Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lodestone Conjure

Lodestones are associated with blacksmiths because the lodestone is
formed when lightning strikes iron ore. Lightning is often associated
with blacksmith gods, because of the noise and spark of the thunder
and lightning, and the noise and spark when the smith’s hammer hits
the anvil.
Be careful not to place your lodestone near magnetic tapes like
cassettes – it will erase them!
You will need the following items:
1 green 7-knob candle
1 large lodestone
magnetic sand
Money powdersMoney incense
Money oil4 silver coins
On each knob of the candle, inscribe the words “Money for me!” Dress
the candle with money oil and sprinkle it with money powders. Light
the incense, light the candle.
Place your lodestone in a clear glass pieplate. On the back of a
photo of yourself, write “Money for me!” Place the photo of yourself
under the plate.
Empty all the cash you have in your purse or pockets out on the
table. Put all of the change in the dish. On each bill, write your
name or your initials. Dress each corner of each bill with Money Oil,
dust it with powders, and place them, stacked crossing, under the
Say “Lodestone, make MONEY FOR ME!” out loud, and sprinkle the stone
with food. Let the candle burn down one knob, then pinch it out.
Next night, take all the cash from your pockets and do the same
Do this 7 nights in a row, until the last knob of the candle burns
out. When this happens, the money is yours to spend. The lodestone is
trained to bring in more money. The money under the lodestone is also
trained. Pull the bills out from the bottom, and always replace them
with new bills, dressed and powdered, on the top of the pile.
Anytime you need change, take it from the dish, but be sure to
replace it as soon as you can. YOu don’t have to replace coin for
coin, just empty out your pockets. When it gets too full, change the
coins at the store for bills, and place them under the lodestone. As
time goes by, there should be more and more bills under the stone to
Wrap up the 4 silver coins, leftover wax and incense ashes in a green
or red cloth and bury it near your front door. Mama Bota

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