Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lets Talk Brooms!

I love brooms! I always have since I was big enough to sweep with one. There is a lot of superstition about brooms; is it really superstition? Broom straw plucked from a new broom then bound together in the shape of a cross placed over the door will protect the home. If you are around my home and the broom falls you will hear a chorus of voices say “broom fell company is coming” I can’t ever remember not hearing that. If you sweep over someone’s feet either the law will be drawn to them or an argument is coming. It depends on who is around as to which superstition you hear. You hear folks talking all the time about sweeping things out of their houses; what about sweeping things in. I learned this at a young age.

About 6 or 7 years ago I was giving some classes at a shop whose business was not doing well. The classes were helping but folks just weren’t spending their money in the shop. I told the shop owners about a trick I learned a long time ago to sweep money into the house. Basically you throw change and bills in the door way then using a broom you sweep it into the shop or home while praying that you are prosperous. Needless to say they had a record sales day. This really works. If you are bringing money into the home start on the side walk or near the road and sweep it towards your home. This will bring money in. The broom can be used to cleanse away crossed conditions by brushing yourself off with it from head to toe.

If you want to stop haunts from bothering you at night place a broom across the door of your bedroom. If you want to let your dead reach you in your dreams place a photo of them on the broom head and put the broom under your bed; you will dream of them. Sweeping the yard from back to front will kill any tricks that have been thrown in the yard. There is much more but I think this is enough food for thought for right now. You want look at the broom the same.

Momma Starr


  1. I love brooms too and what's them so good is that workers can use them openly and people won't even suspect the person is doing conjure. And I was taught that you can use the broom regardless if your house is dirty or not and that you just sweep it anyway. However, since sweeping a clean house might raise suspicion, floorsweeps will conceal it. Just sprinkle some floorsweep down and then people will see you sweeping it up. Oh, and one more thing. I've had people ask me if I use the broom like certain witches do, like wave it in the air. I do not. Certain witches will wave their brooms in the air when doing a cleansing. I wasn't taught that. I was taught to use the broom how you normally use it, to sweep. However, I'm not knocking anything so if a person likes to wave their broom in the air, so be it.

  2. Thanks Doc for bringing up floorsweep, although my mama called it dusting the floor its the same thing. Momma Starr

  3. One thing I have been wondering: when using the broom for uncrossing work, do you have to then cleanse the broom?

    1. I dust the head of my brooms once a month with salt to cleanse them. If I am doing a lot of cleansing I spray them with a cleansing mixture. Momma Starr