Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beans: Make your Conjure sprout...

Beans are really good for prosperity work. They draw money and blessings. You can add them to a money bowl with a few items.

Momma Starr gives a special work in her candleburning book with beans. It's a money bowl with a special setup, prayers, and powerful curios for the job. For more information go to http://oldstyleconjure.com/oldstyleconjurecandleburningbook.html

Beans are also good for drawing out warts. Rub them on the affected area then throw them at a crossroads with some change.

They work like rice. They swell up and absorb. If you work with beans then your money will swell up.

I've seen folks online mention only Mojo beans for luck and success but truth is all beans bring good luck.

My favorites are Mojo beans (fava) and red beans. Black eyed peas are good too. There's a lot of work you can do with beans besides eating them. Drlovebug

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