Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth About The Virgin Mary

This is a photo of my Mother Mary, above her hanging on the wall is a picture of me and Ms. Doris.

I was ask to blog about Mother Mary; so here you go M. There is almost nothing on the internet about petitioning Mother Mary in Hoodoo/Conjure. That’s because folks don’t know how or it would be plastered all over the internet. I bet you start seeing things put out once folks find this blog. As a child I was taught how important Mary was because she was Jesus’s mama. Mary is all about the family especially the sons, but like St. Martha she too can have a strong firm hand.

Any Mother that is worth a grain of salt is going to protect her children. Mother Mary is very good when it comes to protection. You can petition her for protection in any situation you may find yourself in. I have found that when working with her she likes plain ole Olive oil when you are dressing her vigils and work. From experience it seems to me that she works faster if the petition is for a male child; a son or Grandson. I burn white candles for her. She doesn’t need a bunch of Hocus Pocus to get her to help you; just petition her.

She can also be petitioned for healing. If you find yourself in need of some healing work then; take a white undressed candle. Call on the Trinity then on Mother Mary. Petition her to aid in the healing of your body. She works really fast when it comes to opened wounds and pain. Take the candle and rub it over the affected area. The pain will ease in no time. Let the candle burn out and repeat as needed. She really helps with a woman’s monthly suffering.

I want to share one small work that can be done with her; I would share more but I don’t want my work changed around a little and claimed by others as their own.

Protection Medicine Bottle

Isaiah 43 torn from the Bible and burned to ash

A  photo of the family burned to ash

{add these to the medicine bottle}


Devils Bit

Devils Shoestring

A Pinch of dirt from a church yard

Pour in some Olive oil

While you are making the bottle pray and petition Mother Mary for protection. Once you have the bottle ready. Set it on top of a photo of the Holy Family in front of a statue of the Mother Mary. Set four tea lights around the bottle in the sign of the cross. Light them and pray your petition.  Once the bottle is finished give it to her for safe keeping go at least once a week and renew your petition.

Momma Starr

Friday, March 30, 2012

Working with Jesus

A lot of hoodoo practitioners today especially online hoodoos are turned off about working with Jesus. These workers have a problem with Christ because of negative experiences they encountered with his followers (Christians).

Because of some ignorant no good Christians these modern day hoodoos don't want to have anything to do with him. They'd rather work with the saints but they'd ignore Jesus in a new york minute. If you do this then you're missing out on some powerful work because Jesus is the hookup to the SOURCE in Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork.

Jesus Christ gave the power to the Saints. He is the one the saints turn to when you call on them. This is officially a part of Catholic doctrine and it's a spiritual FACT!!! Remember all the saints are followers of Jesus. They died and became martyrs for Christ. His Anointing was passed on them.

If you ignore Jesus Christ in your conjure work then you are proverbially throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This means you're cutting the power short and what it can do for you.

To work with Jesus you don't need to be Christian or go to church. Just open your heart and ask Jesus to come inside. That's all you have to do. Invite him in and God will take care of the rest.

Jesus Christ is the most powerful conjure worker. There is no limit to what he can do so you should have some sort of relationship with him if you are a true conjure worker.

You can work with a statue or photo of Jesus Christ when you are doing work. If you want to cover your work in Jesus name lay his photo on top of your work and burn white tealights around your work in a triangle setup.

You can petition Jesus for any honorable job but one of his most powerful strengths are cleansing, protection, and healing. You can call on Jesus to heal you and keep your loved ones safe. If you and your family need protection cover yourself with Jesus. Begin your work in a circle setup with a red vigil in the middle. That's some strong conjure there. All you need to make the power work is prayer with faith in yourself and God.

Spirit will take care of the rest. I highly suggest anyone wanting to learn more about this kind of work to purchase Momma Starr's books. They're a goldmine for this type of information. Drlovebug

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Burying Hoodoo/Conjure Oh My

Burying Hoodoo/Conjure Oh My ©Starr

There seems to be a LOT of confusion about what to bury and where to bury conjure items in your yard. Again and I know y’all must be tired of me saying this but “this is where HANDS ON learning is needed”! This is one of the first and one of the most important things a young conjure should learn. This can be dangerous! You maybe think “Oh how dangerous can this be”? Send me your information and let me bury you in the West and I will show you just how dangerous it can be.

This BS that is being taught on-line about burying came straight out of Hyatt and it is a dangerous crock. I want to explain bout the front and back of the house and East to West. I’ve said this a thousand times and will say it another thousand I’m sure; there is more to Hoodoo/Conjure than what folks call “spells”. There is a whole concept a whole way of thinking. You have to have the right frame of mind. I’m sorry and I am not dogging anyone but you can’t get that out of a book. You have to learn to use your common sense.

Mr. Robert is one of the toughest mentors I have ever had. He is tricky! You see when you are face to face or on the phone you get to enter act and ask questions of your teacher it’s not the same as e-mail or reading a book or researching Hyatt. In conjure there is a reason for burying an item in the West or the back of the house. This is done to HOLD SOMETHING OR SOMEONE DOWN OR TO REMOVE SOMETHING. Please get this clear in your mind.

I think the confusion comes in because there is an old work “my mama did this to my daddy” where you bury your man’s underwear behind the house to keep him home. This nails him down to stop them from rambling. This again is why it is important to have a teacher so they can explain to you about the whole concept of nailing down and burying in the West/behind the house.  Y’all are getting a free lesson here; please take it to heart because you can harm yourself or someone else with this type of work.


We now know that whatever is buried in the west or behind is either held down or removed.

Example 1

The other day I had a client come to me for help. This guy works per job, meaning the work is not a sure thing. He went to a worker who told him to bury his photo behind his house. I guess the concept of the work was to nail down his job. Well that’s all good and fine IF he had a steady job. At the time this was done he was OUT of work. He should have never been given this information. It hurt him not helped him; because he then couldn’t get work anywhere. This is an inexperienced worker giving advice when they don’t know what the hell they are doing. What they did was gave him advice that nailed his broke ass no job self down, so no wonder he couldn’t get a job. He couldn't even pay me for the work because he paid the so called worker all the money he had!

This is what SHOULD have happened. He should have been advised to do at least {3} cleansing bathes {just to make sure he was cleansed}. Then some road opening/money drawing work should have been done to draw the work and money to him. ONCE HE WAS WORKING GOOD THEN NAIL HIS ASS DOWN!  In doing the work that way, he has jobs coming in, he as money coming in and he is spiritually cleansed. Folks are learning only part of the work; then they try to work for others and end up messing the client up.

When you nail something down it brings everything to a complete STOP, they can’t MOVE FORWARD. That is the whole reason for doing this. If your man is broke and out of work and you bury him in the back yard; he’s gonna stay home but his ass will stay broke and out of work too!

If you have a really good job and you want to hang on to it then you can do a work and bury it behind the house to keep your job nailed down. I know this maybe confusing but use your common sense. You ALREADY have success, money a good job. The key words here are ALREADY HAVE! This is why it is important to have hands on training so you can be taught what to do and when to do it if you are going to claim to be a PROFFESIONAL WORKER! You are dealing with the lives of folks that are desperate for help.

Example 2

When is it safe to bury or throw in the back yard or in the West? Any time you want to remove something from you or hold something down. I’m going to give a few examples.

If you have a co-worker and you both want the same job, you can bury them behind your house or in the West and this will always keep them behind you. They want be able to move forward.

If bill collectors are hounding you, put them behind you! Bury them behind the house or in the West. Petition and pray that they be removed.

In the East

The sun rises in the East so anything that you are trying to bring to you should be buried, thrown or worked in the East. The East is easy to understand; internet workers don’t understand how to work with the West or behind the house. I hope I have cleared this up for some who have been giving bad advice. Sorry to be so blunt but this kind of stuff pisses me off. If you are going to put yourself out there as a PROFFESIONAL ROOTWORKER then you need to know what the hell you are doing. Momma Starr

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hands On Conjure vs Online Hoodoo

There is no teaching like Hands on conjure work from a traditional conjure worker. Hands down. The reason why you'll learn "real Conjure work" the hands on way is because when you learn directly from a worker you are being taught information that applies directly to your situation. We all have our own personal issues. When you are dealing with a true conjure worker he/she will look at your situation for what it is and show you how to work through it using conjure work and plain old common sense.

What many people don't realize is that true conjure workers are true readers. I mean this in every sense of the word. Anytime you are dealing with a real conjure worker he/she is reading your spirit whether by phone, e-mail, chat, or face to face. When a real conjure worker looks at your photo they can read your spirit. Because true workers are true readers they "see" everything going on and will teach you based on what you need, the kind of work you are supposed to do, and the hurdles you need to jump in order to be a strong person overall. You won't get any of that in an online hoodoo course however you will get "schooled" when you learn hands on from a real conjure worker.

This brings up a problem when discussing online hoodoo courses. When you take an online or written hoodoo course given over the Internet you are given information that is "one size fits all."

There is no single trick that will work each and every time. Each situation requires something a little different. Sometimes you may only have to do one work to hit home but most of the time you have to do more than one kind of job to handle a situation. Most online workers are under the impression that you have to do just one work and that's all you need. A lot of online hoodoos also think there's only one way to do a job and that's it.

This will work against you because you are putting limits on the work that shouldn't be there to begin with. These workers think and act this way because they all took online hoodoo courses and never had hands on training so they are only limited to what they learn in those courses. If you don't believe me then do a search on google and see what these workers are saying. If you pay attention you'll realize they're all saying the same thing. They're only passing around regurgitated information. That kind of information gets old and leds to mediocre workers who can't hit on point in their tricks. I'm serious. Look around the internet and read the bs you see in some of the forums. That's the problem with limiting yourself only to online hoodoo courses.

When you learn hands on conjure work from real workers you are taught to use what really works with results to back that up. You are being taught something special just for you. You are being shown old traditional works that you won't find in online hoodoo courses that always hit the target. Hands on work empowers you in ways you'll never get from online hit-and-miss classes. Hands on conjure work teaches what'll always stay with you. It teaches you how to use your strengths and weaknesses to be a better and stronger individual. That is how we all grow.

Some may say I'm only trying to promote Starr's courses but that's not the whole truth. Yes I am pushing her courses out there because they're hands on. I'm not trying to make her look good. I'm only speaking the truth because she's all about hands on conjure work and her stuff is the real deal that she can back up with proof. There's not many workers who can prove their credentials. When you learn hands on you'll know the difference between the real and the fakes. You'll also know how to tell the real works apart from a bunch of nonsense thrown together. This is important if you want to do work on your own. Drlovebug

Hoodoo Conjure The Real Deal

Yesterday was a really good day in the afternoon as we see from the blog I did this morning. God answered my questions I had about continuing to battle all the miss information out there. Today he reaffirmed that answer. It really amazes me how spirit answers us if we just listen and watch for the answers. Even after all these years of doing this work. Yesterday my grandson was here with us. He came after work to get something to eat. He and my granddaughter share an apartment together. It is not the best place to live but that is what they can afford. Lately there has been little stir ups over there. Yesterday Dr. LB gave me a new statue of White Eagle. I in turn gave my grandson the one that I had painted for myself.

This is where growing up with Conjure comes in to play. This is living it! My Grandson knows how to call on Blackhawk and White Eagle for help. He knows how to work with them. When I gave him that statue yesterday I thought he would put it in his room near his little altar he has set up in there. Well he didn't! I just got back from dropping him off at home. We were talking about the trouble that has been going on where they live. I felt someone watching me, so I looked up. At first I thought it was someone sitting in the bay window of their apartment; but it wasn't. I looked again and it was White Eagle. My grandson had placed him in the bay window to watch over them. I said "grandson you put him in the window" he said "well yea Maw Maw so he can watch and keep us safe"!

That is what it means to be the real deal! You live it! It is natural to you; not just a way to make money. It is in every aspect of your life. I just wanted to share that with Y'all. Momma Starr

The Facts About the Intranquil Spirit

I have written about the subject of the Intranquil Spirit a few times. Just little stuff about how dangerous this spirit is. I think that one of the most important thing folks need to understand is that this is not just ONE spirit. You may not get the same spirit every time you call on the Intranquil Spirit! Another thing that you need to realize is that this is a lost soul. A soul who doesn’t have peace a soul that is miserable. A soul that will SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU literally; this is a very dark spirit and not one to be played with. This information should have never been placed on the internet. This is very dangerous.

I know folks don’t want to hear what I am saying, but these types of spirits can really cause you or your loved one harm. This is the type of spirit that will turn on you. I have done hundreds of cleansings over the last {40} years and this type of spirit is the worst to remove; most of the time it is dangerous for the worker because there is always a price to pay when you are dealing with this type of spirit. I know folks want listen but this is one type of spirit that should be left alone.

If you choose to go ahead; work with this spirit but let me tell you what you have to look forward to if this spirit gets on you. You will have all kinds of crossed conditions pop up in your life. Nothing will work everything will go from sugar to shit real quick. Then there is the mental illness that may start, or just plain ole illness. You want have any energy and will want to sleep all the time, and there will be a lot of confusion. I have seen folks lose everything they own and their jobs too behind this type of spirit. They went from making mega bucks to having to live with other folks. Don’t be a fool; use your common sense where this type of spirit is concerned. Momma Starr

Hoodoo Medicine Bottles

I don't know what it is about the medicine bottles that make them work so well. I think ole folks started using them because they had them on hand. Glass jars were used for canning and cost to much to waste when they had something else that was just gonna be thrown away. I have done a lot of work with jars and medicine bottles over the years and I think that the medicine bottle gives the quickest results. My in house clients get their work done in the bottles, my clients who order off my website get jars because most of them learned about Hoodoo on the Internet and all folks talk about on-line is jars. Below is the recipe I made for my client. This recipe isn't a one size fits all; no conjure work should be. All recipes should be used as a guide not a "LAW" which states you have to make it this way to work. It is a combination of things that make a recipe work. Here's what you need.

Medicine bottle
Song of Solomon Ch. 3
{With in-house clients I have them read the {8} chapters in the Song of Solomon and have them pick the one that they feel drawn too}.

Burn the photo and the Bible verse to ash and place it into the bottle. To this add Jezebel, Solomon seal, Loveage. Once you have everything loaded in your bottle then add your syrup. Close the bottle and start working the bottle by shaking it. Then burn a tea light on top of the bottle.

Side Note:

When you use syrup instead of honey you will feel a big difference in how the bottle works. Syrup is thin so the ingredients in the work can be shook up well. By shaking the bottle up you are moving the work. If you just let it sit there then the work is just gonna sit there.  Momma Starr

Cooking It Up!

Lord I'm in a cooking mood today. I made sausage gravy and biscuits for brunch. I made it the old school down home southern way. You fry the pan sausage then make your gravy in the same pan. Good eaten. Now I'm cooking some fresh greens right out of the garden. Gonna have some fresh green beans, corn bread made with bacon grease and some small hens baked in the oven. Mouth watering down home Southern cooking, nothing can beat it. Momma Starr

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conjure At it's Best

I want to share something with y'all. This is not to show how grand I am but I would like for y'all to get the feel of what it is like to hang around with a real conjure woman. This is what it is like in my world. Dr. Lovebug can vouch for this because he was at my house today. My morning started out in the crapper. I want go into detail about it but it was crap. A little before noon Dr Love Bug came, I was doing some work that had to be done. He brought me a wonderful statue of White Eagle which made me feel better after my morning started so off so bad. {I'm sure your thinking ok Momma Starr whats the point here} settle down its story time. I'm sure if I miss anything Dr. Love bug will fill in the blanks.

Most know but some might not know I was a worker long before there ever was a Internet. I never advertised, you had to know someone who came to me to get in the door. Now even though I have a on-line business my in-house business is still run the same. That's how I have been taught and that is how I have always worked. Everyone around here calls me Momma T except for my friends. They just started calling me that many years ago and no matter what I said they continued to do so. So the name stuck. Running an in house business and a on-line business is way different. My house and shop are locked down, you don't get in unless I want you here plain and simple. That's why I don't advertise.

I'm just trying to build a foundation so you can get a feel of the story. On with the story. It was getting late and I was hungry so Dr LB and my daughter went to get us lunch. I continued working on the bottle I was working on. It took a while, but Dr. LB finally brought the food in. My daughter never came in so I wanted to know where she was. He told me she was still outside talking to some folks. My children know not to bring folks here without asking so they were standing by the road talking. My daughter had told me about a friend who needed help the day before. My answer was "we will see". I read folks the minute I meet you, I either like you or I don't period. I stood there and watched them for a minute, Dr. LB had came back outside also. My daughter finally told me who they were. It was the girl who needed help, but also someone I let in my house once and I said she could never come back again. She just has a bad spirit about her.

I invited them all in, so we had about 6 or 7 people in my kitchen. I didn't let them in the shop. I wasn't saying much just watching and reading. Sometimes I am too blunt but I was taught to be honest with folks who come to you for help. The girl I said had been here once had something to say. She wanted to ask me if I had said something about her. She said "Momma T did you say you didn't like me? I've been wanted to talk to you but my sister said you don't like me. I said "I don't know you but I don't like your spirit". Well she asked me to help her so what can an old woman do but try to help. Folks like her makes me remember why I do this work. Sometimes spirit moves and we as workers don't have a choice"not if you are the real deal". When she left the real work started.

Sorry guys before I start I want to say. I love men I think every mothers son is special but sometimes they need a good swift kick in the ass. Sitting before me was a wife who is going to have a baby in about {2} month's. This will make their {4th} child. One day a couple of month's ago he decides he wants to be single so he leaves her {$2} in the bank and takes off for greener pastors. Before I go on I want to say this. Everything has its time, "our time isn't Gods time". I remember my daughter telling me about this, but the time wasn't right. The girl could never get over here. For {2} month's she tried to have contact with him but she got no where. Dr LB can vouch for this he was sitting there during the whole consult. While she was talking I was praying to myself for spirit to give me the wisdom to help her.

I don't know how to work any other way, this is how I was taught and this is how I try to teach. Any way I decided to do a medicine bottle that is a mixture of sweetening and compelling with a bit of wisdom thrown in. I loaded the bottle and added my syrup. Then I closed the lid and I began to work the bottle by shaking it while praying. I can talk and work at the same time because I have done this so long it just like drinking a glass of water. We are just sitting there when her phone rings. Yelp your right it was him. She was so shocked she hung up on him instead of answering the phone. I thought "God is good all the time"! The boy called right back. He told her he was headed home. He called a few more times before she left. He told her he had to get home to her and the children. I checked on her around 5 this afternoon he was in the bed sleeping. Wondering where the medicine bottle is? Under the mattress he is sleeping on!

This is real Conjure work and it is Conjure at its best. Taking what you have and making it work. Helping folks who need help. Lord I wish y'all could have seen her face when he called her the first time; the shock and the joy. Some times folks just need a little push in the right direction.  Momma Starr

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peaceful Home Conjure

As a spiritual worker I believe that everyone should always keep themselves clean and everything in order in the home. Your home is a very sacred place. The home is not only where you eat and sleep but the place where you PRAY, spend time with the family, and shed all your troubles in the world.

Most online hoodoo workers don't talk enough about spiritual cleansing which is essential if you want to get anywhere in life. Some do mention it but there's always something left out that connects the dots. One of those missing links is cleansing your home. After you cleanse yourself you've got to clean up the place where you live and run those devils out!!!

A simple way to cleanse the home is to blow a pinch of Fiery Wall of Protection powder on a big onion that you've peeled the sheds. State your petition over the onion then starting at the front door sweep that onion all over your house with a broom. Ask the Spirits to remove anything from your house that is not prosperous and holy. Go through every room in the home with that onion.

When done leave the onion at a crossroads with some change for the Spirit. Don't forget to bless your home. There are all kinds of ways to do a house cleansing. This is just another way. Even though it's simple it really works because the onion will pull away anything that's not supposed to be there. Good luck. Drlovebug

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hoodoo Money Drawing Jar

Hoodoo Money Drawing Jar©Starr

I thought I would share a little money work. This was the first book I put out “Hoodoo Money Conjure”. I teach all my students how to make these types of jars and my book is full of recipes. This sugar jar will keep your money flowing.

Money Jar

Devil's Shoe String (tie {3} small pieces of them together with red thread to hobble the devil}
Five Finger Grass
Blue Flag
Some change from your pocket or purse
Hair from the crown of your head

Genesis 22v14
{And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.}

Honey Verses Syrup And Sugar

All you see on-line is honey jars. When I first got on I tried to talk about using syrup and sugar but no one knew about it nor did they want to hear about it. Now that I am popular everyone wants to listen. I haven’t changed nor has the information I’m spouting changed, but I see more folks are listening because I am seeing folks post on blogs about sugar and syrup. So and so who is dead now told me how to use them; it’s a bunch of BS either there is another traditional worker on-line or they got it from me. I’m getting a little tired of folks using my information to make themselves look good so they can make money off of folks.

I think the reason folks thought honey was good for sweetening is because one it draws, and two it is sweet. Honey works really slow. Anything that pours SLOW is going to work slowly. That’s one of the first things I learned as a young worker. Folks who don’t have an hands on Traditional teacher miss all these tid bits of information that is vital to conjure work. Syrup on the other hand is not only sweet but pours much faster, therefore you get faster results. Sugar also pours fast, sweetens and can be mixed with syrup to make a powerful sweetening jar.

You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself see if the results aren’t different.

Petition the Saint vs God

I'm noticing a disturbing trend in the last few years. There are alot of workers who have issues with God and the Bible but still want to work with the saints.

These Internet workers are half-assing their hoodoo work because they're leaving some vital elements out. How can you work with the creation but ignore the Creator? This doesn't make any sense! You have to acknowledge GOD first then Spirit. Not only is this disrespectful but in a way this is blaphemous because in many cases some workers will call on deities or other spirits as Creators/trices before working with saints.

However there is a problem with this analogy as well. For one the saints only bow down and worship the God that's talked about in the Bible. Many of these saints died for the God of biblical times. To expect your saints to bow to anyone else is downright rude and shows lack of respect.

I'm not pushing religion but stating truth! If you're going to work with saints go all the way and acknowledge the source which is God of the Bible. Don't half ass your hoodoo and ignore the powers that deserve their due!

It's like going to someone's house and saying hello to all their guests but not saying a thing to the host. Remember when you work with Saints you are in God's house. Now be a good boy/girl and show some manners. Drlovebug

Fiery Wall of Protection

Zechariah 2:4-5

4 and said to him: “Run, tell that young man, ‘Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of people and animals in it. 5 And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will be its glory within.’

I need to clear up something about Fiery Wall. First of all Fiery Wall of Protection is a prayer with products based on the name; not the opposite.

If you do a google search the first thing that'll come up are formulas, recipes, spells, etc called Fiery Wall but that's not what the work is based on. Fiery Wall of Protection comes from the Bible in the book of Zechariah from the Old Testament. I've listed the verse above.

Fiery Wall of Protection is one of God's promises to those who earnestly ask. But you have to petition for it. A lot of workers online are talking about Fiery Wall, blogging about the products, and pushing the formulas but they're not giving credit to the source that gave us this powerful form of protection which is the Bible.

The ironic thing about this is that many of these workers have an aversion to God or the Bible but they dont realize that these are the sources of their work even though they officially want nothing to do with the Christian elements of conjure. You can't throw out the baby with the bathwater!

Once you understand why God has given us fiery wall then with a little knowledge and spirit-led wisdom you'll be well on your way to putting a fiery wall of protection around you and your loved ones. Drlovebug

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crossing Work

Hey folks,

I'll be honest here. I'm tired of all the nastiest works in hoodoo being thrown around on the Internet for grabs. People run to that work like ants on sugar but don't know what the hell they're doing.

Let's talk about the consequences of crossing work and hopefully put an end to it. First of all people think they can and should do any work they want especially if they find information online. This is not true!

Part of the blame goes to some of the Internet workers teaching this stuff. There are some works people including internet hoodoos shouldn't be doing at all. Yet time and time again these workers will say the information needs to be preserved for generations.

Now I'm not knocking any worker but I beg to differ on this issue! There is a reason old workers do not want everyone having this information. It's highly dangerous and brings more problems than resolutions.

If you do work in the graveyard, call up a spirit you don't know, or do any nasty work without knowing what you're doing then you are crossing your own self up! Why? Because you are drawing spirits into your life that you don't know how to get rid of.

It's easy to invite these spirits in but getting them out is a whole different matter. Internet workers will tell you all day how to call up demons, intranquil spirits, and whatever the hell to do if you want to jinx somebody's life but when it comes to cleansing they get tight lipped or they tell you to buy a cleansing product or do a bath.

In alot of cases you need more than a bath and some products to fight a spirit that you can't shake off your back where in the beginning you should have just left the work alone.

My best word of advice to you is that if you can't remove a spirit from you or the target you're working on then you definitely are not a match for crossing work. You might shoot yourself in the foot...or somewhere not so nice. Drlovebug

Blood of Jesus

Pleading the Blood of Jesus over your work is the most powerful work you can do. When you cover yourself and your spiritual work with the Blood of Jesus you are asking God to confer a protection over you that can never be undone.

This works on many levels and does something for your work. For one when you cover your work with the Blood of Jesus it keeps spirits from interfering in your work. A lot of folks online and Internet workers talk about all kinds of work but they never tell you that you have to cover your work FIRST and FOREMOST before doing any job!!! This is extremely important but it's not being taught.

Anytime you do a job you've got to put armor around the work so it can't be undone. I've never seen anyone talk about this online and I've been on the Internet for 7 years. Not even your famous Internet hoodoos or bootleggers teach this information even though you'll learn it from dealing with old conjure workers.

Covering my work was one of the first things I learned when I started hands on training. It's the most basic thing every worker new or experienced should know how to do. If you can cover your work esp with the Blood of Jesus then your work will pack a punch that'll hit its target.

Now I've got to put it out there bluntly that you cannot cover your work if it is UNJUSTIFIED!!! If someone throws work on another person that's unjustified then they will get hit with that work in due time. If the victim being wrongly thrown is a worker that knows what to do then whoever is throwing the work will get their ass bit hard.

I had to state that because some people think they can do anything and get away with it. Covering your work is another way to lock it down for total success. Traditional conjure workers have always done this. Why? Because it really works! That's why conjure workers are hard hitters and hard getters: they HIT hard to GET hard!

I'll tell a little more about the Blood of Jesus. It's very simple and powerful. I still remember the first time I did it. I was being hit hard in my life. Things were starting to go sour and the shit was about to hit the fan.

In other words my life was souring up like a vinegar jar. And yes the pun is intended. And one day I was praying to God. I said, "Lord help me." And I heard a clear voice say, "Why don't you plead the Blood of Jesus over yourself?"

The voice said it again this time more loudly and with clarity. I was scared because I never did this before even though I knew about it. So I said, "Lord I give myself over to your will" then I began my prayer.

As soon as I pleaded the Blood of Jesus instantly I felt POWER pour from the crown of my head down through my body! This power was hot and invigorating. It felt like FIRE and it made me sweat but I felt protected and empowered because from that moment I knew God would always be with me through thick and thin. I felt good.

That first experience of being covered with the Blood of Jesus and many afterward has impacted my life on so many levels. It has covered me through thick and thin. When you are covered by your Higher Power it teaches you some important lessons you should never forget.

I dont mean to sound so churchy guys but I needed to share this experience to help someone out there. I dont practice the religion of man but I live in the religion of SPIRIT. God Bless...Drlovebug

The Truth About Souring Jars

The Truth About Souring Jars

What does a souring jar do? To be blunt; a souring jar is made to SOUR someone’s life! You don’t get to pick and choose what part of their life you are souring; the jar sours their whole life until it is busted period! There is a misconception with workers who have learned on-line Hoodoo about these jars. Real time Conjure workers would have been taught better. This just proves what I have said all along, internet Hoodoo’s only learned part of the work.

If you place a couple in a souring jar to separate them then you are SOURING BOTH PEOPLE! Why would anyone do that? Maybe because they don’t know any better! The only person that is put in the jar is the TARGET! Folks need to understand that when you sour a relationship that persons whole life is soured; money, love, job, family every aspect of the targets life. Folks really need to stop messing around with this work if they don’t know what they are doing.

Common sense will tell you anyone placed in a souring jar will be soured; that is a fact! So why am I hearing about so called workers doing these jars and crossing folks up? They are not only putting the target in the jar but the other person in the relationship in the jar; therefore they are both being soured. Some of these folks are claiming it has been handed down in their families; well I don’t want them doing work for me.

I’m not going to tell you how to work a souring jar; because this can be dangerous if it isn’t done right. Folks are taking Hoodoo/Conjure much too lightly when it can in fact be dangerous and you can ruin someone’s life if you don’t know what you are doing. This is not a game or an easy way to make money you are dealing with real folks who depend on your knowing what you claim to know. Momma Starr

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hoodoo/ Conjure Floor Sweeps

Hoodoo/ Conjure Floor Sweeps

Growing up we had hard wood floors. I remember our house always smelled nice and it felt good. I’m using the word Floor sweep here because I think folks will understand it better, I was raised calling it “dusting”.  If you called anyone of my siblings or my children or grandchildren and asked them what was good to remove problems from the home they would all tell you coffee grounds. My daughter would tell you to sprinkle coffee grounds from back to front while praying and let it sit for a while. My brother would tell you to take the morning coffee grounds squeeze a little lemon juice into them let them dry then sprinkle them throughout the house. My mama would have added a little soda to that.

Coffee grounds will cut and clear anything that is disturbing the household. It will also get rid of any odors. Pine straw gathered in the west side of the house, then sprinkled on the floor will remove all crossed conditions placed on the house. Start from back to front early in the morning before the dew dries; leave it on the floors until the sun begins to set. Then sweep it out the door to the road. Rose Mary and soda make a good cleansing sweep. It also keeps the woman of the house in charge. My mama kept rose pedals and soda under her bed to keep peace in the bedroom. She would sweep it out of the house once a week and put fresh down.

You can place lavender and soda under your furniture in your home to ensure peace and blessings. Change it once a week placing it in the East side of your yard. Floor sweeps are old conjure remedies to keep the home running smooth. On-Line conjurers don’t know nothing about them because you can’t find them in a search engine! I would give more information on this but I am tired of folks STEALING my information and claiming it as their own to make them LOOK like an old school worker!  Momma Starr

Real Hoodoo/Conjure Oils

Real Hoodoo/ Conjure Oils

What internet Hoodoo’s DON’T know!

Castor Oil

I hate this stuff and I never use it; but it had to be added here because it is a conjure oil. Beware this stuff is thick and nasty. My Grandma and mama loved this stuff. Every year we had to take a good dose of this. If we were sick we had to take a dose and depending on what was wrong with us mama might mix it with some stuff and rub it on our chest and our feet. Castor oil is really good for hot oil treatments for your hair. This stuff last for years before it goes bad. Castor oil comes from the castor bean, beans grow on the ground so this oil is good for flightiness as my Grandma would say, and it settles you down in plain English. Rub it on the bottom of your feet. It also helps with dry skin and athlete’s feet. It is also good for ring worms; I’m not sure why maybe it suffocates them. This will make a fine conjure oil; I just can’t stand the smell or the feel of it after growing up being treated with this stuff. This falls right in with talc powder as far as I’m concerned.

Sweet Oil

You may be wondering what in the world sweet oil is; well it is very refined olive oil. Sweet oil is good for many things. As a child my mama would doctor my ears with it because I loved to swim and stayed with an ear ache. Sweet oil coats the ear and dries up excess water you may get from swimming. A cap of your own urine poured in your ear will do the same thing. Sweet oil is also good for poultices because it has a healing quality. You can rub it on bruises and cuts as you would any other medicine because it will also help heal. I was taught as a young teen to rub it around my eyes to keep from having wrinkles when I got older. It is also used to feed your mojo bags and conjure packets. You can make a fine conjure oil with sweet oil.

Olive Oil

Of course everyone knows about Olive oil, but did you know that you can place garlic in Olive oil and use it to cure an ear ache? Not much I can tell you about using Olive oil that you wouldn’t already know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Holy Trinity in Conjure

The Holy Trinity is the powerhouse of conjure. Old timey and traditional conjure workers always begin their work "In the name of God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Ghost; Amen" at the beginning and end of any job. This is how old workers tie down their work so it can't be undone.

When you work with God in the Holy Trinity you are calling on God in different aspects to help you. You are claiming a power that can't be taken away from you nor stolen because it is already yours. This in itself is powerful. The origin of the Holy Trinity can be found in the Bible where Jesus stated to call on the Trinity when you pray.

You can call on the Trinity for protection, success, love, and any situation where you need divine assistance. All you need is a sincere heart and a little faith. If you want to work with tools you can use a white candle and a prayer card of the Holy Trinity. Write your petition on the prayercard then light your white candle on top of it while calling on the Trinity. State your petition to God and when the candle burns out carry the prayercard in your purse or wallet.

The Holy Trinity is very important in traditional conjure but no one is talking about it. As many of you already know there's a bunch of online hoodoos mish mashing conjure work. Some of these workers want nothing to do with God or they try to mix the Bible with who knows what. They will work with demons and all kinds of spirits on one hand but guess what?

The Holy Trinity is represented by the triangle and God's holy number is three. Three represents the Trinity. Anytime you do work in a triangle you are in some way working with the Holy Trinity. Some magicians call it the Triangle of Manifestation and I can see that because when you do your work in a triangle you are locking it down. When you do conjure in threes you are tying down the job.

Traditional workers know this little secret but many hoodoos working online aren't aware of it even though it's looking them dead in the face. This goes back to the old saying "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater..." If you try to remove God and the Bible from conjure work then you are not doing conjure work.

Justice work

Isaiah 61:7-9 (NIV) Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance; and so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting joy will be theirs. [8] "For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and iniquity. In my faithfulness I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them. [9] Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed."

As a traditional conjure worker I have a strong belief in justice work. A lot of folks online and internet hoodoos try to cross folks up in a hot flash.

Some of it may be justified but most of it is just plain wrong and dirty. Just because someone online doesnt like what you say doesn't mean they have a right to throw at you. These shady workers do these kinds of tricks because they feel threatened by you or think you are stepping in their territory. Well I'm sorry for you that you feel this way but I'm not here for show and tell or to prove how mighty I am. I'm content just doing my thing so why can't you be the same and tend to your own work.

I don't believe in throwing at folks and trying to hem somebody up with conjure work but as I stated before I'm a strong believer in justice work. Anytime you do justice work call on God to reign justice on all your enemies known and unknown.

I always call on the Trinity because for me God the Holy Trinity is the most powerful protection apart from covering myself with the blood of Jesus.More on that in a later post...

Call on God, state your case over a white candle, and claim justice. Light that candle over a page torn from your bible and place justice in God's hands. Justice is God's duty so let God take care of it.

All you need to do is claim it over your work and always know it is done. If you claim justice then justice is served. It may not be when you're ready because it's not time but when it comes God will tear down those walls holding you back like never before. All you need to have is faith.

With faith in your hands and justice in God's you'll be blessed and highly favored many times over. Drlovebug

Lets Talk Brooms!

I love brooms! I always have since I was big enough to sweep with one. There is a lot of superstition about brooms; is it really superstition? Broom straw plucked from a new broom then bound together in the shape of a cross placed over the door will protect the home. If you are around my home and the broom falls you will hear a chorus of voices say “broom fell company is coming” I can’t ever remember not hearing that. If you sweep over someone’s feet either the law will be drawn to them or an argument is coming. It depends on who is around as to which superstition you hear. You hear folks talking all the time about sweeping things out of their houses; what about sweeping things in. I learned this at a young age.

About 6 or 7 years ago I was giving some classes at a shop whose business was not doing well. The classes were helping but folks just weren’t spending their money in the shop. I told the shop owners about a trick I learned a long time ago to sweep money into the house. Basically you throw change and bills in the door way then using a broom you sweep it into the shop or home while praying that you are prosperous. Needless to say they had a record sales day. This really works. If you are bringing money into the home start on the side walk or near the road and sweep it towards your home. This will bring money in. The broom can be used to cleanse away crossed conditions by brushing yourself off with it from head to toe.

If you want to stop haunts from bothering you at night place a broom across the door of your bedroom. If you want to let your dead reach you in your dreams place a photo of them on the broom head and put the broom under your bed; you will dream of them. Sweeping the yard from back to front will kill any tricks that have been thrown in the yard. There is much more but I think this is enough food for thought for right now. You want look at the broom the same.

Momma Starr

Hoodoo and The Bible

I said once I put the “Working With The Bible” book out I wasn’t going to say anything else about the Bible in Hoodoo. Well I lied to myself. I can’t speak for the folks in Africa because I have never been there although I did have a lady come all the way from Africa to learn from me; she stayed the whole weekend with me. I ask her about this type of work over there and she told me that if you got caught doing this work where she is from you could be stoned by the people and even run out of town. If it is a lie she is the one that told it. Then you have all these folks on-line saying they went to Africa and learned this and that so I’m not sure who to believe. One thing I do know is that the Bible is part of Hoodoo/Conjure maybe not in what folks are calling New Orleans Hoodoo but it is in Southern Conjure.

I don’t dispute the fact that when the ancestors were stolen from Africa they were not Christian. I’m sure they weren’t; but I know my history of the South. I was raised on it. This was a whole new world to them. Different language, different food, different clothes, different houses, DIFFERENT ROOTS AND HERBS, everything in this new world of horror was different. The only thing that couldn’t be taken from them was their KNOWLEDGE! It is obvious that they held on to some of their knowledge because we still practice conjure today; but let's be honest just for a minute. Let’s go back in time and take a look at the real horror these great Ancestors who endured a brutality not many could survive.

When they were captured they were chained in the bottom of the ship, they were allowed to wash when the body odor became so bad the sailors couldn’t stand the smell any longer. My dogs are kept better than these Ancestors were. Then once they reached the Carolina’s that wasn’t much better. They were stood up on platforms and inspected the way you would cattle. They checked their teeth, privates and God only knows what else was done to them. Then they were sold. They became the property of another human and “I question that the human part”. So woo hoo we be home! If you believe that then you better go read your history books.

They had no homes, they lived in shacks. They were abused and treated less than animals; so do you REALLY believe they were allowed to keep their religion. They would have been looked at as devils or witches; if they would have lived after those Christians “I use the term lightly” got done with them. Unless you have lived in the South you really can’t comprehend how it really is. I’m talking about Georgia on up to the Carolina’s; even today in 2012 it’s a whole different world than the rest of the U.S..  I will never believe that they were allowed to have their religious ceremonies amongst their Christian owners. They were smarter than their owners gave them credit and brought Christianity into the work or hid the work inside of Christianity. Hoodoo is a lot more than what some see as spell work. There are remedies and such that go along with the work; it is a way of life. It is not only about the work. If you try to remove the Bible out of Hoodoo/Conjure then you are NOT doing Southern Conjure work. You can’t separate the two because our Ancestors hid the work in Christianity. I can’t speak for New Orleans Voodoo/Hoodoo which folks see as the same thing or that they interchange it but I stand firm about Southern Hoodoo/Conjure.

I don’t claim to know it all nor do I claim to have a bunch of PHD’s next to my name; I have something that money can’t buy! The knowledge that has been handed down through my family and my elders. So if you don’t want to include the Bible in Conjure then move your ass onto something that fits your style! Momma Starr

The Truth About Conjure Products

There has been a lot of hoop la about folks who sell Conjure products. They have been called marketers and such by some, then some just think they are ripping folks off.  So let’s lay it out on the table. To be honest I am tired of all the mess that goes on with on-line conjure workers. That ain’t the way REAL workers act! That’s for another blog post. The question is do we need all these products that are being sold? The answer is “that depends on the person and how much real knowledge they have of the work”.

This is just my opinion we know what they say about opinions. There are folks yelling marketers this and marketers that well I say if the folks KNEW how to do the work the old way they wouldn’t NEED the products that are being sold or maybe like me they LIKE using the products. I don’t need candles but I love working with them. I don’t need dollies I can conjure you with a rock out of your drive way but I like working with dollies. No one can force another person to buy a product. They buy them because either they NEED them or they WANT them in their work.

Do I think all products that are made will work? I can’t say cause I don’t know how other folks make their products. I can only speak for my own products because I KNOW for a fact what goes into them. I KNOW how much prayer is said over my oils, powders and washes. Do you need to buy my products to be a successful conjure worker? Not if you know how to work as the old conjurers before you have worked. If you don’t then my products may help you achieve your goal. The point is that folks are going to do what they want to do. The best way to learn is to get out and speak with the elders, they have the knowledge; but don’t be fool enough to think they will just start spitting it out. They have to get to know you first and you have to listen. Like I said this is just my opinion; I have never claim to be an expert. I have just been blessed to have been taught by my elders. Momma Starr

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hoodoo School WTF

Folks just get better and better with their claims about Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork. Folks please use your common sense when you are hunting for information and trying to learn. Cat at the WAS the only person I ever heard of who claims to certify their conjure students. I know Cat personally I have been to her home and shop. Her house is a Gold mine of wonderful finds. I like her even though we don’t always look at things the same way. Cat worked her behind off on the Lucky Mojowebsite; do you realize she has put up over 6000 pages on that website. Before she put up that website NO ONE knew anything about Hoodoo on the web. Trust me I was looking for folks like me. I was laughed at; now who’s doing the laughing?

All these so called rootworkers giving classes took Cat’s class. There may be very few that hasn’t. Even I took her class. Someone tried to cause trouble between us so I let Cat get to know me. You had to take her class to be a member of AIRR. I loved the concept of AIRR. I thought it was a good idea. Now you got all these folks who didn’t know Hoodoo from a tick on a dog’s ass, opening up all these Hoodoo schools and colleges. Not only that in a back handed way they are pocking at the very woman that taught them. Come join us at our Hoodoo School “we don’t make you buy our products”.  “No you might not” but you are riding on Cat’s shirt tail! If you looked at her student roister you would be surprised at who has taken her course. Let’s face the facts “most not all but most folks on the internet who claim to be old school workers learned from Cat”. The list is long I promise you, there are thousand.

Hoodoo has NEVER been taught in a classroom; it has been taught by WORD OF MOUTH! I don’t care what anyone says that is a FACT! If you told an old worker you were a Certified Conjure worker they would laugh you out of town. NO ONE CAN CERTIFY you to be a Professional Rootworker, Hoodoo, Conjure THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Use your common sense folks. Look at the folks making all these claims.
Momma Starr

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hoodoo Facts About Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb I grew up around. My mama kept a large pot of it on the front porch. Rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Once it takes root it basically tends to its self. I have never researched the plant until now; I thought I might find something new about it that I hadn’t been taught growing up and I found something very interesting in the Wikipedia on-line under Mythology;      The Virgin Mary is said to have spread her blue cloak over a white-blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting, and the flowers turned blue. The shrub then became known as the 'Rose of Mary”.

I was taught that Rosemary keeps the wife/Mother with the upper hand of the household. I tend to believe this because my Mama ran our house. I have a large pot growing on my breeze way; when I water it the smell just wafts up and it reminds me of my Mama. Funny how we associate smells with people. Rosemary is also good for protection, cleansing and some say prosperity work. It is well known amongst ole conjurers that Rosemary is a woman’s herb and she always gives the woman the upper hand!

If you are Wife and or a Mother you need this trick. Take a photo of the family place it in the center of a white handkerchief; on top of the photo sprinkle a pinch of Rosemary, Loveage, and Solomons Seal. Then roll the handkerchief towards you and then tie it in a knot, making a packet. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, place the packet on top of the fridge-Adair. If there are issues within the home take the packet down and pray that peace rain; then return it back on top of the fridge. Momma Starr

Better Business Conjure

In this Economy today folks are struggling to keep their business afloat. Sometimes it seems like a never ending battle. That is when we most need to turn to pray. God said “knock and the door shall open”! You can find information on my website that may be able to help you. You can also help yourself by getting an orange candle; write the name of your business on the candle. Dress the candle with some blessed olive oil; then pray your petition over the candle {3} times. Light the candle and pray the prayer below over the candle. Do this daily until you see the results you need. Momma Starr

Prayer for Business
Gracious God, remember us, we beseech thee, in our work this day. If it be thy will, give unto us a prosperous day. May all our work be done well. Prosper with Thy blessing all of us who are thus striving to regulate our dealings in business by the rule o truth; and if difficulty compass us in the world, quicken thou within us such a desire of laying up treasure in heaven, as may cause us to accept Thy perfect will, teaching us to use earthly things that we may become partakers of the true riches which cannot fail. Give us, Oh Lord, Strength to perform faithfully our appointed tasks; bless the work of our hands and minds. Grant that we may ever serve thee; sanctify our joys and our trials, and give us grace to seek first thy kingdom, in the sure and certain faith that all else shall be given unto us. Bless us with success and good fortune. May we glorify thee by honest good work; for the sake of him who completed his work for us, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Does Love Conjure Really Work?

Does Love Conjure or Love spells as some call them really work? I do think it is possible to be reunited with a lost love; but the key word here is Love. I mean would you really want to force someone to love you? You would have to continue to work on them the rest of your life just to hold on to them. That type of work is not healthy for yourself or the target. Attraction work would be much better to draw the right partner into your life. If there is already love between yourself and the target then I truely believe that in most situation with cleansing and repairing work that a couple can be brought back together.
Nothing happens in an instant and your relationship didn't go south over night. Things built up until there was nothing left. All of that baggage has to be removed; cut and cleared out of the way in order to find the true love you once had for each other. Thats a lot of work and most folks don't want to take the time; they want it NOW! So tthe answer to the question is YES love work can be successful; but it takes a lot of work. Below is something I wrote for my website you might find it helpful. Momma Starr

Love Songs Of Solomon
As I stated in the The Greatest Conjure Book Ever Written you cannot beat the Bible when you are doing conjure work. The chapter called Song of Solomon is filled with verses that can be applied to Love Conjure. I think that one of the problems now a day is that folks don’t know how to read the Bible. They just don’t have an understanding of the power this book holds. I’m not preaching; I’m trying to make folks understand that they have the means to be successful in all their works if they would just get a Bible and put the words to use. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not talking about church or being a Christian. What I am saying is take the Bible and read it like you would any other book.

There are eight chapters in the Song of Solomon; each chapter has about 14 to 17 verses in it.
You don’t have to apply a whole chapter to your love work. You can pick the verses that you are drawn to. You would work with these verses just like you do the psalm in your work. The trick here is to find a verse or verses that deal with the love work you are doing. I am going to give a few examples and try to explain how they would be applied to a love spell or a come to me spell.
These are just examples; I show you how easy it can be to add the Bible to your conjure work.
 The first chapter and verse I picked are chapter 2 v 14.
O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance,
(This could be used in a conjure spell to bring someone to you, if you worked the spell in a way that it ways compelling and a come to me work.) let me hear thy voice;
 (You can work with this to make someone call you, not only to call you but to be sweet to you when they call) for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.
The next one is Chapter 2 v 16, I picked this one because you are making a statement here. He belongs to you and you belong to him; this could be used to tie someone to you.
My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.
I would combine both of these verses together to draw someone too me and to nail them down so they would stay.
There are so many chapters and verses in the bible that can help us; in all of our conjure work if we just look for them. I hope I have helped you understand a little better on how to apply the verses in the Bible to your work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Truth About The Crossroads

A crossroad is any road where two roads cross. There is a lot of magic in a crossroads, it is said that the crossroads is a place without time. One thing is for stories about the crossroads. In rural towns in the South there are a lot of folks who want be caught at the crossroads at dark; even in this day and age. Many folks grew up on stories of the Black man who owns the crossroads; some even say he is the devil. This may sound like superstition to some but folks who have grown up on these tales believe them. I have read that you don’t have to go to a real crossroads to receive a gift. That you can draw a crossroads and it will have the same power; I find this impossible to believe. I use the symbol of the crossroads on my petition papers sometimes but I will never tell you that it can replace a real crossroads in power. I think that in order to ask a favor you must go to the crossroads.

There are some that say you have to go a certain amount of times or a certain day of the week to the crossroads. I think that this is a myth. I myself have felt the power of the crossroads when I went there for help with my writing skills. It was a calm clear night; and no I did not see the man but a breeze did pick up and I saw a mist in the center of the crossroads. I went one time with my writing tools. My writing most certainly  did improve; I now have {7} books written and a card reading kit that contains a deck of cards and a booklet on how to read them. Some say it is an old wives tale but I felt the power. Powerful Conjure work can be achieved at the crossroads. I petition the keeper of the crossroads often on behalf of myself and my clients.

A simple but effective way to do this is to collect a little dirt from each corner of the crossroads. Leave three pennies on each corner as payment for the dirt. Take the dirt back to your work space. Write your petition out and burn the petition to ash. Mix the ash with the dirt from the crossroads you collected. Dress a candle and sit it in the center of you dirt. Say your prayers and state your petition. Light the candle and let it burn all the way down; Once the candle has gone out gather up the dirt and any candle that is left. To this add three pennies. Go back to the crossroads and state your petition; throw everything in the center of the crossroads. Go home and KNOW that your petition will be answered.

A Testimony to the TRUTH of Momma Starr's conjure cards

The Old Style Conjure hoodoo playing card deck is nothing like any other decks out there. I continue to be amazed by the revelations I’ve had in my consultations and work with Starr’s deck. Everything that has been predicted in those cards has come to pass in my life. Not only has Starr’s special deck had an impact in my personal work and life but also in the consultations I provide to others. For example I recently did a consultation for a client who I’ve read off and on for a few years. This time I decided to lay out their cards with the Old Style Conjure deck just to see what would happen.

As soon as I laid out those cards the SPIRIT came on me fast and took over the consultation! I was in my right mind but with the cards laid out in a spread I felt like I was looking into my client’s spirit with a mirror. It was like his life, hopes, dreams, and failures were standing right before me in those cards just like the Book of Life. I could read anything and everything going on in his world including the things he tried to HIDE from me! The last part is really important. So I told him what was going on and why he was in a hot mess because of his irresponsibility and inability to see things through. He immediately hung up the phone in my face and wouldn’t return my calls when I called back so we could finish the consultation. I was shocked because I’ve never had a client do that to me before until that moment.

Another long-time client needed a consultation done because he was in a tight bind. Now this client of mine is a chatterbox. He loves to run off with the mouth and say what he thinks but he never listens to anyone beside himself. As he was explaining his situation to me I prayed to God for clarity and laid out the Old Style Conjure playing cards before him then explained what was going on and why things were headed the way they were. He got really quiet and didn’t say a word. That’s unusual for him because he never shuts up. As I got deeper into the consultation he got nervous because I was telling him too much information that he didn’t know how to handle. He was avoiding some personal issues that put him in trouble’s way but the Old Style Conjure cards brought all those issues out in the open and I guess he wasn’t prepared to discuss them. Unlike the other client I previously mentioned I was able to finish the consultation this time even if he didn’t want me to tell the truth that in the end revealed where the fault lies…with him!

I’m telling you these experiences not to make Starr look good but because they are God’s honest truth and testify to the power and Spirit of revelation that is evident in Momma Starr’s conjure card deck. Her conjure cards really do read TRUTH that speaks in VOLUMES for whomever you are reading whether yourself, your loved ones, your coworkers, or even your enemies. I am so grateful to God for giving Momma Starr her special gifts and I am forever thankful to Starr for her decision to share some of her gifts and “secrets” in the Old Style Conjure playing card deck.

My consultations are clearer, more precise, and hit home in ways that still shock me and some of my clients. I recommend these cards to EVERYONE whether you’re a spiritual advisor, beginner, or just want to know how to read the playing cards as traditional conjure workers have always done for generations. Momma Starr is continuing that same tradition through the Old Style Conjure playing card deck. Her conjure playing cards are unique and help you DISCERN through the layers people put around themselves and situations so you can SEE the TRUTH for what it really is….like a diamond in the rough and not what some claim it to be.

I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who wants to learn how “real” conjure doctors and two-heads read folks to purchase Momma Starr’s Old Style Conjure card deck. Your Spirits and your clients will thank you for it! Dr Love Bug

How to Give a Spiritual Foot Washing

How to Give a Spiritual Foot Washing
The most important thing to remember if you decide to offer spiritual foot washing as
a service is that you treat the process with honor,
love and respect. It states in the
bible that we should carry on spiritual foot washings in
John 13 V 15.John 13 v 15 “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to

The whole purpose of the foot washing is to refresh the person’s spirit; but in this
process I have found that by doing the foot washing my own spirit is some how
refreshed. When we humble ourselves to honor our fellow man by washing their feet
and saying
prayers for them we are also blessed. Like everything else no two
workers will do a spiritual foot washing the same way. There is no right way or wrong
way to do a
foot washing. I think each worker lets the spirit guide them in their work.
One thing that I think we all agree on is that the basin must be a metal pan or tub.
Plastic basins shouldn’t be used.

I’m sharing the way I conduct a spiritual foot washing as a guideline, for those who
have never done a foot washing and would like too. Like everything else I write this
is not written in stone; take what information you can use and leave the rest alone.

Some workers use a spiritual soap and fresh water when they do a foot washing.
When I was young I remember our church having a foot washing. The lady who did
the foot washing added
rose oil or rose water to the fresh water. I remember it
smelled like roses. When I first started doing foot washings I only used fresh water;
over the years my style has changed. One thing that has never varied is the
blessing of the water and the use of white towels.

I always
bless the water in the Name of God the Father God the Son and God the
Holy Spirit. I also always ask that God remove all things that need to be removed
from the person and to fill them with his
cleansing and healing power.

Most of the time I use kosher salt, bluing and a little
van van oil in my water or I will
use holy oil. There have been times when I have used an herbal wash. Once I have
my water ready I pray over the water, then I place the clients feet into the basin. I
was taught to wash downward from the knee to the feet. I prefer to use my hands for
this so I can pick up any energy on the person. I pray the whole time I am washing
their legs and feet.

I’m not going to tell you what to pray.
Prayer is very personal and should come from
your heart. When I feel the time is right I remove their feet from the water and place
them on a white towel, I then dry their legs and feet; while repeating my
prayers. I
then dress their knees and feet with oil, all the while praying. I have been blessed
with the gift of lying on hands, so I will dress the heart area with the
oil, the forehead
and the back of the neck. I then place my left hand on their forehead and my right on
their neck and pray for them to be
healed if they are ill and to be given power where
they are weak. This is my basic
foot washing technique, unless spirit leads me to do
something different.