Thursday, March 1, 2012

Honoring Your Ancestors in Conjure

Hi Everyone,

I feel the need to discuss something important. Every year you always hear talk about
remembering your dead on Halloween and All Souls Day. I think this sounds okay but honestly you need to honor your ancestors every day.

You should always honor your ancestors. They need to be remembered for the life they sacrificed for you to be here. You are a living example of their legacy so it is not only your right but your RESPONSIBILITY to honor that legacy by giving back to all those who came before you. This not only applies to your foremothers and forefathers but also your living elders. Don’t forget the old folks in your family. They will eventually join the dead and you stand on their shoulders.

Our elders are important because they have a lot to teach about ourselves and our history so I suggest you take some time to give thanks to your elders and to all those that paved the way for you to be here today.

Some of y'all might be asking "How do I honor my dead?" All you gotta do is setup an ancestor table. Clean a small table with a mix of your urine, holy water, and a favorite perfume or cologne that your ancestor loved. This alone will draw them near. Pour some cool water in a clear glass and offer it with the light of a white candle and an old family Bible to your dead kinfolks.
Offer the candle and the glass of water in the sign of the cross and place it on your ancestor altar. Knock on your table and tell them how much you love and miss them. If you don’t know your ancestors then introduce yourself and go from there.

If you have any pictures of your deceased then add them to the ancestor table. Make sure there are no living links whether it be photos or otherwise on the ancestor table. The important thing is that you pray for your ancestors, talk to them, and thank them for the life they gave you.

There are many ways to pray for your ancestors. What's important is what flows from the heart. I usually start saying “Ouma (grandma), Oupa (grandpa) dankie vir die lewe dat julle vir me gegee he…” or something similar. That means “Ancestors thank you for the life you’ve given me…” Then I pray the Our Father and speak whatever is in my heart.

Whatever you do to honor your dead kinfolk always remember to do it from the heart. If your deceased relatives had a favorite food or drink they enjoyed in life then offer it to them. At first you might feel silly for doing all this but believe me it will pay off in the long run. Your ancestors are ready to work with you. If you take the time and pay attention you will start to hear
and feel the Spirit around you.

You just have to learn to LISTEN which is the hardest part!!! It requires a lot of time and patience but it is well worth the effort in your spiritual development. Honoring Your Ancestors is one of the foundations of strong conjure work.

May God Bless You & Your Ancestors...Dr Love Bug

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