Thursday, March 1, 2012

Compelling a liar to confess

I was given this a long time ago, I don't remember who gave it to me but I can tell you it really works. Momma Starr
If you are SURE someone is a liar, get a purple skull candle and
write their name on it. Slash the place where their mouth is and
press into the space 9 peppercorns dipped in cayenne pepper oil (wear
gloves). Drill out a hole where each ear would go and put cayenne
pepper oil or compelling oil in the ears. Drill out a hole in each
eye and put a peppercorn dipped in cayenne pepper oil in each eye. Do
the same in the nostrils. Dress the skull with Compelling oil. Burn 7
days during a waxing moon. While you burn the candle, burn Compelling
Incense. Each night as you light the candle, call the liar's name and
say, "Your ears, your eyes, your nose, and your mouth will burn and
blister until you tell the truth! I COMMAND you to tell the TRUTH!"
Burn it as long as it takes, then wrap the leftover candle wax in
paper and toss into a crossroads. The person will be compelled to
tell the truth. If they tell the truth before the candle is finished
burning, you may toss it into running water to relieve their pain.
If one candle doesn't work, have a new one to start up immediately.
Keep the pressure on until the truth is known.

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