Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoodoo Fixing A Gator Claw

The best use for an Alligator Claw is in a Money Drawing packet. You need to soak the claw in a whiskey herbal mix so it will become soft. Once it is soft bottle up your whiskey and use the whiskey to feed your packet with. You can add, bayberry (for Money), 5 finger grass(to grab the money), Solomon Seal root(to have the wisdom to deal with money the right way), Master of the woods(to draw and to make you your own master over your money) and a large magnet (to pull it in). It can take a while for the claw to soften but its ok because you have already got the work started.

Place a Mercury dime in the center of the claw and close the fingers around the dime. Use red cotton thread to hold the fingers down; once this is done you can start wrapping the hand with red thread. Tie the packet off with three knots. You can burn tea lights right on top of the packet. Pray and petition over your packet at least once a week. Ask the spirit of the gator to help grab your money and to hold it. You can carry it, hang it beside your front door, or place it in your business to draw money. Just remember to feed it!

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