Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awakening a Lucky Hand

Awakening a Lucky Hand
by: Momma Starr

When we make a lucky hand it must be awakened in order for it to work. You can’t just add a bunch of stuff to a bag and think it will work on its own. When I make a bag this is what I do. First I gather everything I need to make the bag. Then I pick a time when it is quite in the house. I make the sign of the cross then I say 3 our Fathers make the sign of the cross again; then I pray that God will bless me with the energies needed to empower the bag to do the job it is needed for. Then I will hold each herb or charm in my hand and talk to it, I tell it what needs to be done. I ask that it help. This may seem silly to some of you but it works. Once I have done this with all the items; I will lay each one of them on my red flannel.

Then I thread my needle and ask that the thread bind the work I am doing and that the job be unbroken. Now I am ready to sew up the hand. I always say a little prayer while I’m sewing; it depends on the work as to what I pray. I pray until the last stitch and knot is made. I pick a power word to say on each knot made; I always make 9 knots on any hand I make. So at this point the lucky hand has been charged many times, but….. In order for it to work you have to wake it up!

This is what I do; I will pass the hand through the flame of a candle to heat it up, then through the smoke of an incense dealing with the job, all the while talking to the hand telling it the purpose it was made for. Last I will sprinkle it with whiskey, pray over it again asking God to give it the power needed to do the work and say in a loud voice that it is now awakened and a live thing to help with the job it is to do. It will make the job a success! Now it is ready to use; once a week it needs to be feed either whiskey or oil pertaining to the job. You must talk to it and encourage it to continue to work for you.

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