. Drlovebug