Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Cleansing is one of the most important areas of conjure that you will every study. Cleansing can handle just about any situation you will come across. I have found at times it's the ONLY way to help yourself or another person. If you're crossed you won't get any lasting results from your work. While you may see a difference for a short while the condition will continue until you give yourself a good cleansing. No matter what the root of the crossed condition might be, the results are always the same. Nothing in life seems to work out for a person that is crossed. This is a very important lesson that we all must learn and use in our daily lives.

I know sometimes we are busy and just don’t have time. Well you need to make the time! If you want your work to be a success then you have to keep your self cleansed. In general, all cleansings are performed for seven days! Seven is the traditional number associated with cleansing. The best planetary hours for doing cleansing are Venus, Jupiter and the Sun. Your cleansing work should start in one of these hours. You would use Venus for crossed love conditions, Jupiter for luck/money, and the Sun for all health problems. Or you can use a seven day candle. Then you would of course be using all of the planetary hours. If you are unable to pinpoint the problem, then start the cleansing in the hour of the Sun.

Although using the planets really has nothing to do with conjure work, you can add it to your cleansing. This will give you extra power to achieve the cleansing that you need. I look at cleansing and uncrossing as the same work; when you do both your removing blocked conditions from yourself. I consider this also healing work; because by removing the blocks that are in your way you are healing that area of your life. If you want to have total success in your life and your work then it is very important that you keep yourself cleansed and
protected at all times. If you choose not to do this then you are asking for trouble down the road.

Any time you do any kind of work you need to cleanse yourself first. You don’t want some unknown energies entering your work. Also you will be able to focus on the work at hand if you feel refreshed. I cannot stress this enough cleansing is the most important part of your work; if you expect to be successful. I have heard it said a few times that you don’t need to cleanse yourself until the job is done; well I say this is a load of crap. Are you going to leave a hotfoot work you have done and are still working on around you and yours? I hope you are smarter than that. Use your common sense! Don’t believe everything you hear from these so called experts.

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