Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Truth About Conjure Products

There has been a lot of hoop la about folks who sell Conjure products. They have been called marketers and such by some, then some just think they are ripping folks off.  So let’s lay it out on the table. To be honest I am tired of all the mess that goes on with on-line conjure workers. That ain’t the way REAL workers act! That’s for another blog post. The question is do we need all these products that are being sold? The answer is “that depends on the person and how much real knowledge they have of the work”.

This is just my opinion we know what they say about opinions. There are folks yelling marketers this and marketers that well I say if the folks KNEW how to do the work the old way they wouldn’t NEED the products that are being sold or maybe like me they LIKE using the products. I don’t need candles but I love working with them. I don’t need dollies I can conjure you with a rock out of your drive way but I like working with dollies. No one can force another person to buy a product. They buy them because either they NEED them or they WANT them in their work.

Do I think all products that are made will work? I can’t say cause I don’t know how other folks make their products. I can only speak for my own products because I KNOW for a fact what goes into them. I KNOW how much prayer is said over my oils, powders and washes. Do you need to buy my products to be a successful conjure worker? Not if you know how to work as the old conjurers before you have worked. If you don’t then my products may help you achieve your goal. The point is that folks are going to do what they want to do. The best way to learn is to get out and speak with the elders, they have the knowledge; but don’t be fool enough to think they will just start spitting it out. They have to get to know you first and you have to listen. Like I said this is just my opinion; I have never claim to be an expert. I have just been blessed to have been taught by my elders. Momma Starr

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