Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conjure At it's Best

I want to share something with y'all. This is not to show how grand I am but I would like for y'all to get the feel of what it is like to hang around with a real conjure woman. This is what it is like in my world. Dr. Lovebug can vouch for this because he was at my house today. My morning started out in the crapper. I want go into detail about it but it was crap. A little before noon Dr Love Bug came, I was doing some work that had to be done. He brought me a wonderful statue of White Eagle which made me feel better after my morning started so off so bad. {I'm sure your thinking ok Momma Starr whats the point here} settle down its story time. I'm sure if I miss anything Dr. Love bug will fill in the blanks.

Most know but some might not know I was a worker long before there ever was a Internet. I never advertised, you had to know someone who came to me to get in the door. Now even though I have a on-line business my in-house business is still run the same. That's how I have been taught and that is how I have always worked. Everyone around here calls me Momma T except for my friends. They just started calling me that many years ago and no matter what I said they continued to do so. So the name stuck. Running an in house business and a on-line business is way different. My house and shop are locked down, you don't get in unless I want you here plain and simple. That's why I don't advertise.

I'm just trying to build a foundation so you can get a feel of the story. On with the story. It was getting late and I was hungry so Dr LB and my daughter went to get us lunch. I continued working on the bottle I was working on. It took a while, but Dr. LB finally brought the food in. My daughter never came in so I wanted to know where she was. He told me she was still outside talking to some folks. My children know not to bring folks here without asking so they were standing by the road talking. My daughter had told me about a friend who needed help the day before. My answer was "we will see". I read folks the minute I meet you, I either like you or I don't period. I stood there and watched them for a minute, Dr. LB had came back outside also. My daughter finally told me who they were. It was the girl who needed help, but also someone I let in my house once and I said she could never come back again. She just has a bad spirit about her.

I invited them all in, so we had about 6 or 7 people in my kitchen. I didn't let them in the shop. I wasn't saying much just watching and reading. Sometimes I am too blunt but I was taught to be honest with folks who come to you for help. The girl I said had been here once had something to say. She wanted to ask me if I had said something about her. She said "Momma T did you say you didn't like me? I've been wanted to talk to you but my sister said you don't like me. I said "I don't know you but I don't like your spirit". Well she asked me to help her so what can an old woman do but try to help. Folks like her makes me remember why I do this work. Sometimes spirit moves and we as workers don't have a choice"not if you are the real deal". When she left the real work started.

Sorry guys before I start I want to say. I love men I think every mothers son is special but sometimes they need a good swift kick in the ass. Sitting before me was a wife who is going to have a baby in about {2} month's. This will make their {4th} child. One day a couple of month's ago he decides he wants to be single so he leaves her {$2} in the bank and takes off for greener pastors. Before I go on I want to say this. Everything has its time, "our time isn't Gods time". I remember my daughter telling me about this, but the time wasn't right. The girl could never get over here. For {2} month's she tried to have contact with him but she got no where. Dr LB can vouch for this he was sitting there during the whole consult. While she was talking I was praying to myself for spirit to give me the wisdom to help her.

I don't know how to work any other way, this is how I was taught and this is how I try to teach. Any way I decided to do a medicine bottle that is a mixture of sweetening and compelling with a bit of wisdom thrown in. I loaded the bottle and added my syrup. Then I closed the lid and I began to work the bottle by shaking it while praying. I can talk and work at the same time because I have done this so long it just like drinking a glass of water. We are just sitting there when her phone rings. Yelp your right it was him. She was so shocked she hung up on him instead of answering the phone. I thought "God is good all the time"! The boy called right back. He told her he was headed home. He called a few more times before she left. He told her he had to get home to her and the children. I checked on her around 5 this afternoon he was in the bed sleeping. Wondering where the medicine bottle is? Under the mattress he is sleeping on!

This is real Conjure work and it is Conjure at its best. Taking what you have and making it work. Helping folks who need help. Lord I wish y'all could have seen her face when he called her the first time; the shock and the joy. Some times folks just need a little push in the right direction.  Momma Starr


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Affirmation that not only your a great worker/reader but that "this stuff" lol really does work. I had my first personal real affirmation that I'm doing something right the other day. I made a personal real breakthru with asking/hearing/listening to spirit/ancestors opening a window.

  2. oh, ms. starr!...i LOVE how your work helped this woman!...i want this to work for me, too!..bring it on! :)

  3. There is nothing like having your client sit in front of you as you work. I think it also makes the work stronger. Yesterday was a blessing for me as well. It reaffirmed for me why I do what I do. Why I battle so hard to keep this work alive. I'll post the recipe I used. I don't mind sharing but I think it was a combination of thngs that made it a fast success. Momma Starr

    1. o how great though art...May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others. You are such a great worker with real genuine interest for you clients. I look forward to you working my case with much success and hope I can have an opportunity to be a client sitting in front of you. Stay bless momma and talk to you soon

    2. Thank you foryour kind words. Momma Starr

    3. You are welcome Momma Starr. Everytime I read on your site or blog tears come to my eyes. May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others cause indeed you are.

  4. you know i have NO PROBLEM coming to see you to work my case, ms. starr!...you just tell me when (email me) and i will be there! (you know who this is) :)

  5. Oh my gosh! This is all true but I think Starr is making an understatement about the work and its success! I'll tell you why...

    I was there during the WHOLE thing. I saw Momma put that work together and pray. We were all just chilling, relaxing, and having a good ole time while Starr was shaking that medicine bottle at the same time. While Momma Starr put the work together she explained to the client (and everybody in the kitchen) why she was doing the work the way she was and how everything in the work helps the client with her love situation.

    It was just like taking her conjure "mini" courses because everybody learned something from that work. The jar work and consult was geared for the client but we all learned something that could help us and I will always be grateful to Momma Starr for letting me share in that experience. This is HANDS ON conjure work that you're not going to find on the Internet! Real conjure workers don't need scripts nor to research information to help their people. When you follow Spirit you'll know what to do at a "moment's notice" when a crisis comes up.

    I told Momma Starr yesterday that you won't find many if any conjure workers online who works the way she does like with her client's situation. I said that and I stand by it! I saw that cellphone ring and the client's husband told her that he wants to come back home and move somewhere with her where it's just them two and their kids. I am still shocked and amazed at the results of this work. I knew it was going to work soon but never did I thought that little medicine bottle would work on that man in FIVE MINUTES!!!

    When he called we all got quiet and waited till the client was finished with the call. We rejoiced about the situation and laughed at the same time because just as Starr was telling the client to tell her man's spirit "You betta get your ass back home and stay there in the name of Jesus" he CALLED!!!

    I could go on and on about this situation but I think y'all get my point. You had to be there to see it. The client ended up having to leave because when her husband called he told her he was on his way and that he needed to see her NOW. He absolutely wanted to nothing to do with her before but he had a change of heart within FIVE MINUTES of Starr working that little medicine bottle. There are some things a person will never forget and for me this situation is one of them.

    There are other things that happened during this special visit I had with Momma Starr but I won't go there. All I'll say is that Momma Starr you and your conjure work rocks. The successes of your work and the blessings in many peoples' lives because of your work speaks VOLUMES about your humble spirit and the gifts God has given you. Thanks! Drlovebug

  6. Momma Starr you always amaze me but its your spirit that I love, I wish one day to be honored to meet you, I bought two of your books the doll conjure and old style conjure but none of them mention a medicine bottle type of works.
    I'm learning here too and looking for more of your books to read :)

    My question here, did you add your client name in the medicine jar or only her husband and did you burn the names?

    Thank you Momma for coming to the internet :)

    1. In this bottle it was only his. I burn everything. Momma Starr