Thursday, March 1, 2012

Divination With Domino’s

Divination With Domino’s

Divination with Domino’s, here you are also using your pendulum; All you have to do is focus and hold your pendulum over each domino. If the pendulum moves then move that domino over to the side. When using this method of divination you can only choose three dominoes. You can also only do this type of reading once a day. Momma Starr

Domino Meaning’s
Double blank- This is the least auspicious domino. It means that you should take care of your money and possessions. Beware of theft and loss.
One blank- A stranger could provide help or information. You will be happy with the news. Be prepared to move forward. Do not hold back unnecessarily.
One-one- This indicates happiness in love and marriage. It promises harmony and peace of mind. It also relates to financial security.
Two-blank- This domino relates to misfortune and bad luck. If a woman chooses this domino, the misfortune relates to a male in her life. Oddly enough, this is a highly auspicious domino if you are planning to travel.
Two-one- This is a fortunate domino. It indicates love and marriage for single women, and a fun-filled time for single men. It suggests caution in business.
Two-two- This is an excellent domino that indicates happiness, harmony, and success at home and in business. Some unexpected news will bring great joy.
Three-blank- This domino indicates disagreements. Stand up for yourself, but avoid antagonizing others. Be sure of your facts before opening your mouth.
Three-one- This domino is an indication to avoid gossip, and the company of people who constantly put others down. Make friends with positive-minded people, and avoid flatterers.
Three-two- This domino indicates good fortune in love, family life, and career. It is a good time to travel.
Three-three- this domino is an indication of money coming your way. You are likely to receive recognition for what you have done.
Four blank- This domino indicates disappointment. Do not reveal too much to others. Think carefully before moving ahead.
Four-one- This is an indication of future prosperity and immediate happiness. You can make new friends now, as long as you are prepared to make the first move.
Four-two- This domino indicates a change is in store. Be particularly careful with money matters, and avoid any extravagances. Avoid people you do not trust.
Four-three- This domino promises a happy life. Share your thoughts and feelings with others. Respect other people’s confidences.
Four-four- This domino indicates a time for happiness and laughter. It is good for social activities, making new friends, and spending time with loved ones. It indicates a slow period as far as work and career are concerned.
Five-blank- This domino is an indication to seek advice from someone who may be able to resolve a problem, or answer a specific question. Think first. Do not take any unnecessary risks.
Five-one- This domino indicates a busy and happy social life. You have the potential to progress in your career as long as you pay attention to all the details.
Five-two- This domino counsels caution. Do not rush into anything, as you might make a decision you later regret. Think carefully before acting.
Five-three- This domino indicates a slow but steady, improvement financially. It marks a busy time at work. Take time off when possible to relax and unwind.
Five-four-This domino indicates caution in investments. Take professional advice when necessary, and do not allow yourself to become overextended.
Five-five- This domino is a sign of success in all things. You are likely to make the right decisions, and be appreciated by others.
Six-blank- This domino is usually considered an unhappy one. It can portend a death, but usually it is a sign that something is ending to make way for the new. You may find yourself the subject of malicious gossip.
Six-one- This is a sign of success in relationships. Be attentive to the needs of younger family members, and be prepared to listen. Give advice only if it is asked for. This domino can be an indicator of a second marriage.
Six-two- This domino is excellent for people who are honest. It is a sign that their fortunes will improve. It indicates that dishonest people will get caught out.
Six-three- This is a very auspicious domino for love and for money. It indicates a time to ask for what you want.
Six-four- This domino indicates a happy and contented home and family life. A younger family member might seek advice.
Six-five- This domino indicates that hard work, determination and persistence will pay off. Do not give up.
Six-six- This domino relates to speculation, and indicates that you can take a chance with a strong likelihood of success. Trust your feelings.
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  1. Miss Momma Starr, I have to say a big thank you for this as I was curious as to more info on reading dominoes. I have learned so much more than I thought possible from your blog and the 3 books I have. A big thanks from me for passing on some of the old school type conjure/rootwork. :)

  2. Thank you.You can call me Starr or Momma Starr, Ms makes me feel old. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Momma Starr

  3. Would you mind if I pinned this to my divination board on pinterest? I wanted to make sure you would be with it before I did.

    1. Thank you, i just wanted to ask and make sure it was ok first.