Monday, March 19, 2012

Hoodoo School WTF

Folks just get better and better with their claims about Hoodoo, Conjure, Rootwork. Folks please use your common sense when you are hunting for information and trying to learn. Cat at the WAS the only person I ever heard of who claims to certify their conjure students. I know Cat personally I have been to her home and shop. Her house is a Gold mine of wonderful finds. I like her even though we don’t always look at things the same way. Cat worked her behind off on the Lucky Mojowebsite; do you realize she has put up over 6000 pages on that website. Before she put up that website NO ONE knew anything about Hoodoo on the web. Trust me I was looking for folks like me. I was laughed at; now who’s doing the laughing?

All these so called rootworkers giving classes took Cat’s class. There may be very few that hasn’t. Even I took her class. Someone tried to cause trouble between us so I let Cat get to know me. You had to take her class to be a member of AIRR. I loved the concept of AIRR. I thought it was a good idea. Now you got all these folks who didn’t know Hoodoo from a tick on a dog’s ass, opening up all these Hoodoo schools and colleges. Not only that in a back handed way they are pocking at the very woman that taught them. Come join us at our Hoodoo School “we don’t make you buy our products”.  “No you might not” but you are riding on Cat’s shirt tail! If you looked at her student roister you would be surprised at who has taken her course. Let’s face the facts “most not all but most folks on the internet who claim to be old school workers learned from Cat”. The list is long I promise you, there are thousand.

Hoodoo has NEVER been taught in a classroom; it has been taught by WORD OF MOUTH! I don’t care what anyone says that is a FACT! If you told an old worker you were a Certified Conjure worker they would laugh you out of town. NO ONE CAN CERTIFY you to be a Professional Rootworker, Hoodoo, Conjure THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Use your common sense folks. Look at the folks making all these claims.
Momma Starr

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