Friday, March 23, 2012

Honey Verses Syrup And Sugar

All you see on-line is honey jars. When I first got on I tried to talk about using syrup and sugar but no one knew about it nor did they want to hear about it. Now that I am popular everyone wants to listen. I haven’t changed nor has the information I’m spouting changed, but I see more folks are listening because I am seeing folks post on blogs about sugar and syrup. So and so who is dead now told me how to use them; it’s a bunch of BS either there is another traditional worker on-line or they got it from me. I’m getting a little tired of folks using my information to make themselves look good so they can make money off of folks.

I think the reason folks thought honey was good for sweetening is because one it draws, and two it is sweet. Honey works really slow. Anything that pours SLOW is going to work slowly. That’s one of the first things I learned as a young worker. Folks who don’t have an hands on Traditional teacher miss all these tid bits of information that is vital to conjure work. Syrup on the other hand is not only sweet but pours much faster, therefore you get faster results. Sugar also pours fast, sweetens and can be mixed with syrup to make a powerful sweetening jar.

You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself see if the results aren’t different.


  1. Yep. I will use sugar and syrup and am really fond of simple syrup or homemade syrup.

  2. Doc now a days if you say "simple syrup" to folks they don't have a clue what you are talking about. For those who don't know "Simple Syrup" is water and sugar mixed together and let settle. My Auntie use to heat it up for us. She always used the brown unbleached sugar or refine sugar as they use to call it. Momma Starr

  3. I knew what simple sugar is!! I did use a honey in a jar, the reason is to me personally I thought of more of a long term work, I wanted it to work more slowly for personal reasons. I guess I'm looking really long term for this jar and thats what I wanted. I didn't need the faster sweetening for this personal job, that part was already there, the attraction was already there. Over the long term of this particular jar I wanted that to take its time and grow even stronger.

  4. There are times when honey is good to use but most folks on line think it is an end all and that is all you can use. That is just not true. Momma Starr

  5. now that it has been explained to me, i have to wonder just how slow a person wants their work to work if they use molasses i.e. "slow as molasses"...that's some slooow work!

  6. Molasses will draw a work to a complete halt. If you want to slow something way down then work with Molasses. Momma Starr

  7. Is it possible to overload on the herbs in the jar? Or use too many herbs?
    I already made my jar (with syrup as you suggested!) and sealed it up, but read on another blog that it was not wise to put in personal articles from you AND the person you're trying to sweeten because it will make you obsess and therefore diminish the work... I put inside a hair of mine and a piece of his worn t-shirt.

    Its important I keep this gent off of my mind for a while while the jar is working... any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your amazing work and blog! xo

    1. I would use a pinch of each herbs and pack it full of prayer. Momma Starr