Thursday, March 1, 2012

How To Make A Lucky Hand

I thought I would share with you all how to make a lucky hand. Now I make these two ways either in a bag or in a packet. To me the packet is easier to carry. I use only red flannel for my lucky hands. If you want to color code them you can red for love, green for money, ect. We will make one for Money.

Now in the old days they would add a silver dime to these hands; but silver dimes are hard to come by now days so a regular dime will work just as good.

Trust me, I'm carrying this lucky hand and it works. Here's the instructions
Money Drawing Lucky Hand
Things Needed:
A small piece of red flannel
A dime
small piece of brown paper bag (torn NOT CUT WITH SISSORS)
Money drawing oil
3 beans
3 grains of rice
A Magnet
sm piece of Blue Flag
Pinch of Calamus
Personal items (hair, nail clippings, ect)
Lay out all your stuff and stay focused on your intent. Now write your name on the paper 9 times; once this is done write your desire on top of your name 9 times. Once the paper is ready fold it TOWARDS you, then turn it clockwise and fold it towards you again. Do this until you can't fold the paper any more.

Set the name paper in the center of the flannel; next add your personal items.Then the magnet, next the dime, then the other items.
Fold it up into a small packet and sew it closed with red thread. On the last stitch make 9 knots; on each knot as you pull it tight say MONEY. Now feed it money
drawing oil, while you are doing this talk to the packet and tell it what you need.Do this for 9 days.Then after the 9 days feed it once a week while talking to it. The best day to make and feed the packet is on a Thursday. Carry it with your money and DON'T ever let anyone else touch it.

Happy Crafting, Momma Starr


  1. Momma Starr I want to make this Lucky Hand for myself but I cannot find any blue flag. my local supplier doesn't carry it any more is there a good substitution for it like Five finger grass or Fenugreek, or Alfalfa? Any help you can give would be much appreciated as always

    1. Papa, any one of those will work. I just like blue flag. If you make it be sure to pray over all your ingredients and let your breath flow over them. Momma Starr

  2. I will follow your instructions to the letter. thank you again Momma Starr