Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graveyard Work

Graveyard work has become a little too popular with online hoodoo for the wrong reasons. Many folks are working with graveyard spirits they don't know.

What's even more problematic is that internet workers are teaching unjustified crossing work to everybody. Just look at the blogs, forums, and some of the websites out there. You'll see all kinds of information about how to call a dead spirit to confuse, hot foot, or mess somebody's life up.

These workers are quick to tell you how to goofer somebody but what if you goofer yourself? How do you remove a haunt that you called to ride someone that is now riding you? None of these workers talk about removing a haunt that you conjured but they are quick to pass information that could put you in a mess.

A lot of online workers will say take a bath and read psalm 51 but that's a bunch of crap. You have called a spirit into your life to work on someone. How do you know if that dead spirit will do the job? How do you know if that haunt won't cross you up?

Truth is you don't know the spirit or what it can do. If that spirit turns on you then you're screwed...I can tell you right now that a jacked up bath with psalm 51 ain't gonna pull a mad as hell spirit that you sent off you.

Now don't get me wrong. I do not have a problem with doing work in the graveyard. Working with your ancestors at their graves is some strong work. You know your ancestors and they know you. You have history with them.

I just think some parts of graveyard work are too stressed. People are making this work too spooky and exotic when really there is nothing spooky about spending time with your dead.

I am surprised that some folks would rather call up any spirit they don't know from jump street then talk to God and work with what they already have. Drlovebug

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