Wednesday, March 7, 2012


                                                                  Mr. Robert

There isn't much that can be found on Blackhawk. There are only a few books out there about him and one of them belongs to me. As we all know Mr. Robert who is a Native American from the Houma tribe taught me how to work with Blackhawk. The picture above was taken last week"3-1-12", Mr. Robert is 84 years old. Before I wrote the book on Blackhawk I went to Mr. Robert to talk to him about it. I felt funny about writing a book about a Native American Warrior. I know I have some Native blood in me but I can't PROVE it so I want claim it! If I claim it and I say it then you can bet your ass I can prove what I am saying.

Mr. Robert told me that Blackhawk was demanding that this book be written. I knew that because the pull to write the book was to strong to ignore. Mind you the only other person that I saw on-line that worked with BlackHawk was Cat at the Lucky Mojo. Although we work with him different we were the only two talking about working with him. Then I write the book about him and a flood gate is opened. Every body and thier Momma's are working with him!

Come on people, surely folks know that this isn't true. Folks are making his products and selling them. They are even selling his spirit in a bucket! Give me a break! You can't sell a spirit! How many gullible folks are being ripped off? Don't be fooled! Check these folks out, see when they started making these claims. I don't care what anyone says you can NOT buy a spirit in a bucket or anything else! Just use your common sense God gave you. Some of these folks are selling these buckets for $500.00 and up. I promise you if it has a spirit in it t's not Blackhawks. He will never be sold!

Momma Starr


  1. I'm only aware of two books. Event though I haven't read your book yet, I'm told that yours is the only one that actually teaches how to work with Black Hawk.

    Momma Starr, these people doing this stuff are spiritual whores and they've been doing it for a long time now. I've not seen anyone selling Black Hawk's spirit but I have read pages of b.s. that so-called experts give on how to work with Black Hawk. You can always tell the real deal from the fake because the fakes don't know how to work with him. The fakes don't know how Black Hawk is called, what he will and won't do, and don't know what he likes and dislikes. A lot of the fakes will also get rid of the bucket and use like a bowl, filled with regular sand. They also don't seem to understand that the reason why the bucket is used is because there is stuff in the dirt. So they just have this small bowl of sand with a Indian figure sitting on it and then pretend as if they've actually been taught this. And yes, many of the fakes are selling Black Hawk spiritual supplies.

    I don't want you to be discouraged. You are doing a wonderful job and people like me can and do recognize how different and special you are. You got to be strong because you are the front woman at the moment. I pray that more and more old-school workers will come online and combat this nonsense, and I especially pray for more black and Indian workers because they are very underrepresented online.

    I also wanted to let you know that I've been called by Black Hawk. This is not something I chose, but rather I've been drawn to him for some time. I finally told him that If I was meant to work with him that for him to give me a sign. Well, he did and his power blew me away. So I want to let you know that Black Hawk will provide a way for me to raise the money and take your course, if you will have me as a student.

    So thank you for doing what you do. Remember to remain strong.

  2. Thank you Doc; it just pisses me off and I can only say so much about it which is killing me because I am used to saying what I think. I'm ok and will bounce back; you can't keep a good dog down lol. Momma Starr