Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heal The Tree So the Roots Can Grow

The Gullah

I have no papers to prove these work only what people in the South has used for years

Arthritis – cherry bark mullen leaf warm for pain
Asthma – speedwell
Backache- red oak bark,sassafras root
Blood pressure- hig galaxd green moss,garlic
Breath shortness –gala ,red onions
Burns –cow dung,spittle,aloe
Colds, general, brown muckle,button snakeroot,boneset,marsh muckle alone or with pine tar
alone or with herbs,sweet gum
Colds,bed – white root
Colds,body – black root whiteroot
Colds, chest – red onions
Colds,confinement – blackroot,pokeroot,whiteroot
Colic –American aloe
Conception for whiteroot
Coughs- speedwell, red onion mix with honey
Cramps- life everlastingmhoehound
Cuts-spider webs turpentine
Decongestant-life everlasting,snakeroot, pine tar, lemon
Diaphoretic- boneset
Diuretic- Jerusalem artichoke,kidney weed
Dropsy- Jerusalem artichoke
Flu- ife everlasting
Fever- bitter apple,boneset,holly,pine tar Indian shot,ironweed,life everlasting rignum
Mullein,nightshade,oiil bush, tadawas, whiteroot,yellow muckle,pine tar
Foot pain-life everlasting
Gravelly voice-speedwell
Headaches- Indian shot (bind head) soda, hot water
Squeeze the head wear a string tied around head
Knotted to draw the pain.
Hemorrhage-cob webs and soot (while giving birth)
Itch – hairy laurel
Jaundice- Jerusalem artichoke
Kidneys- kidney weed
Menstruation- life everlasting,Hoehound
Pain,general – comfrey,poke root
Poultices- clay and green moss,alone and together swamp grass
Pregnancy, cold during-blackroot,pokeroot,whiteroot
Respiration- speedwell
Rheumatism- Angelica Tree,mullin leaf
Sight,loss of – sutras
Snakebite- American aloe,Angelica tree,common ironweed
Sores- American senna,elderberry,gum tree Okra blossoms,alone or with octagon soap,sugar
Old hag’s table
St.John’s – sutras
Spains-camphor,green alcohol,
Stimulants-Angelica tree,cotton root
Stomach pain- American wild mint,blackberry root,pine tar,pokeroot,eson salts,sweet gum
Swollen limbs-mullein
Ticks-red muckle
Tonics-boneset,Jerusalem artichoke,lifeeverlasting,rignum,sassafras,speedwell
Typhoid pneumonia-bonest
Whooping cough-pine tar,white muckle,fiddler carbs
Worms – ayshaberry,button snakeroot,jimsey,sampson’s snakeroot,white snakeroot

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