Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prayers to Saint Martin de Porres

Prayers to Saint Martin de Porres
(Feast – November 5)
Father of the poor, Patron of the needy, Help of the Sick
Who has given us
In Your humble Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ,
The model of all virtue
And perfection,
Grant to us
The virtue of humility.

We think so little of You
Because we are
So full of ourselves.

We cannot love You more
Until humility shows us
Our own nothingness
And makes us rejoice
In our complete
Dependence upon You.

You have given to the world
a glorious apostle of humility:

Guide us by his example
And strengthen
Us through his intercession
In our efforts
To conform our hearts
To the humble Heart
Of Your crucified Son.

May the glory of sainthood
Which you have
Deigned to bestow
Upon Brother Martin
Draw the world closer
And closer to You.

Renew, O Lord, in these days
When pride and forgetfulness
Of You are so widespread,
The wonders which You performed
Through Your humble servant
During his lifetime.

Through the same Christ Our Lord.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be (3 times each.)


  1. I've been drawn to work with St. Martin for a long time now. Did you know that in life he had the power to bilocate and to levitate, as well as communicate with animals! It's said he could heal with just a glass of water. Plus he's normally shown with a broom and that just screams "conjure" to me. LOL

    1. Hey Doc, I have a work I will post that is done on Fridays to bring success and prosperity into the home. Momma Starr

  2. I first learned about St. Martin de Porres from my aunt. She has a prayercard with anointed cloth on it that was touched to one of his relics. She told me that with St. Martin you'll always have the food and money you need so you won't go without.

    She swears by him. Drlovebug