Friday, March 23, 2012

Petition the Saint vs God

I'm noticing a disturbing trend in the last few years. There are alot of workers who have issues with God and the Bible but still want to work with the saints.

These Internet workers are half-assing their hoodoo work because they're leaving some vital elements out. How can you work with the creation but ignore the Creator? This doesn't make any sense! You have to acknowledge GOD first then Spirit. Not only is this disrespectful but in a way this is blaphemous because in many cases some workers will call on deities or other spirits as Creators/trices before working with saints.

However there is a problem with this analogy as well. For one the saints only bow down and worship the God that's talked about in the Bible. Many of these saints died for the God of biblical times. To expect your saints to bow to anyone else is downright rude and shows lack of respect.

I'm not pushing religion but stating truth! If you're going to work with saints go all the way and acknowledge the source which is God of the Bible. Don't half ass your hoodoo and ignore the powers that deserve their due!

It's like going to someone's house and saying hello to all their guests but not saying a thing to the host. Remember when you work with Saints you are in God's house. Now be a good boy/girl and show some manners. Drlovebug


  1. Thank you for this. I know there are people out there who are treating the saints like in Voodoo or Santeria, as if the are masks for African spirits but this is not true. The saints are who they are and are not African spirits. I guess it's because so many people don't want the real hoodoo/rootwork/conjure but want it to be "voodoo". I tried bloggin on it but I know people aren't going to change. They will continue to do what they want to do. So many people think St. Anthony or St. Peter is Eshu, St. Barbara is Chango, etc. It's like they can't or won't shake it.

    Also, when I call upon a saint I always include Christ, like, "St. Anthony, faithful friend and servent of Christ, hear me..." But that's just me.

  2. I ask in a similar way to you DocConjure. I never understood why people would ask Saints to help someone else other than God. I mean they did die for their beliefs in christianity. If they would look it up they would know they are asked to help interecede to God on their own behalf, not to anyone else.

  3. "Lord" me and my Mama discussed this a lot when I became Catholic. I have always called on the Trinity before anything else. God should always come first. I think those who are raised Catholic understand it better than those that were not. My Mama had deaf ears when it came to do with anything Catholic. She refused to listen. Momma Starr

  4. I was born and raised Catholic. I learned as a child and through working conjure that you always worship God first.

    Before you petition a saint you have to ask God and give him thanks. Once you do that then you petition the saint to help you. The saint will pray on your behalf and place your petition in God's ears. It makes sense because God gave the saints special abilities because of their hard work and efforts.