Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mirror Conjure

Mirror Conjure

Mirrors are used to attract and deflect work. They can be used to attract anything you want to you, but they can also be used for reversals and protection work. When working with a mirror never look into it because you don’t want your reflection to be trapped in it. If you do so then wash it with salt and water. Wash your mirror in this mixture before using it. When drawing things towards you (or a client) dress the mirror with oil in a clockwise fashion around the edge of the mirror and finally make a cross in the center of the mirror. Set your candle and petition on top of the mirror and light it. If doing reversal, protection, or negative work dress the edge of the mirror counterclockwise, make a cross in the center, and set your light on the mirror.
Rememeber never look into the mirror regardless of what works you conduct with it.

Mirror Gazing

When gazing into your reflection look into your eyes. Don’t look directly into your face. Eventually your eyeswill commence to becoming hazy. Don’t adjust the haziness but instead allow it to take place because your spirit is opening up to seeing things. Keep practicing and you will start to see the faces of your ancestors. If you continue to scry with mirrors you’ll be able to see everything clear as day. Things will be clearer to you then ever before.

Momma Starr

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