Friday, March 2, 2012

Protection with Black Hawk

Black Hawk the warrior is a powerful spirit to work with in any situation you’re in need. He can do many things and unlike some other spirits there is no limit to what Black Hawk or White Eagle can do.

All you have to do is call on him and petition Black Hawk to protect you and the ones you love. You must first call on God before working with Spirit because God always comes FIRST in true conjure work. After you call on God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Ghost then you can
petition Father Black Hawk if you feel a connection with him or the Spirit that is drawn to you.

Ask the Spirit to place a strong wall of protection around you and your loved ones. When I petition Black Hawk and my Spirits for protection I light a white vigil in his conjure pot loaded with special ingredients. I place myself and the people I love in God’s hands. I call on the Spirit to protect what belongs to me and not to let anything stand between me and my blessings.

When you call on God and petition the Spirits for protection you have to know that your family is safe and that you can walk strong with deer’s feet. There are all kinds of ways to do protection work. This is only one of many works that I was taught and have picked up over the years.

Most important have faith in God and in your work. When you do protection conjure work you can say a prayer that you already know or just speak your heart. Speaking to God from your heart is most important. Anytime I pray I always pour my heart out to God because that is what God hears the most. I also say special prayers because they lend power to the work.

You can start your prayer like this “Father God I petition you at this hour and ask you to lend me and all those I love your right hand of protection. Cover us in battle Holy Father and conquer all strongholds and principalities formed against us in your Holy Name which is God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Ghost. I claim your right hand of Glory, Honor, Safety, and Protection at this hour around me and those I love through the Holy Trinity. Amen”

That was a simple and effective prayer for protection that came right out of the heart. You don’t need to embellish your prayers with fancy words just to talk to God. Speak your heart and let the
Spirit of Prayer work in you. I think the problem most people have when they pray especially in dire circumstances is that they want to make their words sound fancy when speaking from the inside is just as good. That was my problem until I learned to just let go and put it all in God’s hands. You should do the same.

May God Almighty strengthen you with his fiery wall of protection. Amen…Dr Love Bug


  1. Love the bit about "walking strong with deer's feet".

  2. Thanks. I learned that scripture from a coworker who ministered to me in the Spirit. I was in search for answers in my life so I did a lot of praying. One day she just starting talking to me and read me that Scripture out of her Bible. She always carries the holy book with her.