Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hoodoo Conjure The Real Deal

Yesterday was a really good day in the afternoon as we see from the blog I did this morning. God answered my questions I had about continuing to battle all the miss information out there. Today he reaffirmed that answer. It really amazes me how spirit answers us if we just listen and watch for the answers. Even after all these years of doing this work. Yesterday my grandson was here with us. He came after work to get something to eat. He and my granddaughter share an apartment together. It is not the best place to live but that is what they can afford. Lately there has been little stir ups over there. Yesterday Dr. LB gave me a new statue of White Eagle. I in turn gave my grandson the one that I had painted for myself.

This is where growing up with Conjure comes in to play. This is living it! My Grandson knows how to call on Blackhawk and White Eagle for help. He knows how to work with them. When I gave him that statue yesterday I thought he would put it in his room near his little altar he has set up in there. Well he didn't! I just got back from dropping him off at home. We were talking about the trouble that has been going on where they live. I felt someone watching me, so I looked up. At first I thought it was someone sitting in the bay window of their apartment; but it wasn't. I looked again and it was White Eagle. My grandson had placed him in the bay window to watch over them. I said "grandson you put him in the window" he said "well yea Maw Maw so he can watch and keep us safe"!

That is what it means to be the real deal! You live it! It is natural to you; not just a way to make money. It is in every aspect of your life. I just wanted to share that with Y'all. Momma Starr


  1. Your grandson has got the gift in him. He is a very strong worker. When I saw him yesterday I saw spirit all over him. Drlovebug

  2. Your right he does and he loves the work and a the fact that it has been handed down. Momma Starr